Best places of Morecambe Lancashire England

Morecambe Lancashire England is one of the most adorable town in whole country, It has great bay for which it is famous among the englishmen as well as foreigners, Many people coming for different purposes to Lancashire England, also visit Morecambe.

Weird fact about this town is that its population is decreasing, A decade ago around 38 thousand people lived here, now the population of this town is 34 thousand, Most of the people are leaving this town for more career opportunities and the young couples prefer not to have babies these days, another reason might be the high ratio of old men and women living in England.

This area has diverse background, you will find a trace of celtic race, there are also some remains of romans, but most of the people alive now are English. If you happen to visit this town, you will see that the people are very friendly, you should interact with them, Most of the people know about the history of this town, You might hear great stories of Morecambe bay.

Being close to the ocean, Morecambe Lancashire England has always prone to conquerors arriving from the sea, at a time it was viking and as the time changed, the conquerors changed, you might hear these stories from the locals who would love to tell you all these stories.

Morecambe Lancashire England
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Best places of Morecambe Lancashire England

Moving on to the best places of Morecambe Lancashire England, Although It is a small town but there are few sites that you will love to visit, so if you’re in Morecambe, Following are the sites that are worth visiting, Although this town doesn’t produces much wealth for the state, so you might not found huge malls and fancy stuff around, but one thing’s for sure, you will find good, friendly people and number of great sight seeing locations, museums  and amazing beaches.

Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Lancashire England

One of the finest place in Lancashire to spent a whole day, You can see the astonishing huge tidal waves, which are best for surfing. If you’re into surfing, it is one of the best place to be in England, When the tides are low, 207 sq. miles of land appears, which is a mesmerising view.

Following are the other great places worth a visit, You will love the Eric Morecambe Statue,One of the famous celebrity of Morecambe Lancashire England, His statue was unveiled by the very own her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Midland Grand Hotel
  • the Stone Jetty
  • Eric Morecambe Statue
  • Clock Tower
  • Lifeboat Station
  • Happy Mount Park

The bay official and Morecambe municipality both work together in order to promote tourism in this area, Morecambe offers some great locations to witness, beautiful sunset, or to spend a day with your family on beach making sand castles.

Thats all from Morecambe Lancashire England, If you are visiting this beautiful place and you have some queries, let us know in the comments, we will get back to you, If you think there should be some other destination in best places of Morecambe Lancashire England, do inform us, Stay happy, keep traveling. Cheers.

Travelling to Lancaster England: The Land Of Dukes

England is a wide-stretched country on the basis of land area and is the most beautiful and famous you would have heard of. If you are ever planning, you have to be travelling to Lancaster England, which is one of the noble cities of England and is the county town of Lancashire, situated on the River Lune with a population of almost 46,000.

  • Lancashire has derived its name from the settlement of Lancaster.
  • Lancaster is the city of dukes as it has been related to the British Monarchy.  House Of Lancaster was basically a part of the English Royal Family. 
  • Lancaster is home to the well-known Lancaster University.
  • The city was first professed as Loncastre(Lon: River Lune, Castre: Fort)
  • Lancaster is the gateway to Lake District.

Travelling To Lancaster England: Transport

  • Lancaster is about an hour away, in the north of Manchester and is easily reached through the M6 Motorway.
  • On the West Coast Main Line, Lancaster has a train station with the regular trains to nearby cities and towns.
  • You can get around many buses  in the city.
  • Lancaster has recently been upgrading many bike paths and cycling tracks.

Travelling To Lancaster England: Main Sights

Lancaster has been, fortunately, able to preserve some of the fine parallels of Georgian Architecture and Lancaster  Castle. Historical spookiness is what you will observe at the Lancaster Castle. Tours through the castle are available, of which you can see the courtrooms, staterooms, the prison cells and you might actually experience the presence of one of the Pendle Witch’s ghost(SPOOKY).

travelling to lancaster england
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Two of the most prominent locales for live performances are the Dukes and The Lancaster Grand Theatre. The Dukes Theatre is one of the professional producing ones in Lancashire. Many a classical performances take place in its auditoria. Around the city, each year, festivals like Lancaster Jazz festival takes place.

