Visiting Gdynia Poland: A Puzzle Piece of The Tricity

Today, we are visiting Gdynia Poland and your mind must be effortlessly hooked over the thought, “How to pronounce this?”. Well, it’s quite simpler than simple. It is pronounced as Ga-dinia.

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Facts

  • Gdynia is an important seaport of Gdansk Bay which is situated on the south coast of The Baltic Sea.
  • In Eastern Pomerania, Gdynia is exactly located in Kashuba.
  • It is one of the cities in The Tri-city(Trojmiasto), along with the Spa Town, Sopot, The city of Gdansk, and the suburban communities. Tricity is basically a metropolitan area.
  • It has a population of over two-hundred-thousand people.
  • This city has an oceanic climate because of the Baltic Sea which makes the temperature more moderate. It is cool throughout the year, you’ll see little sunshine in winters while summers are utmost sunny.
  • Gdynia was known as the Fishing Village, before WWI, after which the Polish Government decided to take some firm steps to convert the village into a modern city.
  • Gdynia is the second major port of Poland in the Baltic Sea.

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Transport

  • Passengers and tons of cargo pass through the Port Of Gdynia, each year.
  • The Tri-City has a main airport that is the third largest airport in Poland which is known as Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport.
  • Gdynia can be reached from Gdansk through E75 route.
  • Gdynia has one of the greatest railway stations in Poland and is also one of the biggest railway hubs in the country.

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Culture

There are a number of festivals taking place throughout the year that are hosted by Gdynia.

  • A major Polish film festival that is known as Gdynia Film Festival is being hosted by Gdynia.
  • One of the biggest contemporary music festival taking place in Gdynia is the Open’er Festival.
  • Up next lined up for performances in twenty-fifteen festivals in Gdynia are Mumford and Sons, The Vaccines and Of Monsters and Men(I’m already going giddy).
  • A two-day techno party is being held at the Gdynia’s Public Beach known as the Viva Beach Party.

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Tourist Attraction

Gdynia is relatively low on historical venues and is better a modern city. However, the city’s quite famous for its early twentieth-century architecture.

Kamienna Gora is the newly built, highest observation point from which you can see almost the whole city.

visiting gdynia poland
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Gdynia has an easily accessible and long seashore with beautiful waterfronts, long boardwalks, yacht clubs and great views to catch.

visiting gdynia poland
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Dar Pormorza is a tall ship museum, one of the many fascinating things you’ll get to see in Gdynia. The ship was built in 1909 and is the most famous tall training ship of Poland.

visiting gdynia poland

One of the beautiful museums within the city is Akwarium(Aquarium) portraying all the intra-sea creatures.

visiting gdynia poland

Ammunition fanatics do exist in this world and all of them are in luck. The Naval Museum(Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej) is an open-air museum that displays marine, helicopters, torpedoes, cannons, fighters and weapons.

visiting Gdynia Poland

Visiting Gdynia Poland: Food

  • As the city is a seaport, seafood is the speciality that comes with it. Barracuda, offers the best seafood in Poland and is romantically placed right on the shore of the Baltic Sea.
  • If you ever want to go for brick walls, wooden work, ovens from Naples and pizza, you have to be at Serio. They offer really spicy food, which is good for most of the people.
  • Pueblo offers some fresh Mexican food.
  • Bialy Krolik is an Alice in the Wonderland themed restaurant situated in the Quadrille Palace. It offers modern Polish cuisine.
  • For halal food, you can visit Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant.

For more information on visiting Gdynia Poland, check out the official website and leave your feedback below.

Best places to see in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, controlled by its own government. History of Gibraltar is rich and amazing. The place has seen many wars, different rules, and now a lot of claims. Gibraltar remains an independent state, but closely tied to the British government than any other overseas territory of the Kingdom.

Tourism is one of the major aspect of Gibraltar’s economy, as it relies on it on a vast level, so tourism is vastly important, and enjoys its great importance in the place. The place is amazing to visit, and has got many best places to see in Gibraltar, rich historic places, new modern developments, a great hill which gave the city its name, amazing beaches. A small place where you will find people of different ethnicity, but the most amazing part is, that you can see Africa while you stand on European soil.


