Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Pitiusas Islands commonly known as pine islands, Pitusas means Pine in Greek so the name. There are number of beautiful Islands  which collectively form Pine islands. Ibiza and Formentera are two of the famous islands of Pitiusas, These islands come under the Balearic Islands of Spain, The laws, Language and government on these islands are governed by independent council of each Island.

Pine Islands are situated around 60 miles from Majorca Island, Which is another great island to spend vacations. Most of the famous celebrities from around the world visit these Balearic Islands to spend their vacations, It is famous holiday destination because of its beautiful location and weather.

There was a time when both of major Pitiusas Islands were administered under same council but now both islands Ibiza and Formentera are independent, Until their separation in 2007, Ibiza and Formentera along with other small Balearic islands were called Advice of Formentera and Ibiza. Ibiza has number of barren islands making it look like a solar system with small islands around it, These Islands give a mesmerizing aerial view.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

I will cover some basic requirements of your travel to these beautiful Islands,You should keep the Following points in your mind while travelling and I suppose these are enough as your Pitiusas Islands travel guide.


Pitiusas Islands has two language, Both are quite inter related, Some people speak Spanish and other speak Catalan, If you will find a local, There are more chances he knows both of these languages, English people wont have any problem in Pitiusas Islands but other people with other languages like German and French might have problem communicating with the locals, But you might find number of tourists from your own country and your language who can help you out.


There are number of Airports on these Islands, so you can get to these Islands by air, You can also take the ferries or cruise ships to get here from big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, Ferries can also be used to take your cars to these Islands.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide


Pitusas Islands are famous for their vast diversity in food, There are number of great restaurants on these Pitusas which offer top quality food, Food includes all the varieties, Seafood dishes are considered specialty of these Islands, You can also get great vegan dishes if you don’t eat meat, There are huge number of Olive trees on these Islands, Dishes in Olive oil are part of Pitusas Island Culture.


As I said these Islands serves as a vacation spot to millions of tourists every year, which also includes the celebrities from all around the world, So you will find number of great five star hotels, You can also get accommodated in less expensive hotels, There are also sites for camping where you would love to spend night under the sky full of stars and music of sea waves. You can also book rooms in motels, Which are relatively cheap.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Thats all about Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide from my side, If you have been to this beautiful place, Let us know in the comments, Or if you plan to visit Pitiusas Islands and you have some queries, Feel free to ask us in the comments.