Best Places of Manama Bahrain to Visit

Manama is capital city of Bahrain,Its population is of 1.5 hundred thousand people, Home of posh Arabs, Manama is a city you would love to visit, Its one of the most beautiful man made city, You will see sky scrapers with most expensive cars on the streets of the city, If you are more of a city lover than a nature lover, Dubai and Manama are the places to visit.

Panama is a Peninsula, With an amazing water front, Its a Gulf state and its rich with oil, So the economy of this country is overwhelming, As much they earn, almost same amount of money is spend on the welfare of state, You will see great deal of developed infrastructure in Manama Bahrain.

Manama is a developed city with skyscrapers all around, Its one of most important financial city of middle-east, The name is derived from local language that is  ‘Arabic’ which is spoken all over Bahrain, Manama means “Place for Resting”.

City has history of Crusaders as well as Muslim empires, Bahrain is one of fastest growing country of world, A lot of money is spend on tourist attractions from the government and Every year almost 8 million people visit Bahrain for tourism.

Best Places of Manama Bahrain

  • Al Dar Islands

Amazing place to escape from the strong heat, It is not too crowded and if you are tired of the city life, this is the place to come and relax, You will see beautiful clear water, You will get good food and rest houses,If you prefer natural sites over crowded sites, This is the place to visit. Accommodation is very affordable at Al-Dar Islands.

  • Bahrain National Museum

Best Places of Manama Bahrain

Modern museum with great ambiance, You will feel like you are in a huge palace, there are different sections all dedicated to different collections of history artifacts, This museum mostly consists of Islamic heritage artifacts, Its a great place to discover the history of Muslims and read about how they dominated from Saudi Arabia to Asia in a specific period of time.

Bahrain is a small country but it is rich in historical, cultural norms and traditions. Entry fees is like few dollar, It is totally worth visiting.

  • Qalat al Bahrain

Best Places of Manama Bahrain

It is one of the best historical site to visit,A huge and beautiful fort with great architecture of old age, Although the fort looks mesmerizing at day time, but the optimal time to visit is during the sunset, Make sure you get into the castle before Sunset, After that they close the entrance, But you can roam around the castle.At night this fort is illuminated with numerous lights, Which gives this castle a sublime look.

This fort is along the sea and you can enjoy a beautiful view from the top of Qalat al Bahrain, There are labels  on every thing which holds some historical importance, from where you can read about this place,this site also holds the history of almost five civilizations who came and got buried in Bahrain.

  • Beit Al Quran

Beit al-Quran
Bait al Quran means Home of Quran, It holds diverse collection of Quranic scripts from the time of its origin, The handwritten scripts are work of an art, You will love the place and its ambiance, You will find Holy Quran written in different styles from all around the world, There are also some manuscripts of Quran which are around 1300 years old.

It was built in 1984; Everyone is welcome at Beit al Quran, It is better to dress modestly as this is a religious place and you should visit the place before prayer time so you can witness the offering of Salah and Adhaan which is in Arabic. Its a beautiful place to visit, Thats why I have included it in collection of best places of Manama Bahrain.

Although there are many great tourist destinations you can visit in Manama, But above mentioned places are what I think are best places of Manama Bahrain. Opinions may vary.

If you still have any queries regarding your travel plan, Visit Official Website of Bahrain Tourism.