Best Places to see in Gibraltar

Rock Of Gibraltar

The huge monolithic promontory that is the most prominent thing in the area. It is a huge rock placed on the land, and also is one of the pillars of Hercules. It is a home to a great number of Barary macaques, a wild monkey specie, which is not very wild, and rather friendly, these are the only population of wild monkeys in Europe.


St. Michael’s cave

“A mountain with wonderful concavities, which has its western side almost opened by a large cave which may be penetrated far into the interior”.

The above was a statement about the cave by geographer in the ancient times, as early as 45AD. The amazing network of limestone caves, which is one of the prominent tourist spots of the place, amazing network of caves, with breath taking sights. The different shades of the interior makes even better. Another of the best places to see in Gibraltar, makes it another of the best places to see in Gibraltar.


Moorish Castle

The great castle, which is a great historic beauty, was build by a Muslim Almohad Sultan, Abdul Mu’min. the castle has got both Muslim and Christian style of architecture, as it had fallen in both hands. The castle enjoys a great location, and the The Tower of Homage is prominent and clearly visible, it was the highest tower in Muslim Spain, don;t miss this great beauty being one of the best places to see in Gibraltar.


Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

One of the Mosques constructed by the late King of Saudi Arabia, King Shah Faisal. It is one of the biggest Mosque’s on a non-Muslim territory. The Mosque is also one of the prominent tourist attraction, and consists of a school, library and a lecture hall. The great Islamic architecture is breath taking-ly beautiful.  The Mosque is also known as the The Mosque of the custodian of the two holy Mosques.


St. Andrew’s Church

The old garrison church for Scottish soldiers, was opened to in 1854, it is old, and the original building is unknown, but it is quite old. The church has a great architecture, and a wonderful interior that will make you admire the beauty of the designers.




Other attractions


Apart from all the above best places to see in Gibraltar, there is a lot more to discover in this small place, some of the other great places are as follows.

  • Catalan Bay
  • Europa Point
  • Gibraltar Botanical Gardens
  • Trafalgar Cemetery

Visit Gibraltar, and enjoy a place of great and rich history and an amazing location, and do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Best Places in Liberec Czech Republic To Visit

This post is about the best places you’ll get to visit in Liberec, Czech Republic.The fifth largest city of Czech Republic is Liberec. Though, it is one of the largest cities of the country, it gives the vibes of a town, most probably because it is enveloped between the awe-inducing Jizera Mountains and Jested-Kozakov Ridge. Amongst the settlers are the German and Flemish population because Liberec was once the capital of Sudetenland which was historically German.

Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic To Visit

There are many places to visit in Liberec, Most of them are historical attractions from the end of 19th century are,Following is the list of Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic according to my opinion:

  •  The Town Hall

    Liberec Town Hall is a 65 meters long bronze monument which commemorates the victims of the armies of Warsaw Pact when they were invaded. It was built in the nineteenth century. There are sculptures that show the difference between the old and the new Town Hall, with a feminine figure to symbolize the city and one side showing the new, while the other, showing the old Town Hall.


  • F.X Salda Theatre

    This is the opera house of Liberec which has a beautifully historical exterior 6929910-FX_Salda_Theatre_Liberec

    This ruddy interior is breath-taking and jaw-dropping, at the same time.

Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic

  • Severoceske Museum( North Bohemian Museum)

This museum that was built in 1873 displays nature, art, science, and crafts and sit amongst the ancient and the most influential museums in the world in the hierarchy. The front displays T.G Masaryk’s sculpture.

  • Botanical Garden,

which has totally been innovated and contains nine glasshouses for people who visit.

Some of the other mesmerizing sights of the city include the Jested Tower which peacefully sits upon the Jested Mountain and is the symbolic premise of the city. How many hyperbolic buildings have we seen around? This one is totally the perfect parallel of a hyperboloid structure if you ever wish to see one. It is about 94 metres tall, sits on top of the Jested Mountain where it fetches television signals and the construction is reinforced concrete.

Centrum Babylon Liberec is the ultimate spot for tourists and comprises of major tourist attractions. Water Parks are situated here and you definitely don’t wanna miss out the great Tornado water slide in the Liberec Aquapark.

