Paris Attacks; What to do if you are a Tourist in Paris Right Now

As you might know France is under national state of emergency and it has closed its borders after 128 people were killed in series of attack last night in Paris

Gunmen entered Bataclan Concert hall during a heavy metal concert and took hostages, it is said that they executed around 80 hostages inside the Bataclan. Later on security forces stormed the hall and rescued the hostages..

There are 5 other sites including restaurants and cars where people were shot, till now at least 180 people are said to be injured in the gruesome attacks.

These attacks are said to be most deadliest attacks in Europe since the 2004 Madrid bombing.

Attack sites:

  • La Belle Equipe, 92 rue de Charonne, 11th district – at least 19 dead in gun attacks
  • Le Carillon bar and Le Petit Cambodge restaurant at rue Alibert, 10th district – at least 12 dead in gun attacks
  • La Casa Nostra restaurant, 92 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 11th district – at least 5 dead in gun attacks
  • Stade de France, St Denis, just north of Paris – explosions heard outside venue, three attackers dead
  • Bataclan concert venue, 50 boulevard Voltaire, 11th district – stormed by several gunmen, at least 80 dead

The world is watching the horrifying images after a series of attacks Friday night in the French capital of Paris.

Situations like this  can create panic and terrifying the citizens in any country, but the people who are visiting Paris right now, whose number reach to about tens of thousands, This situation must be tough for them, Not having knowledge about the city streets or the language, and having no one to turn to is any situation of panic adds another layer of fright to an already scary situation.

Paris attack


Paris Attacks; What to do if you are a Tourist in Paris:

If you are in Paris, Following are some precautionary measure you should take subsequent to Paris Attacks:

Find shelter:

Showing love to the humanity, Citizens of Paris are offering up their empty rooms, and business places using the hashtag #porteouverte or “open door” for the people who don’t have anyplace to lay low. You can also tweet with hashtag #porteouverte location to find a safe place to stay.

You can also head to the nearest Local hotels, they are also offering help to get you safely where to intend to go. You can use maps  to find the closest one.(Google Maps)

Get cash.

It is recommended that you should have atleast couple of hundred dollars along with you in the local currency, Try to get to the nearest ATM and transcat some money in order to avoid a situation of crises without local currency.

Account for everyone in your group:

Keep a check on everyone in your group, If you are travelling in a group, Confirm their whereabouts. If you are unable to get in contact with any of the group members, first check with the hotel or the place you were staying, if still they are missing then inform the local embassy or consulate for your country. The State Department (U.S.), Foreign Office (U.K.), or other local diplomatic authority maintains a list of their nationals who have been missing, are killed or injured, or have been accounted for.

Check in back home:

Call your family and friends and inform then that you are safe, also tell them your location and the situation of city, to avoid any chaos or panic back home. Keeping in context the devastation following an attack, it can be complicated for people to get word out to loved ones via phone. Consider alternative forms of communication, such as social media accounts or email. You can also use Facebook’s mark safe feature to inform your friends and family that you are safe.

Follow @TravelGov on social media. This will give you real-time updates and instructions.

paris attack

Avoid crowds:

Considering the panic and chaos, Avoid using public transportation during rush hour. Instead, travel at off-peak times or use a licensed taxi. It is recommended to stay away from crowds and congested areas.

“People are on edge, so if they think something is happening and panic, there could be a stampede or other dangerous situation,” advises Ross.

Be extra alert:

“Very often people on holiday let down their guards and are not as aware of what’s going on around,” explains the State Department’s Michelle Bernier Toth, Managing Director for Overseas Citizen Services. “Look for things like unattended packages, weird behavior, and people overdressed for the environment,” says George Taylor, VP of Global Operations at integrated risk management company iJet.

If you are in france and in any case of emergency dial [then dial 9 (nine) when you hear the automated greeting].

Here is also a reminder of some of the embassy numbers in Paris for people who may have concerns about friends or relatives. If you want to report missing persons to French government, you can use this site, they have setup this website after the paris attacks to collect intelligence and report missing persons.

  • British embassy: +33 1 44 51 31 00
  • US embassy: +33 1 43 12 22 22
  • Irish embassy:+33 1 44 17 67 00
  • Australia embassy: +33140593300
  • Canada embassy: +33144432900
  • Irish embassy: +33144176700


Oleron 2nd largest Island in France

Oleron France offers a lot to the tourists, It is 2nd largest Island in France. It has stunning beaches, lovely markets and indeed it is one of the most beautiful place to be along the sea, Oleron is a famous destination for tourists from all around the Europe, people from France make their way to Oleron to spend their holidays. There is a lot of activities which will catch your attention at Oleron, One of them is cycling. There are number of tracks for cycling along the beach and within the town. While traversing the town, If you get to meet the locals, you will see how kind hearted they are, the locals of Oleron have to offer immense hospitality to the tourist who are visiting their town.


