Top Sites of Colorado USA to Visit

Among all USA states, Colorado is situated at the highest altitude, Geography of Colorado mostly includes the mountains and plateaus, and at some parts of it, you will find huge plains, It is one of the largest state in USA, Its capital is Denver, Name of this state was originated from the Rover Colorado, Which still flows in between the mountains of this beautiful state.

Colorado USA is famous for its vivid landscapes and beautiful mountains, canyons and forests, Its one of most diverse state when it comes to natural entities, Its quite an huge state and in order to traverse it full, you will need many days. But whatever the season is you can visit this beautiful place, Top sites of Colorado USA can be sighted and experienced in any season, You can explore the snow capped mountains in the winters and in summers you can traverse the beautiful forests and rivers.

Top Sites of Colorado USA

Top Sites in Colorado USA to Visit

As I said its a huge state and it can not be covered in one article, From all the beautiful places of Colorado, I have compiled a list of top sites of Colorado USA, If you are planning to visit this beautiful place, You should visit the following places, you wont regret your decision.

Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the most famous national park “Rocky Mountain”, This park offer great number of activities, you can set your camp in the heart of a mountain and start your adventure, There are different hiking tracks, you can also swim in the river and catch fish, All in all, Its a place where you can fall in love with nature, With number of beautiful species you will see there, You will be mesmerized by this sublime national park.

Top Sites of Colorado USA

This Park is open through out the year, You can visit any season, Best days to visit this beautiful place is from June to September, The weather is great and you will love your stay at the rocky mountain national park.

Pikes Peak National Forest

Present at around 7 KM from Manitou springs, Lies Pikes peak, Its huge, It is said to be 14,110 feet tall, You can climb all the way to top, Climbing is troublesome, But once you get to the top, all this climbing of 14K ft. feels worthwhile, Doesn’t matter which time of year you visit this place, there is flock of tourists you will see at pikes peak National forest.

You can set your camp and stay for days at this beautiful place, There are number of activities which are provided by the different travel firms working there.

Mesa Verde

Mesa verde is a UNESCO world heritage site, It is preserved by the USA government by making it a national park,It is one of the top sites of Colorado USA, Its open for the tourists all around the year, There are number of bus tours and guides who can help you to understand the history of this place, Lodging is also available at this park, You will have to walk for 15 miles to get to the lodging building, There are also campsites, where you can put your camp and spend your night under the beautiful sky.

Top Sites of Colorado USA

In order to fully understand this beautiful place you will need a guide who can tell you all about history of this place and the settlement of humans which now stand as ruins, You will see the settlements of Ancestral puebloans, You will be amazed to see how beautifully they carved homes in middle of mountains.

Museum of Colorado Prisons

This building was built in 1935 as Women’s correctional facility, There are cells which are now unoccupied, The building is huge and looks haunted, There is a collection of old artifacts dating from the establishment of this prison, There is also a gas chamber that is preserved as it was all those years back.


Its an beautiful destination for the tourists, There are amazing Mountains and beautiful surroundings that will keep you excited through out your tour, There are a a lot of art galleries and Recreational centers in Telluride.

Colorado is a huge state, Its not possible to cover every beautiful site, Above are what I considered Top Sites of Colorado USA, If you want to share your experience, Write to us in comments, If you have any query regarding your plan to visit this amazing place, let us know, we will help you out.

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Best Places in Volusia Florida To Visit

Volusia is a small county present north east of Orlando, Its a great place to visit for vacations, It has number of tourist attraction and some cities of Volusia host thousands of tourists every year, Daytona beach is present in Volusia Florida, If you want to get out of Daytona and explore more things to do in Volusia, We have got you best places in Volusia Florida. This county is full of surprises you will find beautiful landscapes of nature along with it you can visit the historic sites of this County, There are number of festival arranged each years in which you can participate and learn about the culture and people of Volusia.

Best Places in Volusia Florida To Visit

There are alor of recreational activities in Volusia, I’ve complied best places in Volusia Florida, If you are planning to visit this county, Do check out the amazing places you can visit on your tour to Volusia Florida.

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona international Speedway is a race track present in Volusia Florida precisely in Daytona Beach, It home track of Daytona 500 which is one of most prestigious car of NASCAR.

