Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Bologna is an important City of Italy, Each years thousands of tourists from all parts of world visit this beautiful city, Bologna has many tourist attractions but it is famous for its Ancient historic sites, History of this city lies thousands of years before the birth of Christ, This city is along two rivers and numerous canals flow through the city, So you can imagine the scenes of its beauty. Bologna is also very famous for its diverse Italian food dishes.

While wandering around the city you will find tall towers of medieval age and beautiful ancient pathways along them, Best thing about Bologna is that it still has all its ancient sites and you will find medieval culture and norms even in this century.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Bologna is full of amazing places, you will find five star great hotels to old age medieval streets all in one city, Explore this city with us and check out out top sites of bologna Italy.

Walking Tour of Bolgna

At Piazza maggiore you will find private guides, Who will offer you walking tour of the city, Its a must of you visit Bologna because the actual beauty of this city is on the streets, Along the way the guide will tell you all about the city in english and it takes about 3 hours to complete the tour and its totally worth your time, While walking you will see Palazzo Protesta, Palazzo Accursio, Sala Borsa, Palazzo Enzo, Fountain of Neptune of 16th century. Along with that  you’ll see Loggia Dei Mercanti, the Anatomy Theater, Basilica of San Petronio, Archiginnasio, Complex of Santo Stefana

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All these sites are worth visiting and considered to be the top sites of Bologna Italy.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Vita

Sanctuary of Santa Maria is home of hundreds of sculptures depicting the history of this city, You will love the pieces of art that are present in side, Its surely one of the top sites of Bologna Italy, Not just the architecture of building is mesmerising the artifacts present inside the building will catch your attention, You will be lost in the beauty of sculptures.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Piazza Maggiore

Piazza maggiore is quite famous in other parts of Europe as well people from different countries visit this center of attention in Bologna, there is also a wide screen on rich cultural shows are shown for free to the tourists, You will find people from different ethnicities and nationalities there and the atmosphere is very friendly, You will also find Statue of Neptune there.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Archiginnasio di Bologna

One of the most interesting and catchy place to visit, You will see the medicine innovators of Italy and their charts, All other details of Italian culture, You can also visit the theater and watch different presentations of plays representing culture of Romans, Museum is filled with great historical artifacts and its worth visiting thats why its one of top sites of bologna Italy.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Thats all from my Side, Although there are many other places to visit but above mentioned are the top sites of Bologna Italy, If you ever visit, You should visit these places, If you have been there, Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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