One of the best thing to do at oleron france is to spend an entire day on the lovely sunny beach, You can do that every day, and you will never get enough of the beach, It is a perfect destination to spend vacations with your family or friends. At day you can enjoy the beach and town. At night you can get to the campsite and lay down under the beautiful sky.

oleron france

Oleron France Travel Guide

You can also take a day to explore the neighbouring countryside, where you will find vineyards, huge farms and tender hearted villagers. Total length of the cycle lanes around the town is approximately 100 KMs. Most of the people prefer cycling while exploring the town and I would recommend the same, as its the best medium of transport in this beautiful town.


Another great thing about this Island is the tasty and luscious food, The vegetables are fresh, so are the fruits. All these eatables can be found at very cheap price, even the villagers might offer you food for free, And the food at oleron is mouth watering.

oleron france

Places to See in Oleron France

  • Tranquill and Chic Harbour
  • La Flotte
  • Saint Martin de Re.

Although camping at Oleron France is a lovely experience, but if you want a roof on your head at night, there are number of hotels and lodges offering accommodation to the tourists. From the number of great beaches Oleron has to offer, Plage de la Remigiasse is the best among them. If you want to explore the nearby towns, you should explore Saint Pierre, It is worth your time. La Chateau is also a great town in the east, which is known for its castle and fortification which were introduced by Vauban, If you love oyster, you should consider visiting oyster port at Le Chateau.

oleron france

There was a time when Oleron France was unknown by the masses, its natural beauty was at its fullest in that era, now in summers, it’s a rare chance you will find a calm place to lay down for a while or to enjoy the beautiful natural environment because of great number of tourists visiting. If you want to get away from the people and spend some time alone with your loved ones, there are two forest nearby, Saumonards and Saint Trojan forest. Head there to have some space from the crowd.


If you have any queries regarding your trip to Oleron France, Let us know in the comments, you can also share your experience with us in the comments. If you want to read more before planning your travel, check out official site of Oleron France.



Beautiful Places To See in Monaco

The small city state on to the south of France, ruled by a Prince, is an amazingly beautiful place. The touch of classical royalty, with great historic buildings, and the amazing French culture. The city is the most dense city of the world, that means there are many beautiful and great people to meet, and know their culture. The best part of theis small city state is, that there are many languages spoken, English, Italian and Monegasque are widely spoken, so no language barriers at this part of the world. The small state has great friendly connections with France, which makes it a small and prosperous state. Continue reading “Beautiful Places To See in Monaco”

Best Places of Annecy France to Visit

Annecy France is an medieval town whose roots date back to 14th Century, It is also considered as the Venice of France, as there are number of streams running through the town in different channels, Its one of the most busy travel destination of France as it lies just 35 Km away from Geneva, Continue reading “Best Places of Annecy France to Visit”

Best Places of Colmar France to Visit

Colmar is the last city of france that was vacated after the World War II, A small city with diverse culture and background, You might find a lot of people speaking German in Colmar, Because most of its population is German, This happened because this town stayed under the occupation of Germans for many years and it lies close to the neighbouring country Germany.

If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, you will be amazied by the historical artifacts and tradional heritage of this town, Civilization started in this city around 13th Century, And still the town remains unchanged, you will find a lot of ancient tower houses and homes. The streets give the look that you have time-travelled to 16th or 17th Century, Beautiful Alsatian architecture and brilliant timber constructions give the aura of Roman Age.

Best Places of Colmar France to Visit

Although this beautiful small city has a number of spendid places that a tourist can go to, But I have compiled a list of best places of Colmar France to visit, Which you might disagree with because there are number of beautiful places and liking things is relative, I might love a place which you guys abhor. So if you are planing to visit Colmar France, Do give following places a stopover.

Unterlinden Museum

One of the most famous attraction for the tourists, Its a museum that is home of 13th century Dominican convent, It has great number of artifacts and collections from the city and from the neighbouring towns.

Best Places of colmar France

Dominican Church

One of the most beautiful building in design and architecture, Although it is a church but its massive, and its size is matches to those huge cathedrals, Its Construction dates back to 14th century, Although its construction was started in 12th century, It is indeed one of the best places of Colmar France, You will be amazed to see the paintings and arts on the war, each painting is telling a different story. One of the best painting you will come around is “Virgin in the Rose Bush“.

Best Places of colmar France

The Fishmonger’s District

If we talk about this place with respect to history, the rich fishermen of Colmar used to live in these houses, They were powerful at that time, there were ponds where fish used to be stored and sold later.

Best Places of colmar France

Following are few other places which are worth a visit.

  • Koïfhus, Old Customs house
  • Church Saint Martin
  • Church Saint Matthieu
  • Maison Pfister
  • Musée Animé du Jouet et des Petits Trains (Animated Museum of Toys and Little Trains)

So after reading about Colmar, You might be wondering how can a small town has so much in it, Unknown to the masses, located at the corner of the country, This beautiful city, Loved and adored by those who pay it a visit.

If you have been to Colmar france,Dictate your experience to our readers in the comments, And if you are planning to visit Colmar, and you have some issues, Let us know we will try to fix them, You can also give us your opinion regarding which places should be included into the best places of Colmar France.

If you want to read more about Best Places of Colmar France, Visit their Official site