Top Sites in Suffolk England to Visit

Suffolk and Norfolk are like sister counties, They are located next to each other and they are both East Anglia when it comes to its origin, On the south there is Essex and at the east it has Atlantic ocean, This channel around Suffolk connects English waters to Norwegian sea.

There are number of towns in Suffolk and each of them have great places to see if you ever visit Suffolk, In order to explore it completely, you will have to spare some days, Because of deep water Suffolk also has a huge dock which is considered one of the largest in Europe.

The name of this county came from “South-Folk”. and with time it became Suffolk. Same happened with Norfolk,Which was “North-Folk”.There are number of festivals arranged each year in Suffolk, People from around the country come to attend these festivals, The festivals portray the culture and traditions of this county. Along with festivals there are lot more fun things to do, So If you are planning to visit, Come to Suffolk in festival season, You will love it here.

Top Sites in Suffolk England to Visit

Suffolk is huge county with number of tourist attractions and places to visit, There are number of activities that you can do while you visit this beautiful place, I would recommend you to do one thing, If you visit Suffolk, You should interact with the locals, The people of East Anglia have their different norms and cultures which you should see, Interact with the locals know them and their culture, You will love their culture.

Although there are number of great sites in Suffolk, But I have compiled a list of top Sites in Suffolk England, Which you might disagree with, Because this is relative, I might like one place more than you would. But I can say one thing for sure, you wont regret visiting the below top Sites in Suffolk England, If you Ever visit this beautiful place.

The National Trust

If you are into history and old artifacts, this is the place to visit you will find old artifacts dating to 5th century of East Anglia time.This place has huge grounds around the building, There are many things that will catch your eyes while visiting this natural trust.

Top sites in Suffolk

Beaches in Suffolk

Take a break from the county life and spend a day at one of the beaches of Suffolk, There are number of beaches, You will find less crowded ones away from the major towns, Which are clean and worth visiting, The water is clean and blue, You can spend a great day at beach in Suffolk.

Top sites in Suffolk

Long Meford Church

There are number of great ancient churches in Suffolk, But Long Meford Church beat all of them in architecture and design, Its sublime and beautiful, The size of this Church makes it look like a cathedral, You will find the guides in the church who can tell you everything about this beautiful place,There are also art exhibitions arranged in the church which are worth checking out. The Beautiful building makes it one of the top Sites of Suffolk England

Top sites in Suffolk

As Suffolk is next to sea you will find many private boat tours firms that can give you nice ride in their boats, Its a great thing to try, the water around is beautiful.

Thats all from top sites of Suffolk England, If you think there should be more places in it, Let us know, We would love to hear your opinion, If you have any queries, Feel free to ask us in the comments, Keep Traveling and stay happy, Cheers.

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