Best Places of Arosa Switzerland to Visit

Arosa is one of the most famous tourist destination in Switzerland, Each year thousands of tourists from all around the world come to this beautiful place to spend their vacations or holiday. In Winters, Arosa Switzerland is famous for Skiing and in summers, You can visit this beautiful place to see the mesmerising sights of nature.

Arosa is famous among the celebrities as well, If you ever occurred to visit this town, you might see some famous people roaming around or skiing on the alps, Arosa was first governed by the municipality of Davos, But in 1851 Arosa became an independent.

Entire Area of Arosa Switzerland is 50 KM sq. , It is indeed a small town, But dare you! not to consider it as a boring place, There are a lot of places to visit at this tourist resort,from them I’ve mentioned the most astonishing sites below under the heading of Best Places of Arosa Switzerland.

How to Get to Arosa Switzerland:

There is no transit traffic in Arosa, The government has done best to preserve the natural beauty of this beautiful place, You can get to Arosa by the railway station of Chur, A road also connects this beautiful resort with rest of the country, I would recommend you to travel by road, On your way you will see some miraculously stunning sights of huge apls and farms, It is one hell of a road trip. There is also a cable car connecting the nearby Lenzerheide Urdenfurggli. So you can travel between these two beautiful places.

Best places of Arosa Switzerland

Best Places of Arosa Switzerland to Visit

If you are visiting this beautiful resort sometime soon,Or you’re just planning right now whether to visit or not, take a look at these places below, as these tourist spots just can’t be left out from your trip schedule.

Weisshorn Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in the town, It offers 360 degree view of almost all the amazing peaks of the Swiss alps, That is totally worth watching.

Best places of Arosa Switzerland

Untersee beach

Arosa is a valley, So it gets a lot of sunlight, The best beach you will find in this area is Untersee, You can sunbathe, or dive in the swimming pools. There are also other sports, including an open air restaurant, Totally one of the best places of of Arosa Switzerland.

Obersee water and lights display

Best water and light show in whole of Europe, It is sponsored by Rhätische Bahn and it is held on Friday,Saturday and Tuesday from June to October, It is also considered the biggest lights and music water show in Europe.

Best places of Arosa Switzerland

Events at Arosa Switzerland

There are number of events conducted at this beautiful resort,Some of them are skiing championships, Other are great festivals exhibiting the great culture and tradition of Arosa, The best of them are mentioned below:

  • IceSnowFootball
  • Jazz Festival
  • Classic Car
  • Humour Festival
  • Arosa Jazz Festival

When you will visit Arosa, You will get the Arosa Card, from the tourism office,with this card you can use the cable cars, government bus and boats without any charges, Its one of the great initiatives by governing authority for the tourists.

Thats all from this beautiful heaven on earth, If you have been there, Lets us know which places you consider as the best places of Arosa Switzerland. If you have any queries regarding your travel, Let us know in the comments. If you want to read more about Arosa Switzerland, visit their Official Website.

Best places to visit in Montreux, switzerland

One of the cities of Switzerland which is located on the Lake Geneva. The civilization of this city is stretched back to the bronze age. The area is enjoys lush green fields and amazing natural beauties, for which the whole of Switzerland is famous. The city is located in canton of Vaud, and is one of the most tourist attracted places in the country.

We will enlist some of the best places to visit in montreux Switzerland for you, so you don’t miss what you should not miss and you trip serves you the best of this beautiful place.

Best places to visit in Montreux

The city offers much of things, great beauty and amazing infrastructure as well as ancient and old architecture. Although I have tried my best to highlight the best places to visit in Montreux, The opinions might vary people to people, Because its relative you might like other places better than the mentioned below. But I can say one thing for sure that you will love the following palces if you ever visit Montreux Switzerland.

Château de Chillon

An Island castle, build in the old Roman times, it was used to guard the Alpine Pass. The castle has seen many different reigns and ages. Which is visible in the changes made in the castle, and you will easily see the mixed architecture makes it to the top of the best Places to visit in Montreux.



Col de Jaman

A mountain pass, which is chilly and snowy. It connects Montreux to other cities of the canton. Situated in the Western Alps, and goes through beautiful mountains, which makes it naturally amazing to enjoy the drive. These are the mountains that will make you fall in love with them, marking it another best Places to visit in Montreux.



Rochers de Naye

These are the great mountains that stand tall and overlook the great Lake of Geneva. This range of mountains lies in the Swiss Alps. The beautiful green mountains with amazing natural beauty has a breath taking view of the cities beneath. The Rochers de Naye makes it one of the another Best Places to visit in Montreux.



Golden Pass Line

If you are done visiting the beautiful city of Montreux, you should grab a ticket of the Golden Pass Line while you leave and leave the city with another great tourist attraction of the city. This line was specially made for tourists, which connect the city with Lucerne. You should not miss that ride. This marks the ends of our list of best places to visit in Montreux.



There are many other great things to see, and places to visit and things to do in Montreux, but for that you have to grab your ticket and pack your bag. If you do visit there, share your amazing experience of Best places to visit in Montreux with us in the comment section below.

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