Best places to visit in Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is a German federal state, the largest of all the German states. The region is known for its amazing natural beauty, and the historic infrastructure it bears. Bavaria has been a part of the Holy Roman Empire, and also as a sovereign kingdom for over a century. The region through its rich history, and amazing natural beauty, has been one of the a key touring sites.  The beautiful snow caped mountains, the lush green hills and the amazing ancient Bavarian architecture is a breath taking experience to have. The amazing rich culture, and the friendly and hospitable people, plus the amazing cuisine. All in one pack, and all the best sites to visit in Bavaria are just amazing.

Although the region has got a great deal to offer, the current list of best places to visit in Bavaria have been the most cream.

Best Places to visit in Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle

A nineteen century Romanesque style castle. The castle has a great historic importance, and a great style of roman architecture. The castle is believed to have been bought by Ludwig the second of Bavaria with his personal fortune. The castle bears amazing sites of royalty. Situated in a rural area, over a hill top, giving a great view of the village down. A tour to the castle is truly an amazing experience, and that is why it tops our list of best places to visit in Bavaria.

neuschwanstein castle

English Garden

A 910 acres of stretching beauty of the eighteenth century, a public garden in the heart of Munich, which was built for Charles Theodore, by Benjamin Thompson. The beautiful garden serves as a great recreational and tourist site. The park offers amazing sites to watch such as

  • Japanisches Teehaus
  • Schonfeldwiese
  • Monopteros
  • Stienerne Bank
  • Chinescischer Turm (Chinese Tower)


Munich Residence

The main residence and royal seat of the Bavarian Monarchs, its is the biggest city palace in the whole Germany. The unique architecture of the palace makes it a best place to visit in Bavaria. The palace is open to visitors, enjoying its amazing architecture, finest royal decoration and a great deal of royal collection is what the palace offers.


Bavarian Alps

The part of Alps, that lies in the Bavarian region is called the Bavarian Alps. The amazing breath taking mountains, with generous amount of natural beauty, that makes your visit to the region an adventurous one. The glorious mountains offers amazing views and great recreational spots, and lakes.



A large freshwater lake, which was formed some more than 10,000 years ago. Another amazing and best place to visit in Bavaria. The lake is also known as Bavarian sea, as it covers a huge amount of area. The lake also bears three amazing islands, that can be reached, and visited. All in all, a great package of leisure time.



The largest peak in Germany. One of the most visited sites in the country too. The border between Austria and Germany also runs through this peak. The peak being a great visiting site, has got great facilities and amazing natural beauty, a must visit. One of the best places to visit in Bavaria and in Germany.


This is not, Bavaria is vast, and far more beautiful. There are other amazing things that we will enlist below, who couldn’t make it to the above list. But if you have a great deal of time, you will have to explore them too, and your trip will become even better.

  • Marienplatz
  • Linderhof Palace
  • Deutches Museum
  • New Town Hall
  • BMW Museum
  • Allianze Arena

BMW Welt


Visit the amazing lands of Bavaria, and when you do, share your wonderful experience with us in the comment section below.

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