Best Places To Visit In Oslo Norway

Oslo is the next destination you definitely want to get to. It is the capital and the most populous city of Norway. Oslo is majorly known for three things, its architecture, museums and the greenery. Oslo originally means “Meadows consecrated to the Gods” and what’s better than a city so divine.



Oslo has a very rich history and heritage with it’s timeline starting from 1000 A.D from a few buildings straight to infinite buildings till 21st century with the most recent one as Oslo Opera House. The land area occupied by Oslo has about two-thirds secured by forests, lakes and hills, hence the green appearance.


Best Places To Visit In Oslo Norway

Oslo is a milestone of the contemporary architecture. This city has attracted a bunch of famous architects. Projects, to innovate the old cities, are on the go. There’s been an emergence of a grand skyline.

Although there are many places to visit in Oslo Norway, But following are the best places to visit In Oslo Norway:

1. The Oslo Opera House:


This white exterior literally appears to be emerging out of the water and looks super fascinating.

2.Holmenkollen National Ski Arena:

This includes Ski Museum and Jump Tower and is the ultimate attraction for the tourists.


3. The Barcode:

Barcode consists of a row  of multiple skyscraping multi-purpose buildings, basically giving the appearance of a barcode because of the arrangement of long and sleek buildings with spaces in between them.

The famous Munch Museum/Museet is the attractrive spot for art fanatics. It displays works of famous artists like Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh. Scream, the famous work of Munch, has found its home in the museum. The building of the museum is much of an art itself with its top spilling out giving the idea that the top would fall off any moment. The fascination speaks for itself.


Oslo is the ultimate spot for music fanatics because of its yearly music festivities being conducted inside the city.Oslo’s festivals include rock, world music, opera, literature, medieval music and films. So Oslo should be next to Tomorrow land when you think of music festivals next time. Some of the famous festivals are,

  • Oslo Chamber Music Festival
  • Stand Up Deluxe Festival
  • Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

The transport system of Oslo is quite elaborated and it has Norway’s most extensive transport system scattered across its land area, including, the six-line Oslo Metro network, a six-line Oslo Tramway and an eight-line Commuter Rail. Its transport network is rather one of those things you will definitely miss about Oslo.

Food In Oslo Norway

The food is defined as uber classic and the experience as, chic and fine.


Some of the best restaurants in oslo are,

  1. Bolgen and Moi Restaurant and Cafe: Famous due to its fabulous international cuisine and ultra-chic industrial setting.
  2. Grand Cafe; is a legendary cafe with a wall depicting legends like, Edvard Munch, henrik Ibsen and many others.
  3. Bristol Grill; located in one of Oslo’s most prestigious hotels, features international and Norwegian grills.

And if you’re looking for Halal food, there are restaurants in Oslo, like,

  • Tika Tika, which is an Indian fast food house.
  • Charlie’s, a burger and kebab house.
  • Fredrikke Kafe.


Above are the best places to visit In Oslo Norway according to my opinion, If you have been to this beautiful place let us know about your experience , If you have any query, Write to us or leave us a comment, we will get back to you.

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