Transport In Liberec Czech Republic

Transport in Liberec city is provided through buses and Tramlines. There’s a narrow gauge Tramline being shared by Liberec with its neighbouring city. And nearby the village of Ostasov is a private international airport which is 2.5 km away from Liberec.

All the sports fanatics, if planning, should visit the city in January for The Ski Jumping World Cup is held in the same month.

Food In Liberec Czech Republic

  • Chicago Grill,

This is the place to be for ambrosial fajitas, burgers and turkeys. Its owner who is a native from Chicago does a tough job for bringing colours to his food from all over Europe.

  • Balada,

On one of those snowy days when you enter this place it would feel like a snow lodge with wooden work all around and if you ever feel like tasting the traditional Czech garlic soup, this is the place to be.

  • Kavarna Bez Konceptu,

This is the place for coffee-lovers, tea-hounds and slow thinkers.

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Above are the Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic according to my opinion, If you have anything to share with us regarding this city or you think there should be some other places in the list of Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic, Let us know in the comments. If you want to know more, Check out official website of Liberec Czech Republic

Best Places of Colmar France to Visit

Colmar is the last city of france that was vacated after the World War II, A small city with diverse culture and background, You might find a lot of people speaking German in Colmar, Because most of its population is German, This happened because this town stayed under the occupation of Germans for many years and it lies close to the neighbouring country Germany.

If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, you will be amazied by the historical artifacts and tradional heritage of this town, Civilization started in this city around 13th Century, And still the town remains unchanged, you will find a lot of ancient tower houses and homes. The streets give the look that you have time-travelled to 16th or 17th Century, Beautiful Alsatian architecture and brilliant timber constructions give the aura of Roman Age.

Best Places of Colmar France to Visit

Although this beautiful small city has a number of spendid places that a tourist can go to, But I have compiled a list of best places of Colmar France to visit, Which you might disagree with because there are number of beautiful places and liking things is relative, I might love a place which you guys abhor. So if you are planing to visit Colmar France, Do give following places a stopover.

Unterlinden Museum

One of the most famous attraction for the tourists, Its a museum that is home of 13th century Dominican convent, It has great number of artifacts and collections from the city and from the neighbouring towns.

Best Places of colmar France

Dominican Church

One of the most beautiful building in design and architecture, Although it is a church but its massive, and its size is matches to those huge cathedrals, Its Construction dates back to 14th century, Although its construction was started in 12th century, It is indeed one of the best places of Colmar France, You will be amazed to see the paintings and arts on the war, each painting is telling a different story. One of the best painting you will come around is “Virgin in the Rose Bush“.

Best Places of colmar France

The Fishmonger’s District

If we talk about this place with respect to history, the rich fishermen of Colmar used to live in these houses, They were powerful at that time, there were ponds where fish used to be stored and sold later.

Best Places of colmar France

Following are few other places which are worth a visit.

  • Koïfhus, Old Customs house
  • Church Saint Martin
  • Church Saint Matthieu
  • Maison Pfister
  • Musée Animé du Jouet et des Petits Trains (Animated Museum of Toys and Little Trains)

So after reading about Colmar, You might be wondering how can a small town has so much in it, Unknown to the masses, located at the corner of the country, This beautiful city, Loved and adored by those who pay it a visit.

If you have been to Colmar france,Dictate your experience to our readers in the comments, And if you are planning to visit Colmar, and you have some issues, Let us know we will try to fix them, You can also give us your opinion regarding which places should be included into the best places of Colmar France.

If you want to read more about Best Places of Colmar France, Visit their Official site

Best Places To Visit In Oslo Norway

Oslo is the next destination you definitely want to get to. It is the capital and the most populous city of Norway. Oslo is majorly known for three things, its architecture, museums and the greenery. Oslo originally means “Meadows consecrated to the Gods” and what’s better than a city so divine.



Oslo has a very rich history and heritage with it’s timeline starting from 1000 A.D from a few buildings straight to infinite buildings till 21st century with the most recent one as Oslo Opera House. The land area occupied by Oslo has about two-thirds secured by forests, lakes and hills, hence the green appearance.