Best Places in Volusia Florida

Daytona international speedway is one of best places in Volusia Florida to visit, You can see great races with a lot of things to do on the race stand, there are also food outlets in the stand, The track hosts also offer tours, They tell you everything about Daytona 500, They also give you a ride of track, the race track is now upgraded and it look great, If you visit Daytona, This racetrack is a must visit.

African-American Museum of the Arts

This museum was founded in 1994, This museum is solely devoted to cultures and art of Africa and America, You will also find a revolving gallery in it. This museum hosts around 200 sculptures and artifacts from the different countries of Africa, The museum also has a theater in which different cultural shows are conducted all over the year, There are scientists in this museum who are devoted in finding history of Spring hill, Its the place where this museum in present.


Highway Rides

Volusia Florida is surrounded by highways, There are different routes on which you can cruise your motorbike or your car and explore more if this county, Its a beautiful place, If you want to take a day out for enjoying the ride, You can take your bike or car on the following routes

  • Northern Route: Its of 97 miles and it takes around 2 hours to cover it.
  • Western Route: Its Around 77 miles long and it takes only 50 minutes to cover it.
  • Southern Route:Its around 52 miles long and it would take just 120 minutes to cover it.

There are different private dealers who lend you motorcycle on rent if you want to traverse these places on motorcycle.

If you have been to this county, Let us know about your experience or tell us which palce should be included in Best Places in Volusia Florida, Daytona Beach is also present here, read more about it here.

Best Places of Beaver Island to Visit

Beaver Island is a popular tourist attraction, It lies near the city of Charlevoix, It can be reached both by air and by boat as it has airports as well as port,Beaver Island is known for Lake Michigan, its beaches and other fun activities like boating on the lake Michigan and harboring, It is surrounded by lake Michigan and it has number of fresh water recreation sports including Scuba diving, power boating,jet skiing and boating. It was first colony of native Americans where french invader stopped by and it has also served for mormon community ruled by King Strang.

If you are planning to visit soon, I’ve made a list of best places of Beaver Island to visit. Its a great place to visit for a couple, family or with your friends, It can be visited anytime of the year, In summers you can do boating and other water activities and in Winters you can go for hiking and explore the snow capped hills.

Best Places of Beaver Island to Visit

Beaver Island is considered a great place to spend vacations in USA, People from all over the world travel to this place with their loved ones to spend holidays. Although your opinion might vary regarding best places of Beaver Island, but following places are best according to me, Opinion might differ people to people.

The Lighthouse

Lighthouse looks best in winters when it is covered by snow, Its present outside the town, But its worth visiting if you like the view from the lighthouses, It gives you great view from the top, You can climb on the top of this lighthouse from the old circular stairs which will give you essence of old times.

Best Places of Beaver Island

Traversing the Island/ Hiking

There are different hiking trails on the island to traverse this island and its diversity, One of them is Blue trail, its the longest trail and it can be covered on foot,dirt bike, SUV or Quad Bikes, While traversing you can see numerous plants and insects of this area, there is a community that takes cares of hiking trails and clears the path for the visitors to hike easily. This hiking track is accessible from March till November.
Best Places of Beaver Island

Old Mormon Print Shop Museum

One of the best places of beaver Island to visit is their museum, It has all the History artifacts of french invasion and Native Americans era, As this Island has served to be home of different tribes coming through the sea. there are many events organised on the island to promote history of this Island, They also lend archival photos and Historic journals to the visitors without any cost.

Best Places of Beaver Island

Beaver Island Boat

There are two ways to get to Beaver Island; You Can either go by air or you can take the Beaver Island Boat service, They have a great ferry which takes 3 hours to reach the island, You can also save some money travelling via ferry and the ferry ride is preferred because if you’re on vacations you should take the most exciting route towards your destination.

Best Places of Beaver Island

Stoney Acre Grill & Pub

It is a great place for dining, they have great and helping staff and good food. They give good recommendations and have nice ambiance, It is advised to visit Stoney Acre Grill at night, the overall atmosphere is great with great Irish music and all. There are a lot of amazing dishes served at this restaurant and their service is very quick. overall its a great place for dining and one of Best places of Beaver Island to visit.

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