Top Sites of Kyoto Japan to Visit

Kyoto is former capital of Japan,Its a huge city with diverse history and culture, Because of many historical buildings in the city, It is also called City of Ten thousand Shrines, It is said that human civilization started at Kyoto around 6th century, This area has suffered many wars and it is considered a very important city from strategic point of view.

It is said that Kyoto japan has over thousand Temples of Buddhist, Most of these temples have to offer amazing architecture and design, Kyoto is also famous for its beautiful gardens, It has most gorgeous gardens all around the world, If you have a thing for flowers this is the place to visit.

Kyoto has a lot of sites to be explored, you will never get enough of this place, No matter how many times you visit. There are huge mountains covering three sides of this city, If you ever visit Kyoto Japan, Interact with the shopkeepers and fishmongers, they know the best about the city and its culture. Throughout the year you will find different festivals and cultural shows where you can learn more about the culture and traditions of Kyoto.

If you are traveling to kyoto japan, We will recommend you to get its official app, It will help you navigate through the city and it has all the necessary details regarding accomodation, Download for Android or iOS to get more details about how to navigate through the city and explore Top Sites of Kyoto Japan.

Top sites of Kyoto Japan to Visit

It is a huge city with hundreds of places optimal for the tourists to visit,The modern Japan has a lot to offer to its guests, Even the city and its people have dreadful history full of wars but still you’ll find them very soft hearted and kind.It is indeed one of the best city to discover the traditions and culture of Japanese people.

There are a lot of places which I considered to be the Top sites of Kyoto Japan, But following are the ones which I considered best among them.

Nijo Castle

This castle has served to be home of first Shogun of Edo era. After their regime fall, this castle was used as the high castle also called Imperial Castle, Then after few years, it was made public place and preserved as historic site, Its a huge castle and there are many sections of it. Outside the castle there is Ninomaru Garden which is famous all around the world for its sublime beauty. Castle is maintained very well and photography is not allowed inside the castle.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Although there are like thousands of Shrines in Kyoto Japan, But Fushimi Inari is one those you shouldn’t miss. Its located on top of a mountain and you have to hike all the way up to see this beautiful place, but all that hike is fruitful when you see this amazing site.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

All together there are five shrines at Fushimi Inari, The greatness of this place makes it stand in our list top sites of Kyoto Japan.It will be your memorable experience.

Kinkaku-ji Temple

It is one of the most splendid creation of design and architecture, some people claim that it is the most beautiful temple of japan, From the location, to the surrounding and its artifacts, everything about this temple is amazing.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

There are also number of firms which offer sightseeing tours as well as city tours, they take you around the city to the beautiful places and brief about the history and importance of that site, It is quality thing to do and you won’t regret spending your time on these tours.

If you are visiting this beautiful Place, I wish you a great trip. Do give us your feedback when you come back. Also if you have ever been to this beautiful city, share your experience with us. Tell us which places do you consider as the top sites of Kyoto Japan.

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Top Sites of Balochistan to Visit!

Lets lift the accusation of being a cursed land from this beautiful province and I’m here to burst your bubbles regarding this little heaven. People might never find the reality unless it’s experienced by them. Balochistan will give you the most gracile experience of your lifetime and that’s guaranteed. From its trees to mountains, it’s a genuine land of nobility and you’d wonder much why the British revered it.


These are the lights of Defense Housing Authority Survey 114, Quetta.

It may not have the cities of lights, but the silence would swarm up your hearts and light them up with pleasure.

Top Sites of Balochistan to Visit

Although there are many beautiful places, but following are the few which I consider as the Top Sites of Balochistan.

Hazar Ganji, Chiltan, National Park.

Top sites of Balochistan

Due to the health benefits of hiking, people are turning towards this great adventurous exercise, and what place is better than Hazar Ganji! This park would make all your rough, adventurous mountain bike dreams come true or hiking if you prefer to walk. These rocky mountains have a powerful grip to lend you if you have the strength to sustain yourself up the summit. Of course that’s not it, you people do know about the national animal of Pakistan, right ? for those who don’t, it’s Markhor or Wild goat who have found their eternal homes in the folds of these mountains. If you ever feel patriotic enough to a pay a visit to these wild-lings, this is the place to be.

D.C House, Pishin.

Top sites of Balochistan

Pishin Valley is about a 45 minutes drive from Quetta city. It’s a serene and breezy valley in the heart of which is situated this D.C rest house. When you first enter the place, you’ll take some time to absorb the beauty, greenery and purity of that place. It’s an utter heaven to enter to, people. Pictures and words would fail to define that place. And for most of you who are wondering, it’s food is a bonus point. That would be one heck of a dining you’d experience there.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

From kebabs to botis and tikkas, they’re just too ambrosial.

Ziarat Valley, Zero Point.

