10 Places of Oviedo Spain Must Visit in 2016

Oviedo is capital city of Asturias Spain, present at the northern side of the country and famous for its beautiful beaches, massive mountains, sublime landscapes and tasty food, it is known as the most clean city of Europe, it has won number of awards for its cleanliness, Another thing that makes it famous is the Romanesque Architecture. Continue reading “10 Places of Oviedo Spain Must Visit in 2016”

Best Places of Annecy France to Visit

Annecy France is an medieval town whose roots date back to 14th Century, It is also considered as the Venice of France, as there are number of streams running through the town in different channels, Its one of the most busy travel destination of France as it lies just 35 Km away from Geneva, Continue reading “Best Places of Annecy France to Visit”

Visiting Gdynia Poland: A Puzzle Piece of The Tricity

Today, we are visiting Gdynia Poland and your mind must be effortlessly hooked over the thought, “How to pronounce this?”. Well, it’s quite simpler than simple. It is pronounced as Ga-dinia.

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Facts

  • Gdynia is an important seaport of Gdansk Bay which is situated on the south coast of The Baltic Sea.
  • In Eastern Pomerania, Gdynia is exactly located in Kashuba.
  • It is one of the cities in The Tri-city(Trojmiasto), along with the Spa Town, Sopot, The city of Gdansk, and the suburban communities. Tricity is basically a metropolitan area.
  • It has a population of over two-hundred-thousand people.
  • This city has an oceanic climate because of the Baltic Sea which makes the temperature more moderate. It is cool throughout the year, you’ll see little sunshine in winters while summers are utmost sunny.
  • Gdynia was known as the Fishing Village, before WWI, after which the Polish Government decided to take some firm steps to convert the village into a modern city.
  • Gdynia is the second major port of Poland in the Baltic Sea.

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Transport

  • Passengers and tons of cargo pass through the Port Of Gdynia, each year.
  • The Tri-City has a main airport that is the third largest airport in Poland which is known as Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport.
  • Gdynia can be reached from Gdansk through E75 route.
  • Gdynia has one of the greatest railway stations in Poland and is also one of the biggest railway hubs in the country.

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Culture

There are a number of festivals taking place throughout the year that are hosted by Gdynia.

  • A major Polish film festival that is known as Gdynia Film Festival is being hosted by Gdynia.
  • One of the biggest contemporary music festival taking place in Gdynia is the Open’er Festival.
  • Up next lined up for performances in twenty-fifteen festivals in Gdynia are Mumford and Sons, The Vaccines and Of Monsters and Men(I’m already going giddy).
  • A two-day techno party is being held at the Gdynia’s Public Beach known as the Viva Beach Party.

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Tourist Attraction

Gdynia is relatively low on historical venues and is better a modern city. However, the city’s quite famous for its early twentieth-century architecture.

Kamienna Gora is the newly built, highest observation point from which you can see almost the whole city.

visiting gdynia poland
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Gdynia has an easily accessible and long seashore with beautiful waterfronts, long boardwalks, yacht clubs and great views to catch.

visiting gdynia poland
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Dar Pormorza is a tall ship museum, one of the many fascinating things you’ll get to see in Gdynia. The ship was built in 1909 and is the most famous tall training ship of Poland.

visiting gdynia poland

One of the beautiful museums within the city is Akwarium(Aquarium) portraying all the intra-sea creatures.

visiting gdynia poland

Ammunition fanatics do exist in this world and all of them are in luck. The Naval Museum(Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej) is an open-air museum that displays marine, helicopters, torpedoes, cannons, fighters and weapons.

visiting Gdynia Poland

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Food

  • As the city is a seaport, seafood is the speciality that comes with it. Barracuda, offers the best seafood in Poland and is romantically placed right on the shore of the Baltic Sea.
  • If you ever want to go for brick walls, wooden work, ovens from Naples and pizza, you have to be at Serio. They offer really spicy food, which is good for most of the people.
  • Pueblo offers some fresh Mexican food.
  • Bialy Krolik is an Alice in the Wonderland themed restaurant situated in the Quadrille Palace. It offers modern Polish cuisine.
  • For halal food, you can visit Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant.

For more information on visiting Gdynia Poland, check out the official website and leave your feedback below.

Best Places of Malmo Sweden To Visit!

Stockholm is what comes to mind when we think about Sweden, but the truth is that there are other beautiful cities in Sweden that adds to the beauty of it en bloc. Malmo is one such parallel of beauty that you should add to your list of destinations to get to.

