Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

Jordan is hub of tourists from all around the world,and Jerash Jordan is one of the most prominent tourism destination, Most of the tourists are from Europe and USA, In 2010 around 3.5 billion US dollars were spend by the tourists in Jordan, So Tourism is one of the imminent industry in Jordan. Main reason for all this positive response from the tourists is presence of number of historical ruins, One of the most famous site is Petra which is also considered as one of the wonder of the world.

Moving on to Tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan, This city is also called “A Rome away from Rome”, Jerash holds ruins of roman empire, Most of them are the most ancient ruins still standing, They date back to BC 63. It was one of the 10 most important cities of Roman Empire in the era of Decapolis, Jerash is still preserved because it was covered by the desert sand for thousands of years, All these sites are discovered in round about 50 years back in the history.

Jerash Festival is one of the most famous event around the world for the tourists, If you are planning to visit tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan, Then look out for this festival and plan accordingly,It is usually held in July and it offers number of great shows and activities, Cultural shows are arranged in this festivals portraying the history of this beautiful place on earth. People from number of countries come to perform on this festival, There is also an exhibition of traditional handicrafts and art shows from people of different backgrounds, Its a perfect destination to visit with your family or friends. The theme of this festival is Greco-Roman history.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

Jerash enjoyed its prosperity in 3rd century, When almost 20 thousands people used to live in this city,That age is considered as “Golden Age” in Jerash history. Being the most important city of Rome, This city holds number of sites that were part of this important city, City holds temples, theaters, baths, fountains, forts and huge gates. All ruins are preserved well and worth visiting if you are into history and ancient culture. Following are the Roman ruins sites now considered as tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan:

  • Hadrian’s Arch

When the emperor Hadrian visited Jerash in 129 AD to praise the prosperity of this roman city, This splendid arch was constructed on his welcome.
Source: candicedoestheworld. com

  • Hippodrome

A arena used for the famous fights of gladiators, Chariot races and other spectacular sports, It can hold upto 15000 peopl, Truly a magnificent site and one of the best Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

  • Oval Plaza

As I was talking about the Jerash festival, It is one of the site of that festival, It has great number of columns on the sides and there is a fountains and two altars at the middle of this arena, Its a great site to visit during Jerash festival.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

  • Nymphaeum

It was constructed in 191 AD, It is said to be the fountain dedicated to the Nymphs, Its quite a large place constructed with amazing architectural design, It served to be a recreational site in the ancient city.

  • Temple of Artemis

According to Greek mythology, This temple was dedicated to Artemis, who is said to be sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus, This temple was used to offer sacrifices to her in ancient times, 11 columns outside the temple are still standing, Inside the temple there is a stage made from marble, Which supposedly had Artemis statue.

  • Ajloun Fort

It is a great fort, Located near the Jerash ruins, If you visit the ruins you should visit this castle as well, In the days of Saladin the great, It used to protect and control the trading route between Egypt and Damascus, This Castle is huge, it also has a mosque in it, called as Ajlun Mosque, Which is considered as the most ancient mosque in Jordan, It was first a Christian church in Byzantine era.

Above are the most famous Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan, If you have been to this sublime city share your experience with us in the comments, If you have any queries regarding your travel to Jerash Jordan, Visit the official site of Jordan Tourism.