The Camp; Google has rented out an Italian ruins site for a conference of World’s most powerful people

Google is working on the arrangement of a conference called as “The Camp”. Its exclusive for all the executives around the world, It will take place at an Italian ruins site known as Verduna Resort located at Sciacca, Italy.

Main aim of this conference named as “The Camp” is to discuss the global issues, Last year the topics that were discussed were feminism and Role of sports and how can we revive sports in modern culture.

There are not much details about who are going to join “The Camp” this year, Google has not released much details about this conference, They have just stated that the people who are invited are the powerful men and women of this modern age.

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In order to access more details about this conference, you need to have a private pass, that pass has the code which is required to access the official site of this conference.

CEO of Goldman Sachs, Snapchat’s CEO Mr Evan Spiegel, Fashion designer Tory Burch and SpaceX’s Ceo are among the few who have attended past year conference which was conducted at Verduna Resort. This time it is rumored that Bill Gates, Giorgio Armani Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick also have got the invitation, But the actual list of guests is kept hidden.

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Following is the tweet of Tony Hawk from last year conference.

The conference will end with a sublime dinner arranged by Google at the Valley of Temples, Its an archaeological site situated around 60 miles from Verduna Resort, Its one of the UNESCO world heritage site, It was chosen to be culturally and historically important from the United nations.

This Meeting started on 25th July, And Tonight is the last night of this conference and a grand dinner will be arranged, This banquet will cost around €100,000 to Google. “The Camp” is for the big guns,Commoners dont have much information about it.

Source: Business Insider