Best Places To Visit In Oslo Norway

Oslo is a milestone of the contemporary architecture. This city has attracted a bunch of famous architects. Projects, to innovate the old cities, are on the go. There’s been an emergence of a grand skyline.

Although there are many places to visit in Oslo Norway, But following are the best places to visit In Oslo Norway:

1. The Oslo Opera House:


This white exterior literally appears to be emerging out of the water and looks super fascinating.

2.Holmenkollen National Ski Arena:

This includes Ski Museum and Jump Tower and is the ultimate attraction for the tourists.


3. The Barcode:

Barcode consists of a row  of multiple skyscraping multi-purpose buildings, basically giving the appearance of a barcode because of the arrangement of long and sleek buildings with spaces in between them.

The famous Munch Museum/Museet is the attractrive spot for art fanatics. It displays works of famous artists like Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh. Scream, the famous work of Munch, has found its home in the museum. The building of the museum is much of an art itself with its top spilling out giving the idea that the top would fall off any moment. The fascination speaks for itself.


Oslo is the ultimate spot for music fanatics because of its yearly music festivities being conducted inside the city.Oslo’s festivals include rock, world music, opera, literature, medieval music and films. So Oslo should be next to Tomorrow land when you think of music festivals next time. Some of the famous festivals are,

  • Oslo Chamber Music Festival
  • Stand Up Deluxe Festival
  • Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

The transport system of Oslo is quite elaborated and it has Norway’s most extensive transport system scattered across its land area, including, the six-line Oslo Metro network, a six-line Oslo Tramway and an eight-line Commuter Rail. Its transport network is rather one of those things you will definitely miss about Oslo.

Food In Oslo Norway

The food is defined as uber classic and the experience as, chic and fine.


Some of the best restaurants in oslo are,

  1. Bolgen and Moi Restaurant and Cafe: Famous due to its fabulous international cuisine and ultra-chic industrial setting.
  2. Grand Cafe; is a legendary cafe with a wall depicting legends like, Edvard Munch, henrik Ibsen and many others.
  3. Bristol Grill; located in one of Oslo’s most prestigious hotels, features international and Norwegian grills.

And if you’re looking for Halal food, there are restaurants in Oslo, like,

  • Tika Tika, which is an Indian fast food house.
  • Charlie’s, a burger and kebab house.
  • Fredrikke Kafe.


Above are the best places to visit In Oslo Norway according to my opinion, If you have been to this beautiful place let us know about your experience , If you have any query, Write to us or leave us a comment, we will get back to you.

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Beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is a city, as beautiful as its name. The city has been built in early 5th century. The city from then serves as the capital of Georgia, as a royal seat to its monarchs, or as a federation capital. There are many beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi. The green natural beauty, and the amazing historic architecture. The city lies on the bank of the beautiful Matkvari River. The city contains beautiful lakes, with its amazing and rich history, it has many great historic museums, and all the beautiful infrastructure that the rich history of the country has left behind makes your visit a memorable one.

Although, the city has got many great and beautiful places, here are some of the most attracted ones.

Beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a city of both natural, and man made beauty. The following is the list of its amazing and great beauties.

Narikala Fortress

The ancient fortress, that looks over the city. The fortress was created to serves as a watch over the city, and the river Kura. The fortress has some addition from Umayyid times as well, as well as from all the other monarchs who have ruled the country. This makes it to the top of our list of beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi.


Sameba Cathedral

The main worshiping place of the people. It is also considered to be one of the largest orthodox church. Also known as The Holy Trinity Cathedral. It was built in the mid nineties. The cathedral is a prime example of great modern day architecture. An amazing building, and a breath taking place. One of the beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi.


Turtle Lake

Designed as a recreational zone, it is a tributary to the river Kura. Located in the outskirts of Tbilisi, but not that far. It is one of the most tourist attracted places. Names due to the abundance of turtles in the lakes. An amazing place, with a great view if the city to enjoy. The lake is natural one, so the fresh air there is always refreshing and beautiful.


