Fussen Germany Best Places to Visit

Fussen Germany is located just 5 kilometers from the border of Austria, Its a small town, But has exceptionally beautiful places tourists attractions, Fussen Germany best places are eccentric. People of fussen are famous for their eminent skills in Violin playing and Violin making, This town gained its importance on the map of earth in roman times.

Fussen has served to be a site for spending summer vacations for  the Bishops of Augsburg.It is present on the beautiful lake of Forggensee,To increase its beauty the river lech also flows through it.

Fussen is foreknown among the general people because its the last destination of Romantic road,This road is famous because while you will drive through this road, You will see great number of ancient and historical buildings which easily catch everyone’s eyes.

Following is just another castle located in Fussen,Location is so prime, Middle of the woods.

Fussen Germany Best Places

Fussen Germany Best Places to Visit

Fussen Germany best places include number of castles of ancient times, Along with that there are spectacular waterfalls and river that are worth visiting, These scenic views are one of the great reasons fussen is very popular for spending summer vacations. Although Fussen Germany best places may vary for every person, Following are the few places which I think are worth visiting if you plan to visit this beautiful place.

  • Kalvarienberg

Fussen Germany Best Places

Its a place near edge of town, When you plan to visit Kalvarienberg you can also see the nearby Lechfall, The amazing two castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Its a great place to spend whole day, There are number of places you can check out, On the top of hills there is an old church and from there you can see beautiful town of Fussen. One of the Fussen Germany best places to be at.

  • Paragliding in the Alps Over Neuschwanstein Castle

When you go to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, You will get the opportunity to see the great castle and its beautiful surroundings from the air, Along with that you will get to experience Paragliding, If you have never done it before, Its truly a life time experience,Seeing this castle and the great green Bavarian alps from the sky is an experience which can not be explained in words.

Fussen Germany Best Places

There are number of very professional guides who can provide you training and packages on paragliding, The guides will make you comfortable enough to experience free flying. Royal Fly Offers Paragliding services there.

  • Kurfuerstliches Schloss

It took around 200 year to construct Kurfuerstliches Schloss, Its one of the last Gothic castle of roman times still standing, This fort was construct to protect the trade route from barbarians,This trade route was between Germany and Rome which were then a part of same empire.

There are number of ways you can get to this place to experience Fussen Germany Best places, But I would recommend you to go by road, As you can also experience the beautiful romantic road while travelling by road, You need to get on Autobahn from Munich and then you will have to follow B-17 to get to this mesmerizing destination.

It is one of the most beautiful creations of Roman Empire, its Huge and mesmerizing, Its located on a hill, When you will visit it, You will be Awe-struck to see its beautiful location.

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