Another one of top sites of Balochistan is Ziarat Valley, It is about 2 hours drive from Quetta city. Ziarat Valley is a labyrinth, I tell you. It’s an uphill climb, don’t worry! you can drive all the way up because it’s infrastructure is just as great. Now, climbing through your car at one point you’ll have to go up by feet, but the struggle is worthwhile. Zero point is the summit of Ziarat Valley, you can see the whole city below you and count as how much you’ve left behind you. It’s too breezy you’ll fear getting knocked off into a nearby trench. If you’re looking for water within the city, Dumera would be the best choice.


Hanna Lake, Quetta.

Hanna Lake is a beautiful resort-like place in Quetta, It’s one of the top Sites of Balochistan, it’s been under Army’s supervision and is much better now. The site of the lake is breath-taking, and if you’re looking for a four wheeler water drive and canoeing this is just it. Little stalls are up for people to enjoy food, scenery and the adventure which comes with it.


Balochistan may have been portrayed to most of you as a ferocious place, but we, the inhabitants and the one’s who’ve visited it, knows that it’s the golden place of our country.

Well! Above is the compilation of top sites of Balochistan, If you think some other great sites have been forgotten. let us know, we’ll add them into the list. You can also share with us your experience, if you have been to balochistan, Your feedback is much awaited and will be appreciated. Tourism and tourists mean a lot to Pakistan as well as Balochistan, lets join hands to make it a better place for our visitors.

Best Places in Rwanda, Africa to Visit

Rwanda is also known as “Land of the Thousand Hills” It borders Uganda and Congo, Nature has blessed Rwanda with extroordinary beauty, You will see some great landscapes if you choose to visit this place.

Main attraction for tourists in Rwanda is its breathtaking landscapes, Rwanda is also famous for its mountain gorillas, Although there specie is close to extinction only 780 mountain gorillas exist in the world and one third of them are in Rwanda

You can take out time to visit Rwanda and live close to the nature and explore the greatness of this small country.

Best Places in Rwanda

There are not many places to visit in Rwanda but some of them which I consider as best places in Rwanda, I have mentioned them below, If you plan to visit you must have to check out these places.

Volcanoes National Park

This park is present in Virunga mountains and it has 8 volcanoes around it thats why it is named as Volcanoes National park, You can explore great deal of Rwanda in this national park, You can also trek the mountains with the gorillas, These mountains are also home of golden monkeys, Many scientists visit Rwanda each year to research on Gorilla mountains and they mostly place their camps in this park.

Best Places in Rwanda

During you trekking you will be accompanies with the park staff who are very helpful and trained,the way up is very exciting and a bit hard, but you will love it once you get on to the top, that is why its one of the best places in rwanda to visit

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

there are many memorial sites for the 250 000 people who were killed in 1994 in just 100 days, Kigali Genocide memorial center was developed in 2004 with collaboration of Aegis trust, An organisation working for prevention of genocide, The memorial center has three sections, First one is dedicated to the Rwanda genocide and the events which lead to it , 2nd section throws light on genocide in other countries, Third section is dedicated to the children who died in this genocide, If you visit Rwanda, This memorial center should be visited to know about the horrific incidents of pasts.

Best Places in Rwanda

Lake Kivu

Now Rwanda is one of the most safe country in Africa it is also the cleanest country, There are a lot of ways to spend time at Lake kivu, You can hike up Congo Nile which is adjacent to lake, You can also do fishing and kayaking in the river, Its a great place to lay down and relax, Close to the nature with very few things to bother you, You will see never ending water and huge mountains, You can also opt for boat cruise and see around the lake, You can also hire a 4WD jeep and cruise along the river

Best Places in Rwanda

Thats all about best places in Rwanda, If you have been there, Let us know about your experience, Your feedback will be appreciated.To know more about best places in Rwanda visit here


Top Sites of Galway Ireland to Visit

On the west coast of Ireland you will find a city with diverse cultures, You will see people from different ethnicities, Galway Ireland is along the Galway bay, So in medieval ages many conquerors came from this way, In old age Galway was one of most important trade city it has great trade links with Portugal and Spain, The governing power of Galway was in hands of 14 powerful merchant families or you can call 14 tribes, Hence the diversity in the ethnicity in the area, Galway has a great history history mostly because of prominent ports for trades.

Now Galway is one of most important City of Ireland, People from all over the world come to visit Top sites of Galway to visit, City is famous for its festivals, there are a lot of festivals which are organised all over the year, Check out time table of festivals in Galway here.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland to Visit

Although the city is great and it has a lot of tourists attractions, But while considering the historical sites and natural beauty I have compiled list of top sites of galway Ireland to visit, Check out the following places if you are planning to go to Ireland.