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Each year since 2006, Lancaster Library under the slogan of Get It Loud in Libraries, has been organizing such musical events in which The Wombats, Adele, Kate Nash and many more have taken part. Get It Loud has been receiving international exposure and appreciation.


travelling to lancaster england UK

For more on history, you have to be at the Lancaster City Museum.

travelling to lancaster england

The Cable-stayed, Y-shaped footbridge, spanning the River Lune is the Lune Millennium bridge commemorating the millennium 2000 forming the part of the National Cycle Network, route 6.

travelling to lancaster england UK

Other spots, you can visit, are some of the shopping centres, a bunch of typical departmental stores and food stalls.

You can go to the new multiplex cinema which plays the latest releases, accompanied with nearby restaurants and bars.

Travelling To Lancaster England: Food

You can find some great eating spots within the city.

Moorish is a famous spot to be. It is a sandwich palace and their sandwiches are named after famous characters. This sounds crazily cool. “Excuse me, can I get a Harry Potter?” Uhem. “Can I get a John Snow too, please ?

For all the hipsters out there,  The Gregson’s  is your spot to be. Enjoy the food, drinks and dance.

Now this one’s for people like me, the cheese-dreamers! This place called  The Water Witch  offers some cool cheese boards and is on the canal for you to hang loose your feet in the water and relish the taste of cheese at the same time.

The Golden Dragon  is the mother of dragons, I tell you. It’s a Chinese restaurant that specializes in dragons, just kidding, crabs!

For halal food, you can visit the award-winning restaurant, The Sultan, which displays the typical Islamic decor and great Indian sweets.

That’s all about travelling to Lancaster England, if you think something’s missing, leave a feedback below, You can also contact us if you have some queries regarding your trip to Lancaster England.

For more information on travelling to Lancaster England, visit the official website.


Sark Island Travel Guide

Sark is a gorgeous Island of Channel islands, On the world map its lies about 150 KM from England, It is one of the most famous tourist destination for European residents. Sark Island is also a famous wedding destination, Reason being its orgasmic natural beauty and a peaceful resort.

Every year, Millions of tourists make their way to Sark Island to enjoy their vacations. Best thing about Sark is that its vehicle free, You wont find any car in Sark, But there are number of ways you can travel from one place to another, You can either ride a horse or use a cycle, There are also carriages pulled by horses, Literally Sark Island reminds you of medieval age,Staying away from the city life and close to nature along with blissful atmosphere which you will love.

When you get to the city on the main boulevard you will find number of people offering cycles, If it sounds troublesome for you, You can always opt for horses or carriages.The locals who are living in this beautiful place are very content with their lifestyle and their hometown.

We can guide you with Sark Island Travel Guide, If you intend to visit this beautiful place sometime soon.

Sark island travel guide

Sark Island Travel Guide

Sark Island has quite a history,  There is a visitor center which has all the records of history and artifacts collected from this piece of land, If you love history and you want to learn more about this beautiful place you should visit the la Societe Serquaise.

Sark island travel guide

There are a lot more places that you should visit, In this Sark Island travel guide, I’ll Include few of them which are as follows:

Places to Visit in Sark Island

  • Dolphins Delight

Dolphins delight is a great place to watch the beautiful bottle-nose dolphins, You can see dolphins, While wandering around in the nearby waters, they are mostly seen at the east side of Sark Island

  • La Seigneurie Gardens

Beautiful garden which is decorated and maintained well, It has number of great plants which solely grow on this Island.

  • Adventure Sark

Its an amazing experience, You can get to explore the underground cavern and as well some you can explore some beautiful caves, there are organised guides who can guide you around the caves, Its a great thing to do, Which you should must try out.

Sark island travel guide

There are number of sight seeing carriage trips which are worth a try, You can pre-book the carriage tour, Also there are number of festivals arranged all over year, You should read about them on Sark official website before making arrangement for your tour, Because these festivals are worth attending. You will find a lot of more stuff to do at Sark Island, Its truly a beautiful place, I hope this Sark island travel guide made you satisfied for what you were looking. If you still have some queries read more about Sark Island on their official website.

If you have even been to Sark Island, let us know about your experience in the comments.

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Top Sites in Suffolk England to Visit

Suffolk and Norfolk are like sister counties, They are located next to each other and they are both East Anglia when it comes to its origin, On the south there is Essex and at the east it has Atlantic ocean, This channel around Suffolk connects English waters to Norwegian sea.

