Top Sites of Kyoto Japan to Visit

Kyoto is former capital of Japan,Its a huge city with diverse history and culture, Because of many historical buildings in the city, It is also called City of Ten thousand Shrines, It is said that human civilization started at Kyoto around 6th century, This area has suffered many wars and it is considered a very important city from strategic point of view.

It is said that Kyoto japan has over thousand Temples of Buddhist, Most of these temples have to offer amazing architecture and design, Kyoto is also famous for its beautiful gardens, It has most gorgeous gardens all around the world, If you have a thing for flowers this is the place to visit.

Kyoto has a lot of sites to be explored, you will never get enough of this place, No matter how many times you visit. There are huge mountains covering three sides of this city, If you ever visit Kyoto Japan, Interact with the shopkeepers and fishmongers, they know the best about the city and its culture. Throughout the year you will find different festivals and cultural shows where you can learn more about the culture and traditions of Kyoto.

If you are traveling to kyoto japan, We will recommend you to get its official app, It will help you navigate through the city and it has all the necessary details regarding accomodation, Download for Android or iOS to get more details about how to navigate through the city and explore Top Sites of Kyoto Japan.

Top sites of Kyoto Japan to Visit

It is a huge city with hundreds of places optimal for the tourists to visit,The modern Japan has a lot to offer to its guests, Even the city and its people have dreadful history full of wars but still you’ll find them very soft hearted and kind.It is indeed one of the best city to discover the traditions and culture of Japanese people.

There are a lot of places which I considered to be the Top sites of Kyoto Japan, But following are the ones which I considered best among them.

Nijo Castle

This castle has served to be home of first Shogun of Edo era. After their regime fall, this castle was used as the high castle also called Imperial Castle, Then after few years, it was made public place and preserved as historic site, Its a huge castle and there are many sections of it. Outside the castle there is Ninomaru Garden which is famous all around the world for its sublime beauty. Castle is maintained very well and photography is not allowed inside the castle.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Although there are like thousands of Shrines in Kyoto Japan, But Fushimi Inari is one those you shouldn’t miss. Its located on top of a mountain and you have to hike all the way up to see this beautiful place, but all that hike is fruitful when you see this amazing site.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

All together there are five shrines at Fushimi Inari, The greatness of this place makes it stand in our list top sites of Kyoto Japan.It will be your memorable experience.

Kinkaku-ji Temple

It is one of the most splendid creation of design and architecture, some people claim that it is the most beautiful temple of japan, From the location, to the surrounding and its artifacts, everything about this temple is amazing.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

There are also number of firms which offer sightseeing tours as well as city tours, they take you around the city to the beautiful places and brief about the history and importance of that site, It is quality thing to do and you won’t regret spending your time on these tours.

If you are visiting this beautiful Place, I wish you a great trip. Do give us your feedback when you come back. Also if you have ever been to this beautiful city, share your experience with us. Tell us which places do you consider as the top sites of Kyoto Japan.

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