Best Places of Mashhad Iran to Visit

Mashhad Iran is one of the most famous city in the country, Every year around 345 thousand people visit this city,According to an estimate every visitor spends around $1500 in this city and it makes approximately $517 million from all the tourists, Tourism in Mashhad Iran is basically shrine based, there are 9 holy shrines of Shia-Muslims in this holy city of Iran, Mashhad is located around 900 KM from the capital Tehran.

Most of the people visiting Mashhad are from the neighboring countries,Great number of people came to Mashhad after the end of Saddam regime,After the war started in Iraq, Huge number of shia-Muslims have migrated from Iraq to Mashhad to seek refuge.

Mashhad is Iran’s second largest city, There are good facilities for the tourists visiting, There are number of five star hotels around the famous shrine of Imam Raza, Considering the huge number of tourists travelling to this city from different parts of the world, Mashhad is now a developed city, Its one of the most important city of Iran after Tehran. Lets move on to Best Places of Mashhad Iran to visit.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran to Visit

Although Mashhad Iran doesnot have many places to visit, there are only small number of places that can be visited, and I have compiled the list of Best Places of Mashhad Iran which you will read below, Mostly people travel to this city to offer their visit to the shrines,There are number of shrines in Mashhad Iran, But the most prominent shrines is of Imam Raza, who is Shia-Muslims 8th Imam and he is buried in this very city, every year hundreds of thousand people visit his shrine. Photography from digital camera is not allowed in the shrine, although you can take pictures from your cell phones, If you’re foreigner and you don’t speak the native language you should go to the catering office and they will give you all the necessary information and a guide will take you around the shrine for free.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

Water Waves Park:

There are number of great water parks in Mashhad Iran,The ticket seller at the gate reported almost 20% of the people who visit this part are from neighboring countries. Its a huge water park, But its mostly crowded, Many people have reported that you can spend your whole day in this water park still you wont get tired of it.


There are number of restaurants around 20 km from the main city, Famous among them are Torqabeh and Shandiz, These restaurants attract huge number of tourists, Everyone in the neighboring countries knows about the great food served here, The most famous  dishes of Mashhad Iran served in these restaurants are Kebabs, Shishlik and Barg Kebabs.

Bazehoor Fire Temple

Very few people know about this 2500 years old temple, It was a fire temple, now it stands as ruins of a temple, Name of this place is in native language in which Baz means gate and hoor means sun . If you are interested into visiting ancient sites and ruins, You will love this place.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

There are other number of places to visit in Mashhad Iran, Including the Gohar Shad Mosque and Carpet museum, At the carpet museum you will see great number of great hand made carpets with amazing designs and calligraphy, You can visit this museum any day in a week but Friday.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

Remember that its a national law of Iran that women have to dress modestly, A headscarf is considered necessary for the ladies, Where as men are not allowed to wear shorts in any part of the country, So you should follow the rules to avoid getting into any trouble, Stay away from the protests and demonstrations, If you are US National, You can contact Swiss embassy in case of any problem, Because US embassy doesn’t works in Iran. Best thing to do is to get blended into the masses, ladies should wear chaddar and men should not wear shorts.

Above are the Best Places of Mashhad Iran, If you have been to this city, let us know in the comments, If you are planning to visit Mashhad Iran, and you have any query regarding travel, let us know in the comments we will try to help you out.