Top Sites To See of Avila Spain

One of the oldest and most visited town in Spain. Avila Spain is also called “Town of Saints and Stones”, It is a famous tourist destination, which is loved by the historians and architecture freaks, this town has great number of gothic and Romanesque churches, There are number of ancient sites in town which are worth seeing. Continue reading “Top Sites To See of Avila Spain”

Scottsdale Arizona Top 8 Tourist Destinations in 2016

People from all around US make their way to Scottsdale Arizona to spend their holidays and vacations, It is one of the most popular tourist destination in Arizona, It is considered to be part of Phoenix metro area, One of the main attraction for the tourist in Scottsdale Arizona is golf courses, shopping malls and Sonoran Desert. There are also number of galleries in the city which promote art and culture of this city. Continue reading “Scottsdale Arizona Top 8 Tourist Destinations in 2016”

Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide

Listvyanka is a small tourist village on the western side of Lake Baikal, It is a famous tourist destination from the Russians as well as foreigners, There are number of activities which can be performed at this beautiful village, including trekking, exploring the lake on boat and some other winter sports.

Listvyanka is famous for Lake Baikal, Which is renowned as Pearl of Siberia, It is also world’s deepest freshwater lake with depth of almost one mile, It holds 20% of earth’s fresh water, and diverse marine life is residing in this huge lake, It is also declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Moving on to Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide, Most of the tourist make their way to this village to witness the mesmerising lake as well as the ruin sites which reside along the lake, These ruins are said to be temples and other worship area, It is believed that ancient people used to believe in massive power of this Lake.

Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide

There are number of places to hike at Listvyanka Russia, The lush green mountains and the eccentric view makes trekking mountains of Listvyanka Russia a lifetime experience. If you want to see lake Baikal and you are travelling by road, Listvyanka is only destination accessible by road.

Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide


Listvyanka Russia is a famous destination for the tourist in summers, where they stop for a while and spend some days while traversing through this area. Another thing that’s worth trying at Listvyanka Russia is Hovercraft, Even in the winters when the lake is frozen, Its one of the best thing to do at Listvyanka. A ride on hovercraft is offered by a private firm, It’s an enchanting experience, that is worth trying.


In Summers,Listvyanka has very moderate weather, Summer temperatures in Listvyanka range within highs of 77°F (25°C) and lows of 54°F (12°C). Winter are very cold. Normally temperature drops down below 12°F (-11°C).

When to go:

There are number of activities offered at Listvyanka in each season, Still its better to visit this place in summers, when the climate is bearable.

How to go

There are number of buses going from Irkutsk bus station, there are also ferry rides, You can also get to Listvyanka by train or ship

Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide2

Places to See

Although it is a small town, but there are some places that are worth visiting, Most prominent of them are the ruins on the side lines of lake. Other than that following are some places that we will recommend you via our Listvyanka russia travel guide:

  • Baikal Limnology Museum
  • St. Nikolay Church
  • Solar vacuum telescope

Listvyanka is a beautiful tourist destination in Russia, which is worth checking out, you might be thinking there is not much to do there, but once you get there, you will discover many things to do, as in every season there are many tourists from around the world visiting this place.

Thats all from our side, If you have some other details you would like us to include in our Listvyanka Russia Travel Guide let us know, If you have any query regarding your travel to Listvyanka Russia you can drop a question in the comments.












Doha Qatar Fantastic Places To Visit in 2016

Rise of Qatar as a nation started in 1939, When huge reserves of oil was discovered in its outskirts,From that day qatar economy never looked back,Considering its per capita income, Qatar has been given the title of richest country for three times. Qatar will also be hosting FIFA world cup 2022, It gives this beautiful country another opportunity to score its positive image worldwide. Continue reading “Doha Qatar Fantastic Places To Visit in 2016”

Top Sights of Antalya Turkey To Visit

Turkey has been one of those powerful countries that have fought through wars and came clean like a toothpick from a baked cake. Historians, when wrote about Turkey, they wrote tales of their valour. Turkey consists of beautiful cities and towns, one of which is Antalya, the capital of Turkish tourism. On the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, Antalya is the largest city and is a hub of the Turkish Riviera. This city is being credited to Attalus II, the king of Pergamon, and was named as Attaleia, basically Greek, then the name took a Turkish turn into Antalya.