Lisi Lake

This lake is different than turtle lake, it has less turtles, very less. Habitat to many species of birds. The surface is rocky, and the climate is mainly Mediterranean. In short, the lake is an exotic place to visit. Currently there are many developing projects going on. The lake is also a great place to enjoy, and sit around and gaze at the beautiful birds. It is another of the beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi.


Anchishkati Basilica 

An ancient church, which belongs to the sixth century. It was build and dedicated to the virgin Mary. The church is an example of amazing christian architecture, the great rich and religious history of the country. One of the beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi, and certainly one not to miss.




The city due to its rich culture, and great history also possess some great deal of historic assets. All available in the museums. The famous and great museums that marks the list of beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi are as follows.


  • Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography
  • Georgian State Museum of Theatre, Music, Cinema and Choreography

There are many other beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi, and things to do. Do share your experience with us in the comment section below. Have fun.

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World’s Most Expensive Countries to Visit

I believe that traveling around the world should not be a hard job, This world is so beautiful and it is meant to be explored. Moving to different places and interacting with individuals of different culture and norms opens your mind to a new pathways.

Travelling has its challenges, but when you overcome those challenges and hit the road, you are in a new dimension, The hardest part is just stepping out of the door,You learn to survive against the odds. The feeling you get after climbing a huge mountains and seeing the world from suchbhigh altitude can not be described in words.

Most Expensive Countries

World Economic Forum’s Biannual Travel and Competitiveness Report has indexed 141 countries of the World considering the travel and accommodation costs, This report has ranked the countries considering the airport charges and air taxes, accommodation price of hotel, the lifestyle, cost of living and fuel prices. According to this report following are the most expensive countries to visit and stay.

10. Austria

International arrivals (2013) – 24.8m
Average spending per tourist – $810


9. Italy

International arrivals (2013) – 47.7m
Average spending per tourist – $920
Top Sites of Bologna Italy


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8. Sweden

International arrivals (2013) – 11.6m
Average spending per tourist – $987

Most Expensive Countries

7. Denmark

International arrivals (2013) – 8.6m
Average spending per tourist – $811

Most Expensive Countries

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6. Occupied Palestine (Israel)

International arrivals (2013) – 3m.
Average spending per tourist – $1,912.

Source:Rex Features

5. Norway

International arrivals (2013) – 4.7m.
Average spending per tourist – $1,199.

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Nature wallapers
Source: Max Rive

Above is picture of Aurora Borealis also called northern lights, Read more

4. Australia

International arrivals (2013) – 6.4m
Average spending per tourist – $4,897


Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph

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3. France

International arrivals (2013) – 84.7m
Average spending per tourist – $669




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International arrivals (2013) – 31.2m
Average spending per tourist – $1,316

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1. Switzerland

International arrivals (2013) – 9m
Average spending per tourist – $1,882


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Yes, Switzerland is considered the most expensive country for the tourists. Still it is one of the most visited country of the world, Above is the list of Most expensive countries to visit,If you are on tight budget, you should reconsider your travel plan,This ranking is according to The World Economic Forum’s biannual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, Which has classified 144 countries according to amount of money spent by average visitor.

Let us know about your travel plans, and how much do you agree with this report, considering if you have ever been to these places.The expenditure should not stop you from traveling, World is meant to be explored as Ibn Battuta said:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Best Places in Mostar Bosnia & Herzegovina to Visit

Mostar a beautiful city of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Its also the fifth largest city and most important city of the country, This area of earth has served to be residence of mankind from very old times, City is built along the Neretva river.

Name of the city is derived from native language, As it was gateway to the land so people living in Mostar were called mostari which means “Bridge protectors”, It has also served to be main trade route between rest of the world and Bosnia, Being along the mineral rich river, Many conquerors have tried to get hold of this important city.

Best Places in Mostar Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a beautiful country that is worth spending vacations, Although you will find many places to visit if you go to this paradise on earth, But I have compiled a list of best places in Mostar, If you intend to go there someday, Following are the places that are worth a visit.

  • Stari Most

Every year there are number of diving competitions are conducted on the humpback bridge, It was made legal to dive from this bridhe into the water in 2004 and from that day, Divers from different countries visit Stari Most to dive, Also that there are number of Global competitions of Diving arranged at this bridge.