Wild Atlantic Way

If you want to get out of city life into some peaceful place then Wild Atlantic way it is, Its a great way with mesmerising surroundings, while driving you can see the amazing views of nature, Stop anywhere interact with the locals get to know about the place, Its a gorgeous country side where you will find numerous species of flora and fauna, You will find a magnificent landscapes there along with that you will drive along the coastline so you can Imagine the glamour of this place.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Eyre Square

Its great place to visit in summers, You can see people sitting on the grass and talking to each other, You can roam around Eyre Square on foot and do shopping and see different people from all around the world get to know of Irish culture, You can also dine in there as many great restaurants can be found there, You will also see historical sights there including John F, Kennedy’s visit to Galway.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Galway City Museum

Galway City museum is now reopened, You can find amazing piece of arts in this museum, Its a great place to know the history or Ireland, You can see Altar piece of 17th Century in museum. On the ground floor you will find historical artifacts of medieval times, Other floors have artifacts of People of galway. Museum also conducts exhibitions of artifacts of great artists.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Galway Cathedral

It is one of the top sites of galway to visit, You will find great historical stuff inside the cathedral, It has been renovated and now it looks better than ever, When you will go to galway it wont be hard to find the Cathedral as its visible from almost everywhere, This place gives you a break from hustle of city.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Glengowla Mines

Its a great place to visit with family, Glengowla Mines lie under the Connemara mountain, This place was abandoned a long time ago, So you will only find tourists there you can get into the mine to discover veins of copper pyrite, Different crystals working condition of miners when the mine was active. You can consider glengowla mines as one of top sites of galway Ireland.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Here’s my collection of Top Sites of Galway Ireland to visit, If you have ever been there and you think there should be more in this list, let me know in the comments, Your feedback is highly appreciated. If you intend to visit Galway someday you should check out Official site of galway tourism

Beautiful Places to see in Lhasa, Tibet

Lhasa is the Capital of Tibet. Which is an autonomous territory of China. It has been the religious capital of Tibet from centuries. Lhasa is also among the world’s most highest cities, which increases the beauty of the city tremendously. It is the home for many Buddhist sites, and great Chinese architecture. The old Buddhist monasteries are breath taking and amazingly wonderful to visit. There are many historic and natural Beautiful Places to see in Lhasa.

The beauty of Lhasa lies in the old Buddhist buildings and Tibetan palaces, which is the primary attraction of tourists here. The beauty of city is increased by the amazing natural height. Once you visit there, you will be surprise to how beautiful can a mountain side be home to so many people.

Some most Beautiful Places to see in Lhasa

When you are in Lhasa, Tibet, you will find many places to be beautiful, the whole city is full of beauty and wonders, but we will shortlist for you some most Beautiful places to see in Lhasa.

Potala Palace

It has been the official residence to former Dalai Lamas, the religious heads of Tibetan Buddhists. In clear words, the pope to the Tibetan people. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The buidling is situated an altitude of 3,700 meters high, on the site of the Red Mountain. The palace is almost a thousand years, it has seen many revolutions and wars, and have outlived it. Its fine Chinese architecture and its amazing locations, makes it to the top of our most Beautiful Places to see in Lhasa.





Jokhang Temple is one of the most important temple of the Buddhist religion, it has a mixed Indian, Chinese and Nepalese architecture. The temple is also build of a beautiful height, and has a unique architecture. It is also a great tourist attraction point, as well as a great pilgrim point in Lhama. It marks itself as another Beautiful Place to see in Lhasa.




Druk Yerpa

From a short distance of main city Lhama, it is a place where you can see old caves, that used to house monks in the early times. The caves a centuries old, the valley is amazingly beautiful. The old home to round 300 monks up till the late 19th century, is now a great tourist attraction, and another beautiful place to see in Lhasa.




Tashilhunpo Monastery

Founded by the firts Dalai Lama, it is most importance to the Buddhist believers, and marks another Beautiful place to see in Lhasa. The monastery consists of many temples, and amazing natural beauty, if you go there it will make it perfect if you go to see the sunset from there.

Tashilhunpo Monastery



Barkhor Street

This is the main market place of the town. Have gifts and see what the locals buy and sell. Bring home some great Tibetan precious that will remind you of the great time you had seeing Beautiful places to see in Lhasa.



There are many other things and places to be seen in Lhasa, but we have enlisted the most amazing ones which should not to be missed. It is on beautiful height and with amazing and unique architecture and great history, the locals have got amazing tales of the old monks and their Dalai Lamas. Do visit there to enjoy the Beautiful Places to see in Lhasa, and share your experience with us in the comments section.

Best Places Of Cordova Alaska

Cordova is also called little Alaska, You can experience the same weather and activities as you can in Alaska, Its a beautiful place that can be visited in summers as well as winter, Cordova is coming up as a great tourist spot there are a lot of thing one can do while visiting cordova Alaska.It is also home of USA’s largest national park named as Chugach National Forest, there are alot of activities you can do including fishing kayaking Glaciers tours Heli-Sking.