Antalya has about 300 days of summer, 3000 hours of sunlight with hot and dry summers and rainy and mild winters.  Antalya is close to water and can be mildly humid.

Transport In Antalya Turkey

The south of the Konyaalti is the main port. Turkey has an extended network of buses and trams throughout the city.

The public bus system is provided through Dolmuses that are privately owned minibuses resembling one another.

For taking buses and trams, you’ll need a card to identify yourself.

A tram system basically run through most of the historical and tourists attraction spots, so you do wanna catch this tram or else you’ll have to pay from your pocket for a taxi.

Top Sights Of Antalya Turkey

For dosing up on sightseeing, you need to check out these Top sights of Antalya Turkey.

Yivli Minare means the fluted minaret, it was designed and built by one of the greatest architects of Turkey, Seljuk Sultan. This is one of the unique landmarks of Antalya with a square base sat upon by an octagonal drum.

Top Sights of Antalya, Turkey
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Aspendos, located 45 km east of Antalya, is a real dream of a history geek and they come running for it. This 15000 seated theatre is annexed to the ancient Roman ruins. Aspendos is one of the top sites of Antalya Turkey. This was built back in 2nd and 3rd century. That is oh-so-historical.

Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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Strolling through Old Town(Kaleici) is a maze-like experience, of course not as dangerous as the one in The Maze Runner(pun-intended). This street adventure is of cobblestones, lined with Ottoman mansions that are whitewashed and flaming red. Whether you’re visiting for catching some breeze and old vibes or shopping or eating, this is the place to be, it has a line of boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.


Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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If you’re trying to dip yourself into some Turkish history, no better place to be than the Antalya Museum, for it would dig up gold( not actual gold, of course) for the eyes and history for the mind. There are long and assembled rows of the artifacts that were uncovered during an excavation along the Turkish Coast, depicting Turkey’s rich history and heritage.

Top sights of Antalya Turkey
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Other majorly historic sights are the Hadrian’s Gate, The Perge Ruins, Roman Fortress(Hidirlik Kalesi), Termessos and for some peaceful, heart-stopping and serene sight, there’s the Old Harbour and Konyaalti.

Lara Beach is the ultimate tourist attraction site. This happening, thrilling, splashing water heaven is towards the east of town. You can play all day in the water and then jump back to one of the hotels in this vicinity at evenings for some good sleep. In summers, this place has a nightlife of unlimited water splashing, music and much more fun. Yes, if you’re looking to see, feel and embrace luxury, this is where you have to get.


Top sights of Antalya Turkey
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I saved this one up for last. The Donerciler Bazaar of Antalya which is decorated with an array of umbrella and it is also called as The Umbrella Street. This extravaganza has so many restaurants and tea shops in it. Food is just spectacular here.

Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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Food In Antalya Turkey

Food is extremely cheap, you can get a full meal for about 5 to 10 USD, you can feel the friendly environment adopted by most of the food spots, service is dead-on.

Some of the signature dishes of Antalya are Sis Kofte, Spiced up meatballs cooked around with a stick.

Piyaz, made of Garlic, Walnuts and Tahini.

Other options are KebabsCold Mediterranean dishes and brilliant seafood. 

Top sights of Antalya Turkey
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These are the Top sights of Antalya Turkey in my opinion. If you have anything to add up to the list, please leave a feedback below. For more information on Antalya, check out the official website.

Best Places of Ghent Belgium to Visit

Ghent is capital city of East Flanders province of Belgium, The civilization of Ghent Belgium date back to the Iron Age, And in that age it was one of the most richest city all over Europe, If you happend to visit Ghent, After taking a round of historical building and analysis the architecture of ancient sites, You can estimate how wealthy this city was. Even now it is one of the major tourist city of belgium, People from around the world visit ghent either for studying or for recreational purposes.

Ghent lies close to Brussels, Which is Capital of Belgium, so if you’re visiting the capital you should take a train it will take around thirty minutes to get to ghent from brussels, Ghent has a huge university, where over sixty thousand students are studying from all around the world. So you will find many young people in the city, With different stories, they are educated and very friendly, So dont hesitate interacting with the students as well as the locals, It is the best way to know more about the history and culture of the city.

