Things to do Manama Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most rich and developed country of middle-east, The oil-rich state spend millions of dollars every year to promote tourism on this beautiful paradise developed in middle of desert, If you have a thing for watching expensive cars and lavish lifestyle, This is the place to visit, You will find the sheikhs and Arab who live in such a posh lifestyle, Its unimaginable for many of us.

People of Bahrain are friendly, they mind their own business they wont interfere in your stuff unless you try to get into their matters, If you are visiting Bahrain for the first time, I can assure you will opt to come again, As there are so many places and things to do that you cant just get enough of it in one tour, Every time you’ll visit, you will discover new things to do Manama Bahrain.

Manama is capital city of Bahrain and it has number of places you can visit, you can also opt for hundreds of things to do in this beautiful city, If you are more of a city life person and you want to explore the posh life style, And you get attracted to the tall fancy buildings, This is the place to be.

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Water is covering Manama from from one side, It has a beautiful coast line with clean beaches, There are number of water activities to do including Jet ski, discing,tubing,hydro foiling and many more.

Things to do Manama Bahrain

Things to do Manama Bahrain

Manama is an important city for not only Bahrain but whole Arabian peninsula, Manama is a developed city with one of the world best infrastructure, The government is rich from the oil money, They spend most of it for the welfare of the state, According to a report, Almost 8 million people visit this beautiful city every year, Lets now move on to things to do Manama Bahrain:

Visit Hawar Islands

Hawar Islands are like 50 KM from the Manama, You can get there by boat, Its a beautiful Island In middle of Arabian sea,You might also see some dolphins on your way to this Island. Once you get to the Hawar Islands there are amazing resorts and different activities to keep you occupied.

Visit Oil Museum

In 1992 a museum was constructed as a memorial of oil discovery in Bahrain on its 60th Anniversary, Its a huge museum, Where you will find number of great artifacts from the old times, You will also learn about Bahrain history before oil was discovered and how all things changed after discovery of this black gold.

Visit Tree of life

There is a tree present around 2 KM from Jebel dukhan, It is 32 ft. tall and it is said to be 400 year old, Its still alive and acheologists have found pottery around it which is said to be of Telmun Civilization, There are around 50 thousand visitors of this tree every year, Who come to see this miracle of God.

Visit Al-dar Island

There are number of parties arranged at Al-dar island on different occasions, Its a beautiful place worth visiting at night, You should check out for the parties at this Island and show up for one, You will get a chance to see how Arabs party. You can spend your day on the Island, Party all night and place a camp at nearby campsite on the beach, under the beautiful sky. Bahrain parties are considered even better than those at Dubai.

Things to do Manama Bahrain

Above are all the things which I found interesting and they are worth a try if you ever visit Manama Bahrain, If you want to include some other things to do Manama Bahrain, Let us know in the comments. Your story about this place, If you have been there, will be highly appreciated. Keep Travelling and Stay Happy.

If you are planning a visit to Manama Bahrain, Please refer to Bahrain Official Tourism Website

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