Best Places of Troms Norway to Visit

Troms is one of the three counties of Northern Norway,It is located in the arctic circle, Troms borders with Sweden from the south, Finnmark county is located at the northeast and Nordland county in the southeast, Now you might have an idea about the location of this paradise on Earth.

Now moving on to why I called it paradise, Far away from huge cities this county exists in middle of fjords, snow capped mountains along with dozens of fresh water lakes, Where you will find fresh water streams as well as deep sea water. A place where you can seek for number of pleasures and you will get them, You can ask for fresh water fish like salmon  or trout you will get it, You can get your boat and go to deep water and catch some big fishes,Although its in Arctic circle but this county is quite developed you will find good hotels for staying and good restaurants for food.

Culture and History of Troms has significance, You will find a culture you have never seen before in your life, Feel free to ask people about the buildings sites, festivals and rituals, as this place has served to be home of Sami, Swedish and Finnish people, So you will see much diversity in their norms.

Before moving on to the Best places of troms norway to visit, Let me give you a list about things to do in troms Norway.

Things to do in Troms Norway

There are number of great things you can do on this beautiful piece of land, Best advice is that don’t be hesitant of the climate,pack your stuff and get out, Explore this beautiful place. Check out the things to do in troms norway:

  • Fishing/Farming/Hunting
  • Sea Kayaking
  • River boar tours
  • Diving and cliff jumping
  • Hiking on the Glaciers
  • River Paddling
  • Riding
  • Exploring Caves
  • Helicopter sightseeing

Above are few, There are a lot of more to do there,Troms seems like a sacred place untouched by the crowds of tourists, You will only find the people who love nature at its best and at its worst. people who are here for an adventure. The locals are used to hard life and cold temperature. But for the tourists, Its one hell of a adventure

Best Places of Troms Norway

Troms is a beautiful part of Norway, Most of the tourist avoid this beautiful place because of climate, But this place has the best sights in the whole Europe, check out my compilation of best places of troms norway.

  • Northern Lights Sight Seeing Tours


Aurora or Northern lights, Spectacular Miracle of nature, Amazing formation of vivid colors on the sky, A view that is worth all your travel for, Most of the people declare Northern lights as the best view of their life time. Hence it can be called as best place of troms Norway.

There are different firms which offer you tour in the search of northern lights, they provide you with the kits and you are along the professional guides, Who lead your way on to discovering this one of the most beautiful sights of nature.

  • Malselvfossen Waterfall

best places of troms norway

From the start of 19th century, This water fall has served to be the longest salmon ladder, It is opened for the tourists in summers, and then you can enjoy the close look at salmons as they fall along the waterfall in to the river. Its a great view,indeed one of the best places in troms norway.

  • Sommaroy

An island located at some distance from troms, All you have to do is to pack your bags get a ferry or boat and get to this island, In middle of no where you will find hotels, where you can stay, Basically those rooms were for fishermen, But now even tourists avail those rooms, You can go for fishing of trekking the mountains, The hotels offer very spectacular tasty food with the local ingredients.

  • Arctic Cathedral

best places of troms norway

It is a magnificent structure of architecture and design, A beautiful building parted from the city through the bridge,You can just walk across the bridge or take the bikes, Walking is recommended because the surrounding are beautiful, Crossing the bridge is difficult but this place is worth that difficulty.

  • Museum of Troms

best places of troms norway

As I stated the history of Troms is very diverse from the Finnish to Swedish,and the most ancient race of this area the Sami people, Each of this race has many ancient artifacts that are saved in this museum, The museum displays the religious art along with war-craft and artifacts of medieval age. You will also see the traces of Viking age in this museum, There are cultural shows arranged in this museum that are worth attending.

  • Adolf Guns

This is the front of all time largest land based guns, It was built on the order of Adolf Hitler by the German army during world war II,The Norwegians have protected the remains. All the bunkers and forts are reincarnated to depict the actual view of world war, Now historical tours are arranged at this piece of land which are worth attending.

Above is what I think about this sublime piece of land, If you have been there and you want to throw light on what you think are best places of troms norway. Let us know in the comments. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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