Amazing Places to see in Whangarei, New Zealand

Whangarei is the northernmost city of New Zealand. Capital of the region, and is the most common tourists point for tourists. The city offers amazing natural beauties and some amazing gardens and zoos by Kiwis. The city contains beautiful mountains, rivers and small islands which will make your visit unforgettably exotic.

Now there are many beautiful natural places to visit, but to make the best out of your visit to Whangarei, we will enlist some really amazing places to see in Whangarei.

Amazing Places to see in Whangarei

Bay of Islands

If you go to New Zealand, you don’t want to miss the fishing of Bay of Islands. There is a mega event of fishing that takes place there, and people there really fish, but the big-game fishing is not the only things to do there, you can have a great tropical time, enjoy the dolphins and discover the places, and enjoy the amazing Islands.




Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

A protected area, in which you can dive in, and enjoy the amazing sea creatures there. Yes, you will be wearing a diver’s suit, having your oxygen supply, yes I am talking about Scuba Diving, and you might shake hands with some incredible sea creatures, or your favorite fish. It is one of the amazing places to see in Whangarei.




Kingdom of Zion

No its not some old native New Zealander kingdom, it is a great zoo, where there are amazing species of cats, that is what it is famous for, and by cats I mean wild cats, lions, tigers and cheetahs. These are not ordinary ones, these are some special specie cats, which is not to be missed, as this is the only way you can see and enjoy them, they are not much of enjoyment when you see them alone.




Bream Head

Have you ever seen a volcano? This place has got a 20 million old to see. Get a ride to Bream Land, see the beauty of the nature, that how a green place can have such an anger beneath. There is an Island, which is called Hen Island where you can enjoy amazing birds, both flying and thse who can’t fly. The place has amazing scenes of sea birds, which will fly around you in a great and beautiful manner.




Clapham’s Clock Meuseum

Have you ever wondered how the clocks in the history were? If you haven’t, then be surprised by the amazing collections of over 400 clocks, and music boxes. And see how the early man and that of the recent history used to check time. This unique museum marks another of the amazing places to visit in Whangarei.




The above are some amazing places to see in Whangarei city of New Zealand, but this is not it, the city has got much more to offer, that is for you discover. And if you have done that, or will do, please share it with us in the comment section below.