Best Places of Nordland Norway to Visit

Nordland is a county and a part of Northern Norway, It has the same height as of Alaska and Greenland, But the climate is way better than those Alaska, Although you might need some warm clothes for Nordland.

Bordering stats of Nordland Include Troms and Finnmark, All three of these counties make Northern Norway, Which is one spectacular place to visit, For summers as well as winters.

In Summers the temperature can get up to 30 Celsius, Autumn is beautiful in Nordland, with all the trees shedding leaves, It a glorious sight with red and orange colours all around the fields, In winters, From November to January, Sun doesn’t shows up.

Whereas the areas around the sea are a lot better in winters as well, Best time to checkout best places of Nordland Norway is from February and March, You can also visit in October, Climate is quite nice in those days.

Note: It is always recommended to take along warm clothes, As the Temperature can change unexpectedly.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

Best Places of Nordland Norway

You might read about dozens of beautiful places to visit in this part of Norway, But according to be the Best palces of Nordland Norway are as follows:

  • Nordland Train

If you want to see the almost half of the country in just 10 hours, This is the best advice you are about to read, A train leaves from Trondheim and cover almost 450 miles till it reaches Bodo, And you can witness the great lush green mountains and landscapes on your way to bodo, The train moves through the most amazing part of Norway, The landscapes are spectacular, You will also witness the trondheim Fjords, It is Norway’s third largest Fjord.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

This Train trip is best way to see the best places of Nordland Norway, On you way you will cross the Arctic circle, Namsen river and farmlands of Trondelag. You might think you will be tired travelling for 10 hours in a train, But mark my words, If you love nature you are gonna love this Nordland railway.

  • Norwegian Aviation Museum

You will find many outdated Planes of the World War. It take around 2.5 hours to go through everything present in this museum, The Ambiance is very good along with the staff that is very helping.

The Museum is a best place to see how we emerged from those old planes to this new world of aviation.

  • Haukland Beach

If you are tired of the cold weather and snow you can always head to Haukland Beach. Rated as the top beach of Norway, It is clean and crowd free, you can listen to the music of waves, camp on its side and stay for a while under the sun. There are cliffs next to the beach, You can also hike the cliffs or trek the mountains.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

  • Lofoten Island

Best way to get to the Lofoten Island is through the cruise ship, Through the ice cold ship, with the cold breeze blowing to your face, That chilling feeling is worth it, You will love to spend time with your loved ones on a cruise ship in such chilly weather.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

When you will get to Lofoten Island, You will see mesmerising sights of nature, It feels like you are in a whole new lush green country, One of the most beautiful place with huge green mountains and ocean around,Once you get there, You can camp for days. There are also opportunities to explore the Island through Hiking the beautiful mountains.

One of the best sight of Lofoten Island is watching ice capped mountains emerging from the sea.

That’s all from my side, I hope you will take out time to visit this gorgeous place, If you have been there, Tell us in the comments what do you think are the best places of Nordland Norway to visit?

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