Best Places of Ghent Belgium

Best places of Ghent belgium
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Ghent is a small city, Even if you are on foot it will take around 20 minutes to get to the center of city, If you are living at ghent, Even a cycle will be your best transport medium, Most of the tourists and locals use a well organised system of public transport, which is recommended to you aswell. Following are the few sites which I consider as the best places of Ghent Belgium, So if you’re visiting this exquisite city, You owe a visit to the following places:

Saint Bravo Cathedral

Saint Bravo Cathedral is one of the top historical sites of Ghent. The Cathedral, Its design and architecture. Everything is so magnificent, that you will be left awestruck after entering this building, There are number of tombs of old emperors along with unique artifacts from the history, and collection of art and jewel treasures, Everything makes this cathedral one of the best places of Ghent Belgium to visit.

Best places of Ghent belgium

Ghent City Museum – STAM

In this Museum, You will find artifacts from different ages in the history. This museum is very diverse, where you will be astonished to see the artifacts and their history, The Museum is now moving towards the technology, there are multimedia devices that offer presentations on different times of history and how Ghent played its part in the medieval age.

Check out the virtual tour of Ghent city Museum


There are number of buildings which depict the 20th century architecture, these are the places which will give you an idea about how sublime this city was in the early age, there were also socialist democratic movements in those times. And Vooruit is a name of one such movement, there were different buildings under their control which are now used as sites for arts and culture exhibition.

Best places of Ghent belgium

Another thing you should try is, Tour of the canals in a cruise ship, these cruise ships are not even expensive and cost around seven euros for an individual, The good thing about these cruise ship tours is that you can view almost whole of the Ghent from the outskirts, It is truly very good experience for tourists.

Thats all from by side, If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, Or if you think there should be ammendment in the list of best places of Ghent Belgium, Let me know your opinion regarding it. If you want to read more about this city and accommodation, Visit the official site of Ghent Belgium

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Kerak is a famous place in Jordan, It also one of most imminent tourist destination,You might have heard of it reading the history books, Kerak is famous for its Crusader castle, It is one of those huge castles you might have seen before in Crusader movies, Kerak castle has a spectacular position considering from war point of view, It lies on the peak of mountain and it is covered by the valley from three sides, It was a focal strategic location in the Crusaders.

From this castle you can have view of the sublime dead sea, which is another famous tourist spot in Jordan, people from all around the word come to see Kerak castle and the dead sea. Kerak is quite an old settlement of humans, The inscriptions found in this city date back to 9th century Before Christ, It is said that this place is inhibited by human population from the Iron age. You will read that this area has been under constant war, Where different empires tried to capture Kerak, Conquerors used to come from the dead sea in order to get hold of this city. Now lets move to Kerak Jordan Travel Guide from history of this sublime place.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Lets move to Kerak Jordan travel guide, If you are travelling to Jordan, You should visit this beautiful place, one of the most noticeable tourist destination is Kerak Castle, This castle was made by the Crusaders, But it was under their control for only 46 years, Kerak castle was under the rule of Reynald di Chatilion, He was a barbaric and psychotic man, Who  always wanted a war between Muslims and Christians, He used to loot the trade caravans and execute the Muslim pilgrims travelling to Makkah, He also raided the red sea ports, breaking the peace treaty.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

When Saladin heard about breaking of all the treaties from the lord of kerak, He attacked the crusader kingdom, defeated the army and seized the town,During war this town was held by the crusaders for 8 months and then they surrendered, Saladin mercifully allowed the crusaders to return to their lands, and executed Reyland himself.

There is an event arranged at kerak Known as Sight and Sound Event, At that event the castle is decorated with the lights and a documentary is shown which gives all the information about Kerak from late 800 BC, Documentary covers all the major events of history and it throws light on different human settlements from the Iron age.

When you go to Kerak castle, you will be amazed to see the never ending passage ways, This castle is great example of crusader architecture, Till now a chapel exists at the upper portion of this beautiful castle from where you can see almost whole town and dead sea.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Other Tourist destination in the town of Kerak are:

  • Burj Al-Banawi
  • Showbak Castle
  • Mazar Islamic Museum
  • Karak Archaeological Museum

The Karak Archaeological Museum is present inside the castle,It has artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine Crusader and Nabataen era,Its a huge museum with great number of amazing artifacts, you will love it if you are into History. Artifacts in this museum date from 6000 BC to 14th century AD.