Surrounded by the huge glaciers, Cordovo has its natural heritage which is still preserved after years of tourism, One of the most critical implication to Cordova is global warming because of which the glaciers are melting and it can be a serious cause trouble some day.Check out the best places of Cordova and do give it a visit in summers or winters

Best Places Of Cordova Alaska

Although its a huge place and there are a lot of places to visit, but Ive compiled few and named them as best places of Cordova Alaska

Glaciars tours

There are more than 5 huge glaciers in cordova alaska, And you can get to them by car, These glaciers provide great opportunity to explore the wildlife of cold areas, You can either hire a guide or go with your friends and discover the area, Make sure you are with all the equipment for climbing glaciers when you go there.

Best Places Of Cordova Alaska

Heli Sking is a life time experience although it takes some real guts to try it but its worth it, there are number of private companies that offer Heli skiing in cordova, there are around 1K miles that can be traversed through sking.


Heli will take you and your friends to peak of the mountain and from there you have to ski for miles along the slope,the air is ice cold but when you get to the ground you will call it best ride of your life.

Chugach National Forest

Huge forst, It slitrelly never ending, Its a great place to explore, It gives you opportunities to explore the wildlife and numerous animals, Beware that animals are wild and you should stay as far from them as possible as they are not much used to seeing humans around. There are number of activities in park including camping, hiking and mountain climbing.


In summers you can kayak in the river water, There are fishes in the river and great surrounding you will live the atmosphere, at night you can camp in the surrounding and do BBQ and Bonfire, All an all it is worth trying.

These are best places of cordova alaska according to me, If you want to share your experience, Do let us know in the comments. You can read more about best places of cordova here

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji, Japan

When you think of Japan, the only thing that pops up in the mind is technology, robots, and every thing digital. Everything we associate with Japan is mostly technological. The stereotype notion is hiding the natural beauty of Japan. Yes, Japan has breath taking natural beauty, and amazing heritage sites. Japan existed to be a very prosperous and powerful country in the pre-World War II era. And the history of Japan is very rich and amazing.

Now there are a lot of amazing places, naturally beautiful in Japan, but here I would recommend a visit to the city of Himeji. It is located on south of the main Japanese island of Honshu, in the Kansai region of Japan. The city has served as the capital of the historic province of Harima. It has served as the seat of the ancient rulers of Harima province.

Read More: Best sites of Kyoto Japan

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

There are many great natural and ancient beautiful places to visit in Himeji, and the following is the list of those that will make your money spent look extremely less.

Himeji Castle

The seat of the ancient rulers of Harima, build in the 14th century BC, is regarded as one of the finest example of great Japanese architecture. The castle has been a seat to many feudal dynasties from many clans, and the influence of those clans can be beautifully detected by the addition they have made to the castle. Located at the top of Himeyama hill, it consists of both, the beauty of its location and that of its great architecture.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Engyo Ji Temple

Another beautiful example of amazing Japanese architecture. The Engyo Ji Temple is a thousand year old temple, located at the top of mount Shosha. It is pilgrimage site for the Tendai sect of of Buddhism. To make it more interesting, it was the shooting site of the famous Tom Cruise movie, The Last Samurai.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Mount Seppiko

Another addition to our beautiful places to visit in Himeji is Mount Seppiko, it is actually a part of Seppiko-Mineyama Prefectural Natural Park, where tourist hike, enjoy the perfect green natural habitat, and go out for a picnic. The mountain has a highly religious importance too, it is one of the san-hiko-san of the “Shugendō” religion. Which believes in the understanding of humanity between nature. Where the believers gain the understandings in the chosen habitats of san-hiki-sans. So pack your bags, and find your connection with nature and beauty, and discover more of the interesting stories of the mountains of Himeji.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Himeji City Tegarayama Botanical Garden

The japanese aren’t only good at robots and electronics, they are good at everything. See the beautiful experiments and their work with nature in the beautiful Himeji City Tegarayama Botanica Garden, which is a part of Tegarayma Central park. The beautiful man made green habitat will give you a breath taking experience and truly one of the most Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Himeji Central Park

When you are done visiting all these Beautiful Places to visit in Himeji, you can have your blast in the only Safari Park in the whole region, the Himeji Central Park. Where you can enjoy a drive through and walk through experience of safari. Great amusement section and sky safari. Basically a fun packed day of enjoyment.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji


The amazing mountainous city of Himeji is full of adventures. It has got everything to offer, from natural beauty, to ancient and religious history, and much more that we can’t state because it will take ages. Go there, have a blast of time and if you have already been to Himeji, share your experience with us, in the comments below.

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