Best places in Mostar

Stari most in a word of native language which means “Old Bridge”, This bridge covers the crystal clear water of neretva river, It works as a joint between the two  towns in the city, it is undoubtedly one of the best places in Mostar.

Whenever you will search for Mostar you will see this bridge in picture, Its a marvelous combination of civil engineering and design, It was designed by the famous architect of old times Mimar Sinan, Although the architect didn’t live up to see the bridge himself.

It is said that in old times, When boy used to come of age, He has to dive from this bridge into the water to prove his maturity, It was quite an interesting old ritual of Mostar.

The Bridge was destroyed in conflicts 2 decades ago, But now it is rebuilt. Stari Most is considered one of the most beautiful medieval age bridge of the world.

  • Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice waterfalls have height of around 25 meters, Best sight is seeing the water fall into Crystal clear water,I bet you would stand there and stare at the water for like half an hour, the sight is so beautiful.

Great number of tourists make their way to kravice waterfalls, Its an great spot to spend your day in hot weather, the Water is ice cold even if the sun is throwing fire. You can also get into the lake and swim.

Best places in Mostar

  • Airplanes Hangar

There is an Airplanes hanger from the Yugoslav time period which lies close to Mostar, Its a huge underground hidden hanger that was built inside mountains, It pitch dark at the night and that when you should visit along with someone, You will love the surroundings.

This remains reminds the people of horrific war era of Yugoslavia, But now this place looks haunted and not even preserved as a tourist attraction.

  • Blagag Tekke

Blagag tekke was home of a Sufi scholar, Its located on Buna river, It was build in 15th Century.

Try to visit this beautiful place after the sunset, You will love it more without the crowd as it sacred place, You will have the divine feeling when you will be alone without the crowds.

It is visited by hundreds of tourists daily, It is located around 10 KM from the main city of Mostar, You can also take a ride on a boat and get into the cave, Cave has a strange horrifying feeling that you will love.

Best places in Mostar

Well I hope I have influenced you guys enough to give this beautiful place a visit, If you are impressed by the best places of Mostar, Let me know in the comments. If you have already been to this place let us know about your experience and which places do you consider as the best places of Mostar.

Best Places of Nordland Norway to Visit

Nordland is a county and a part of Northern Norway, It has the same height as of Alaska and Greenland, But the climate is way better than those Alaska, Although you might need some warm clothes for Nordland.

Bordering stats of Nordland Include Troms and Finnmark, All three of these counties make Northern Norway, Which is one spectacular place to visit, For summers as well as winters.

In Summers the temperature can get up to 30 Celsius, Autumn is beautiful in Nordland, with all the trees shedding leaves, It a glorious sight with red and orange colours all around the fields, In winters, From November to January, Sun doesn’t shows up.

Whereas the areas around the sea are a lot better in winters as well, Best time to checkout best places of Nordland Norway is from February and March, You can also visit in October, Climate is quite nice in those days.

Note: It is always recommended to take along warm clothes, As the Temperature can change unexpectedly.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

Best Places of Nordland Norway

You might read about dozens of beautiful places to visit in this part of Norway, But according to be the Best palces of Nordland Norway are as follows:

  • Nordland Train

If you want to see the almost half of the country in just 10 hours, This is the best advice you are about to read, A train leaves from Trondheim and cover almost 450 miles till it reaches Bodo, And you can witness the great lush green mountains and landscapes on your way to bodo, The train moves through the most amazing part of Norway, The landscapes are spectacular, You will also witness the trondheim Fjords, It is Norway’s third largest Fjord.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

This Train trip is best way to see the best places of Nordland Norway, On you way you will cross the Arctic circle, Namsen river and farmlands of Trondelag. You might think you will be tired travelling for 10 hours in a train, But mark my words, If you love nature you are gonna love this Nordland railway.

  • Norwegian Aviation Museum

You will find many outdated Planes of the World War. It take around 2.5 hours to go through everything present in this museum, The Ambiance is very good along with the staff that is very helping.

The Museum is a best place to see how we emerged from those old planes to this new world of aviation.

