Top Sights of Antalya Turkey To Visit

Turkey has been one of those powerful countries that have fought through wars and came clean like a toothpick from a baked cake. Historians, when wrote about Turkey, they wrote tales of their valour. Turkey consists of beautiful cities and towns, one of which is Antalya, the capital of Turkish tourism. On the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, Antalya is the largest city and is a hub of the Turkish Riviera. This city is being credited to Attalus II, the king of Pergamon, and was named as Attaleia, basically Greek, then the name took a Turkish turn into Antalya.

Antalya has about 300 days of summer, 3000 hours of sunlight with hot and dry summers and rainy and mild winters.  Antalya is close to water and can be mildly humid.

Transport In Antalya Turkey

The south of the Konyaalti is the main port. Turkey has an extended network of buses and trams throughout the city.

The public bus system is provided through Dolmuses that are privately owned minibuses resembling one another.

For taking buses and trams, you’ll need a card to identify yourself.

A tram system basically run through most of the historical and tourists attraction spots, so you do wanna catch this tram or else you’ll have to pay from your pocket for a taxi.

Top Sights Of Antalya Turkey

For dosing up on sightseeing, you need to check out these Top sights of Antalya Turkey.

Yivli Minare means the fluted minaret, it was designed and built by one of the greatest architects of Turkey, Seljuk Sultan. This is one of the unique landmarks of Antalya with a square base sat upon by an octagonal drum.

Top Sights of Antalya, Turkey
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Aspendos, located 45 km east of Antalya, is a real dream of a history geek and they come running for it. This 15000 seated theatre is annexed to the ancient Roman ruins. Aspendos is one of the top sites of Antalya Turkey. This was built back in 2nd and 3rd century. That is oh-so-historical.

Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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Strolling through Old Town(Kaleici) is a maze-like experience, of course not as dangerous as the one in The Maze Runner(pun-intended). This street adventure is of cobblestones, lined with Ottoman mansions that are whitewashed and flaming red. Whether you’re visiting for catching some breeze and old vibes or shopping or eating, this is the place to be, it has a line of boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.


Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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If you’re trying to dip yourself into some Turkish history, no better place to be than the Antalya Museum, for it would dig up gold( not actual gold, of course) for the eyes and history for the mind. There are long and assembled rows of the artifacts that were uncovered during an excavation along the Turkish Coast, depicting Turkey’s rich history and heritage.

Top sights of Antalya Turkey
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Other majorly historic sights are the Hadrian’s Gate, The Perge Ruins, Roman Fortress(Hidirlik Kalesi), Termessos and for some peaceful, heart-stopping and serene sight, there’s the Old Harbour and Konyaalti.

Lara Beach is the ultimate tourist attraction site. This happening, thrilling, splashing water heaven is towards the east of town. You can play all day in the water and then jump back to one of the hotels in this vicinity at evenings for some good sleep. In summers, this place has a nightlife of unlimited water splashing, music and much more fun. Yes, if you’re looking to see, feel and embrace luxury, this is where you have to get.


Top sights of Antalya Turkey
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I saved this one up for last. The Donerciler Bazaar of Antalya which is decorated with an array of umbrella and it is also called as The Umbrella Street. This extravaganza has so many restaurants and tea shops in it. Food is just spectacular here.

Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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Food In Antalya Turkey

Food is extremely cheap, you can get a full meal for about 5 to 10 USD, you can feel the friendly environment adopted by most of the food spots, service is dead-on.

Some of the signature dishes of Antalya are Sis Kofte, Spiced up meatballs cooked around with a stick.

Piyaz, made of Garlic, Walnuts and Tahini.

Other options are KebabsCold Mediterranean dishes and brilliant seafood. 

Top sights of Antalya Turkey
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These are the Top sights of Antalya Turkey in my opinion. If you have anything to add up to the list, please leave a feedback below. For more information on Antalya, check out the official website.

Best Places in Liberec Czech Republic To Visit

This post is about the best places you’ll get to visit in Liberec, Czech Republic.The fifth largest city of Czech Republic is Liberec. Though, it is one of the largest cities of the country, it gives the vibes of a town, most probably because it is enveloped between the awe-inducing Jizera Mountains and Jested-Kozakov Ridge. Amongst the settlers are the German and Flemish population because Liberec was once the capital of Sudetenland which was historically German.

Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic To Visit

There are many places to visit in Liberec, Most of them are historical attractions from the end of 19th century are,Following is the list of Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic according to my opinion:

  •  The Town Hall

    Liberec Town Hall is a 65 meters long bronze monument which commemorates the victims of the armies of Warsaw Pact when they were invaded. It was built in the nineteenth century. There are sculptures that show the difference between the old and the new Town Hall, with a feminine figure to symbolize the city and one side showing the new, while the other, showing the old Town Hall.


  • F.X Salda Theatre

    This is the opera house of Liberec which has a beautifully historical exterior 6929910-FX_Salda_Theatre_Liberec

    This ruddy interior is breath-taking and jaw-dropping, at the same time.

Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic

  • Severoceske Museum( North Bohemian Museum)

This museum that was built in 1873 displays nature, art, science, and crafts and sit amongst the ancient and the most influential museums in the world in the hierarchy. The front displays T.G Masaryk’s sculpture.

  • Botanical Garden,

which has totally been innovated and contains nine glasshouses for people who visit.

Some of the other mesmerizing sights of the city include the Jested Tower which peacefully sits upon the Jested Mountain and is the symbolic premise of the city. How many hyperbolic buildings have we seen around? This one is totally the perfect parallel of a hyperboloid structure if you ever wish to see one. It is about 94 metres tall, sits on top of the Jested Mountain where it fetches television signals and the construction is reinforced concrete.

Centrum Babylon Liberec is the ultimate spot for tourists and comprises of major tourist attractions. Water Parks are situated here and you definitely don’t wanna miss out the great Tornado water slide in the Liberec Aquapark.

Transport In Liberec Czech Republic

Transport in Liberec city is provided through buses and Tramlines. There’s a narrow gauge Tramline being shared by Liberec with its neighbouring city. And nearby the village of Ostasov is a private international airport which is 2.5 km away from Liberec.

All the sports fanatics, if planning, should visit the city in January for The Ski Jumping World Cup is held in the same month.

Food In Liberec Czech Republic

  • Chicago Grill,

This is the place to be for ambrosial fajitas, burgers and turkeys. Its owner who is a native from Chicago does a tough job for bringing colours to his food from all over Europe.

  • Balada,

On one of those snowy days when you enter this place it would feel like a snow lodge with wooden work all around and if you ever feel like tasting the traditional Czech garlic soup, this is the place to be.

  • Kavarna Bez Konceptu,

This is the place for coffee-lovers, tea-hounds and slow thinkers.

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Above are the Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic according to my opinion, If you have anything to share with us regarding this city or you think there should be some other places in the list of Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic, Let us know in the comments. If you want to know more, Check out official website of Liberec Czech Republic