Beautiful places to visit in Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra, the only Island of Sunda Islands that completely falls inside Indonesian territory. The amazingly rich with culture, natural beauty and historic architecture, makes the island a must visit. The island’s culture is so rich, that it has more than 52 languages, which means more than 52 types of people, and the same number of different traditions. The island has got amazing flora and fauna. From wild tigers, to unique Rafflesias. It has more than 10 national parks, with amazing collections and zoos. Three of them are listed in UNESCO world heritage sites.


The island is populated too, the world’s most populated one. But people of the island are amazing, with many cultures, and a lot many languages, makes them very fascinating to meet and study. We will enlist some great and beautiful places to visit in Sumatra, which will make your time worth everything there.


Beautiful Places to visit in Sumatra

Maimun Palace


The Royal palace of the Sultanate of Deli. The Palace is known for its unique interior designing, amazingly designed with the touch of Malay cultural, as well as with the rich traditions of Islam, Spanish, Indian and as well as Italian. The unique style of the palace is the one of the most attracted and beautiful places to visit in Sumatra Island.


Lake Singkarak

A great beauty of the nature, a lake of fresh water near the cities of Padang and Panjang, and also Slok. The lake due to its amazing beauty is one of the most famous recreational and tourist site. The beautiful cool breeze, and amazing natural beauty makes it to our list of beautiful places to visit in Sumatra.


Aceh Tsunami Museum

This is an amazing building, and one of the best of beautiful places to visit in Sumatra. The Museum was created in the memory of the 2004 Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami, the museum consists of photographs of victims, and stories of the survivors, as well as it is designed to serve as a shelter for future, if the area is ever hit by another tsunami.



Rahmat International Wildlife Museum

The only Museum in the Asia that has more than a thousand species. he Museum is also a gallery, and has unique pictures and other materials. The museum also has a library. The foundation was laid by a sports and professional hunting fan, who has done a great deal to bring all these species for us to see. Another beautiful place to visit in Sumatra.


Ujong Blang Beach

The beach of the amazing river Estuary Cunda, stretches to four villages. People come to enjoy the evening time, and the amazing view of the sun set. The beach is decorated with a rural style resting resorts a great place to enjoy time with family.



Mount Merapi

Also known as theĀ Fire MountainĀ is one of the most active volcano. It erupts regularly since the sixteenth century, and its top is covered with smoke more than 300 days a year. The amazing thing to see, are the villages and its dwellers, who live there despite the fact of regular eruption, a must visit and one of the best places to visit in Sumatra.




A waterful as beautiful as the uniqueness of its name. If you are in Sumatra, you can not miss Sipisopiso, as it is one of the most attracted tourist sight. The nearby place has a vintage point, with amazing vistas of the waterfall and the lake it generates from.


Amazing buildings

There are amazing historic buildings in Sumatra, we will enlist them below, so you don’t miss the amazing Malay architecture, mixed with the local traditions, and other influences. Some of the most amazing buildings are

  • Jam Gadang
  • Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni
  • Bait-Ur-Rahman Grand Mosque
  • Tjong A Fie Mansion
  • Vihara Gunung Timur


The above are some places, and amazingly beautiful buildings to see and enjoy on your visit to Sumatra. The Island is a must see place, and the beautiful places to see in Sumatra, are pieces of heavens on earth. Do share your experience of Sumatra with us, in the comment section below.