That’s all from the Kerak Jordan Travel Guide, If you have been to this stunning place, let us know in the comments, You can also ask us if you have any query regarding your travel to Kerak Jordan.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

Jordan is hub of tourists from all around the world,and Jerash Jordan is one of the most prominent tourism destination, Most of the tourists are from Europe and USA, In 2010 around 3.5 billion US dollars were spend by the tourists in Jordan, So Tourism is one of the imminent industry in Jordan. Main reason for all this positive response from the tourists is presence of number of historical ruins, One of the most famous site is Petra which is also considered as one of the wonder of the world.

Moving on to Tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan, This city is also called “A Rome away from Rome”, Jerash holds ruins of roman empire, Most of them are the most ancient ruins still standing, They date back to BC 63. It was one of the 10 most important cities of Roman Empire in the era of Decapolis, Jerash is still preserved because it was covered by the desert sand for thousands of years, All these sites are discovered in round about 50 years back in the history.

Jerash Festival is one of the most famous event around the world for the tourists, If you are planning to visit tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan, Then look out for this festival and plan accordingly,It is usually held in July and it offers number of great shows and activities, Cultural shows are arranged in this festivals portraying the history of this beautiful place on earth. People from number of countries come to perform on this festival, There is also an exhibition of traditional handicrafts and art shows from people of different backgrounds, Its a perfect destination to visit with your family or friends. The theme of this festival is Greco-Roman history.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

Jerash enjoyed its prosperity in 3rd century, When almost 20 thousands people used to live in this city,That age is considered as “Golden Age” in Jerash history. Being the most important city of Rome, This city holds number of sites that were part of this important city, City holds temples, theaters, baths, fountains, forts and huge gates. All ruins are preserved well and worth visiting if you are into history and ancient culture. Following are the Roman ruins sites now considered as tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan:

  • Hadrian’s Arch

When the emperor Hadrian visited Jerash in 129 AD to praise the prosperity of this roman city, This splendid arch was constructed on his welcome.
Source: candicedoestheworld. com

  • Hippodrome

A arena used for the famous fights of gladiators, Chariot races and other spectacular sports, It can hold upto 15000 peopl, Truly a magnificent site and one of the best Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

  • Oval Plaza

As I was talking about the Jerash festival, It is one of the site of that festival, It has great number of columns on the sides and there is a fountains and two altars at the middle of this arena, Its a great site to visit during Jerash festival.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

  • Nymphaeum

It was constructed in 191 AD, It is said to be the fountain dedicated to the Nymphs, Its quite a large place constructed with amazing architectural design, It served to be a recreational site in the ancient city.

  • Temple of Artemis

According to Greek mythology, This temple was dedicated to Artemis, who is said to be sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus, This temple was used to offer sacrifices to her in ancient times, 11 columns outside the temple are still standing, Inside the temple there is a stage made from marble, Which supposedly had Artemis statue.

  • Ajloun Fort

It is a great fort, Located near the Jerash ruins, If you visit the ruins you should visit this castle as well, In the days of Saladin the great, It used to protect and control the trading route between Egypt and Damascus, This Castle is huge, it also has a mosque in it, called as Ajlun Mosque, Which is considered as the most ancient mosque in Jordan, It was first a Christian church in Byzantine era.

Above are the most famous Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan, If you have been to this sublime city share your experience with us in the comments, If you have any queries regarding your travel to Jerash Jordan, Visit the official site of Jordan Tourism.

Cappadocia Turkey Wonderful Places to Visit

Cappadocia is an ancient historic region in south Turkey, the region has got a very wealthy history, and has amazing artifacts and ruins of the old civilizations here. The history of the territory is stretched back to the time Xerxes and Achaemenid kings. The most beautiful part of the region is that many of the ruins are left in a very great shape for us to see. The region offers exciting and adventurous ride into history, which wouldn’t be wrong if I say, it will be a “jaw dropping” experience. Continue reading “Cappadocia Turkey Wonderful Places to Visit”