  • Haukland Beach

If you are tired of the cold weather and snow you can always head to Haukland Beach. Rated as the top beach of Norway, It is clean and crowd free, you can listen to the music of waves, camp on its side and stay for a while under the sun. There are cliffs next to the beach, You can also hike the cliffs or trek the mountains.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

  • Lofoten Island

Best way to get to the Lofoten Island is through the cruise ship, Through the ice cold ship, with the cold breeze blowing to your face, That chilling feeling is worth it, You will love to spend time with your loved ones on a cruise ship in such chilly weather.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

When you will get to Lofoten Island, You will see mesmerising sights of nature, It feels like you are in a whole new lush green country, One of the most beautiful place with huge green mountains and ocean around,Once you get there, You can camp for days. There are also opportunities to explore the Island through Hiking the beautiful mountains.

One of the best sight of Lofoten Island is watching ice capped mountains emerging from the sea.

That’s all from my side, I hope you will take out time to visit this gorgeous place, If you have been there, Tell us in the comments what do you think are the best places of Nordland Norway to visit?

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Best Places of Mallorca to Visit

Mallorca is largest island of Balearic Islands, Spain. In Catalan its called Majorca. Balearic Islands have large area of Spain, It is one of most fancied holiday spot in Spain, People from all over the world visit to see Best places of Mallorca, One of the thing that makes Mallorca so loveable, is its beaches, Along the beach you will find great number of amazing resorts, this island has never failed to impress the tourists. It has diverse culture and it mainly revolves around the coastal life and village festivals.

Apart from the coastal area. second place in queue for attracting tourists is the food of Mallorca, Great variety of food with amazing taste, Many people turn towards this island to spend their vacations, With major attraction being the beaches, there are also many historical sites and natural beauty of mountains and hills worth checking out at this Island.

Muslims ruled Spain with glory and grace for round about eight centuries. Muslims converted Spain into the most civilized and the most charming land in the world. The ancient buildings situated in this beautiful Island Majorca tell the tales of glorious days of Muslims while ruling the Spain.

Best Places of Mallorca

Although there are many places to visit on the Island, but I have made a list which I consider as Best places of Mallorca, If you ever plan to visit Spain do check out these places, The official language of Majorca is Catalan, but most of the people do know Spanish.

Cap de Formentor

You will find Cap de formentor on the north side of Mallorca, At the end of this great landscape you will find a lighthouse,There are tracks which leads to light house, you ought to get there to see the mesmerising view, although it is few miles walking distance, It takes some energy to get there but you will enjoy the view while walking, But if you choose to stay, you can also have great sight from Mirador de Colomers.

best places of mallorca

Le Seu Cathedral

I would call it one of the best places of Mallorca because of architecture of this Cathedral, Sunday is for praying, so avoid visiting on Sundays, Other than that you can visit on any weekday, The True beauty of this Building was when it was a mosque, Christians captured it and turned it into a Cathedral to ruin its beauty, Muslims had great civilization in Spain and ruled it for hundreds of years, Most of the great historic buildings are constructed by Muslims.

best places of mallorca

Cuevas de Drach

Cuevas de drach is considered one of the most visited tourist attraction of Mallorca and one of the best places of Mallorca to visit, It is a tunnel like cave with length of about 1.2KM and height of 25 meters, It has amazing water filled caverns, You can watch in the small boats and enjoy the cultural concerts and shows, It is quite crowded so you better should make reservation before visiting for any show, Otherwise you might have to stand in queue for ages.

best places of mallorca

Castillo de Bellver

One of the most beautiful historic building is Castillo de Bellver, It is huge and if you visit it, You wont have much problem finding your way through and get to know of things. As every historical detail about this place is mentioned on the boards present there. You will find great sculptures and maps of old city, from the top of castle you can see the coastal line which looks astonishing. The building is still in great condition and there is no entrance ticket if you visit on Sunday.

best places of mallorca

Although Mallorca is quite big Island and I couldn’t mention all great places, If you want to read more check out here. Above are the amazing and best places of Mallorca, If you want to share your experience regarding your visit to this beautiful Island, do write to us in the comments. If you have some issue regarding your travel to Mallorca, Feel free to contact us, We would love to help you out.