Malmo is known as “The City Of Parks“. From its divine and rip-roaring beaches to its kicky architecture, this is the place to visit once before you die.

There are some very fine and best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. Malmo is located in the Scania province close to the southwestern tip of Sweden. Malmo is the capital of Skane County and is the most populous city as well, plus it’s the third largest city of Sweden, the 7th bicycle friendly city in the world( hoots to the mountain bike riders) and has a greater influence and significance on the international platform. And if that’s not enough, Malmo basically constitutes the Oresund Region along with Copenhagen and is the most densely populated city in Scandinavia, plus it’s a global village. So how come we’re not putting it on the list!

Malmo has an oceanic climate. Summers are breezy, warm and pleasant and winters are moderately cold.


If you’re visiting Copenhagen and ever wish to see Malmo, that’s not a problem. Every now and then, The Oresund Line trains crosses from Copenhagen to Malmo and vice versa, in fact, it would stop right at the Copenhagen Airport.

And connections from other cities of Sweden, that is, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Kalmar are also made to the Copenhagen Airport through the intercity trains.

Malmo has an airport of its own, the Malmo Airport, which is primarily used for inter-country/Domestic transport purposes.

A Bike Path of 410Km has been installed in the city which is being hopped on by 40% bicycles.

Best Places of Malmo Sweden To Visit

The contemporary architecture is the best part of Malmo, how this city has absorbed too much of artsy buildings into it will keep you awestruck.

  • Sankt Petri Church,

This is one of the most ancient buildings of Malmo, consisting of a tower and two aisles which was built in the 14th century.


  • Malmo Opera House,

This 1,511 seated Opera House is basically the largest Opera house in the Scandinavian sphere, it offers musicals, plays operas and classical composition.


  • Moderna Museet Malmo,

The classico-modern orange exterior of the museum is eye-catching and too flashy to be handled and is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. It holds exhibitions portraying the famous pieces of Bourgeois, Picasso, Phalle, Dali, Rauschenberg.


  • Twisted Torso,

This is one great example of the modern architecture of the city. This building stands as a twisted torso, just like that of a human, as it turns around. It’s high-end and a mind-boggling look is just heavenly and explicit.


  • Malmo Live,

Malmo live is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit and  is one of the recent development( of 2k15) in the city. This skyrocketing build features a concert hall, a hotel, a congress hall and a sky bar.

Malmö Live

  • Risersborg Beach,

One of the legitimate locales of man-made production that looks so natural is the Risersborg beach which is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. This beach, stretching across the coastline of Malmo is an exhilarating panorama. It’s calmness and serenity can put aside the day to day nerve wreck.


Food In Malmo, Sweden

Best food in Malmo can be found at Bastard, Daniel Berlin, Mando Steakhouse, Malmo Opera Grill and Laziza( if you’re looking for halal food).

Bastard’s environment is so relaxing with a big kitchen in the centre and dimly lit dining spaces around and they serve food with a knife stuck into them, presented from heaven, I know.

Daniel Berlin, a family-run restaurant, is located in Skane which is about an hour’s drive from Malmo and you wouldn’t mind the distance once you taste the food. It’s so, so good.

Music and food are a match made in heaven and if you’re looking for both, Malmo Opera Grill is where you have to be.

In my opinion, these are the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. Please, leave your feedback down there and if you feel anything else could be added to the list, be sure to come forward.

For more information visit the official website of Malmo, Sweden.

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Best Places in Liberec Czech Republic To Visit

This post is about the best places you’ll get to visit in Liberec, Czech Republic.The fifth largest city of Czech Republic is Liberec. Though, it is one of the largest cities of the country, it gives the vibes of a town, most probably because it is enveloped between the awe-inducing Jizera Mountains and Jested-Kozakov Ridge. Amongst the settlers are the German and Flemish population because Liberec was once the capital of Sudetenland which was historically German.

Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic To Visit

There are many places to visit in Liberec, Most of them are historical attractions from the end of 19th century are,Following is the list of Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic according to my opinion:

  •  The Town Hall

    Liberec Town Hall is a 65 meters long bronze monument which commemorates the victims of the armies of Warsaw Pact when they were invaded. It was built in the nineteenth century. There are sculptures that show the difference between the old and the new Town Hall, with a feminine figure to symbolize the city and one side showing the new, while the other, showing the old Town Hall.


  • F.X Salda Theatre

    This is the opera house of Liberec which has a beautifully historical exterior 6929910-FX_Salda_Theatre_Liberec

    This ruddy interior is breath-taking and jaw-dropping, at the same time.

Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic

  • Severoceske Museum( North Bohemian Museum)

This museum that was built in 1873 displays nature, art, science, and crafts and sit amongst the ancient and the most influential museums in the world in the hierarchy. The front displays T.G Masaryk’s sculpture.

  • Botanical Garden,

which has totally been innovated and contains nine glasshouses for people who visit.

Some of the other mesmerizing sights of the city include the Jested Tower which peacefully sits upon the Jested Mountain and is the symbolic premise of the city. How many hyperbolic buildings have we seen around? This one is totally the perfect parallel of a hyperboloid structure if you ever wish to see one. It is about 94 metres tall, sits on top of the Jested Mountain where it fetches television signals and the construction is reinforced concrete.

Centrum Babylon Liberec is the ultimate spot for tourists and comprises of major tourist attractions. Water Parks are situated here and you definitely don’t wanna miss out the great Tornado water slide in the Liberec Aquapark.

Transport In Liberec Czech Republic

Transport in Liberec city is provided through buses and Tramlines. There’s a narrow gauge Tramline being shared by Liberec with its neighbouring city. And nearby the village of Ostasov is a private international airport which is 2.5 km away from Liberec.

All the sports fanatics, if planning, should visit the city in January for The Ski Jumping World Cup is held in the same month.

Food In Liberec Czech Republic

  • Chicago Grill,

This is the place to be for ambrosial fajitas, burgers and turkeys. Its owner who is a native from Chicago does a tough job for bringing colours to his food from all over Europe.

  • Balada,

On one of those snowy days when you enter this place it would feel like a snow lodge with wooden work all around and if you ever feel like tasting the traditional Czech garlic soup, this is the place to be.

  • Kavarna Bez Konceptu,

This is the place for coffee-lovers, tea-hounds and slow thinkers.

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Above are the Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic according to my opinion, If you have anything to share with us regarding this city or you think there should be some other places in the list of Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic, Let us know in the comments. If you want to know more, Check out official website of Liberec Czech Republic

Historical Places of Lincoln, England

Lincoln is one of the most ignored city of England, Although it has a lot to offer to the tourists, It has amazing places to visit, People are great and you will find great diversity of historical buildings from the medieval age and roman empire. Lincoln has served to be a colony of many invaders who came from distant land to conquer England, It has served for years under roman rule. That’s why It has number of great ancient medieval buildings. Although there are many places with great historical importance, And from them I’ve compiled a list of best Historical places of Lincoln England that are worth visiting.

Historical Places of Lincoln, England

Lincoln is a beautiful city with great number of tourist attractions,Some of them will leave you awestruck, What makes them beautiful is their architecture and design.

Lincoln Cathedral

It is the third largest cathedral in England, It was constructed in 1072, so it gives look of ancient building, although it is maintained well and it is worth visiting. Lincoln Cathedral is located along with Bishop Old palace, Which is another great historical place to visit.

Historical Places of Lincoln

High Bridge

It is one of the most interesting historical places of Lincoln, A bridge that cover the river witham, And its located at the end of High street, This bridge is said to be the oldest bridge in England which stands same as it was when it was constructed in 11th Century, You will see houses on the west side of bridge, It is also called Glory hole, Small boats can easily pass underneath it, In old times it was called ‘Murder hole‘ as bodies were dumped into the river from this bridge.

Historical Places of Lincoln

Bishop Old Palace

This palace was made by Lincoln’s powerful bishops in 11th century, It stands next to Cathedral, This palace is constructed on a slope, So its architecture is quite impressive, Palace is surrounded by the roman walls and old trees, Beautiful pathways are constructed, which are almost the same as they were in 14th Century.


Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle was build by William the conqueror, When he arrived at Lincoln, he gave order to get this palace constructed, It is one of the oldest castle of England,Although the actual wooden castle was rebuilt in 1136 and its stone tower was named as Lucy tower, It has another great tower worth visiting which is called Observatory tower, It was made in 14th Century, In the castle you will find original copy of Magna carta.

Historical Places of Lincoln

There are some other historical places of lincoln as well but the above mentioned are considered the best.Apart from these great Histoical sites, The culture of Lincoln is also very interesting, you will find a trace of British people of medieval age in these people, To know the best of lincoln, Interact with the locals, They will provide you will lot of interesting historical stories about these places.

If you have any queries regarding your visit, Let us know, We will be happy to help you out. If you have visited these places or intend to visit historical places of lincoln, Share your experience with us in the comments below, If you want to read more about historical places of Lincoln Visit here