There are number of towns in Suffolk and each of them have great places to see if you ever visit Suffolk, In order to explore it completely, you will have to spare some days, Because of deep water Suffolk also has a huge dock which is considered one of the largest in Europe.

The name of this county came from “South-Folk”. and with time it became Suffolk. Same happened with Norfolk,Which was “North-Folk”.There are number of festivals arranged each year in Suffolk, People from around the country come to attend these festivals, The festivals portray the culture and traditions of this county. Along with festivals there are lot more fun things to do, So If you are planning to visit, Come to Suffolk in festival season, You will love it here.

Top Sites in Suffolk England to Visit

Suffolk is huge county with number of tourist attractions and places to visit, There are number of activities that you can do while you visit this beautiful place, I would recommend you to do one thing, If you visit Suffolk, You should interact with the locals, The people of East Anglia have their different norms and cultures which you should see, Interact with the locals know them and their culture, You will love their culture.

Although there are number of great sites in Suffolk, But I have compiled a list of top Sites in Suffolk England, Which you might disagree with, Because this is relative, I might like one place more than you would. But I can say one thing for sure, you wont regret visiting the below top Sites in Suffolk England, If you Ever visit this beautiful place.

The National Trust

If you are into history and old artifacts, this is the place to visit you will find old artifacts dating to 5th century of East Anglia time.This place has huge grounds around the building, There are many things that will catch your eyes while visiting this natural trust.

Top sites in Suffolk

Beaches in Suffolk

Take a break from the county life and spend a day at one of the beaches of Suffolk, There are number of beaches, You will find less crowded ones away from the major towns, Which are clean and worth visiting, The water is clean and blue, You can spend a great day at beach in Suffolk.

Top sites in Suffolk

Long Meford Church

There are number of great ancient churches in Suffolk, But Long Meford Church beat all of them in architecture and design, Its sublime and beautiful, The size of this Church makes it look like a cathedral, You will find the guides in the church who can tell you everything about this beautiful place,There are also art exhibitions arranged in the church which are worth checking out. The Beautiful building makes it one of the top Sites of Suffolk England

Top sites in Suffolk

As Suffolk is next to sea you will find many private boat tours firms that can give you nice ride in their boats, Its a great thing to try, the water around is beautiful.

Thats all from top sites of Suffolk England, If you think there should be more places in it, Let us know, We would love to hear your opinion, If you have any queries, Feel free to ask us in the comments, Keep Traveling and stay happy, Cheers.

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Historical Places of Lincoln, England

Lincoln is one of the most ignored city of England, Although it has a lot to offer to the tourists, It has amazing places to visit, People are great and you will find great diversity of historical buildings from the medieval age and roman empire. Lincoln has served to be a colony of many invaders who came from distant land to conquer England, It has served for years under roman rule. That’s why It has number of great ancient medieval buildings. Although there are many places with great historical importance, And from them I’ve compiled a list of best Historical places of Lincoln England that are worth visiting.

Historical Places of Lincoln, England

Lincoln is a beautiful city with great number of tourist attractions,Some of them will leave you awestruck, What makes them beautiful is their architecture and design.

Lincoln Cathedral

It is the third largest cathedral in England, It was constructed in 1072, so it gives look of ancient building, although it is maintained well and it is worth visiting. Lincoln Cathedral is located along with Bishop Old palace, Which is another great historical place to visit.

Historical Places of Lincoln

High Bridge

It is one of the most interesting historical places of Lincoln, A bridge that cover the river witham, And its located at the end of High street, This bridge is said to be the oldest bridge in England which stands same as it was when it was constructed in 11th Century, You will see houses on the west side of bridge, It is also called Glory hole, Small boats can easily pass underneath it, In old times it was called ‘Murder hole‘ as bodies were dumped into the river from this bridge.

Historical Places of Lincoln

Bishop Old Palace

This palace was made by Lincoln’s powerful bishops in 11th century, It stands next to Cathedral, This palace is constructed on a slope, So its architecture is quite impressive, Palace is surrounded by the roman walls and old trees, Beautiful pathways are constructed, which are almost the same as they were in 14th Century.


Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle was build by William the conqueror, When he arrived at Lincoln, he gave order to get this palace constructed, It is one of the oldest castle of England,Although the actual wooden castle was rebuilt in 1136 and its stone tower was named as Lucy tower, It has another great tower worth visiting which is called Observatory tower, It was made in 14th Century, In the castle you will find original copy of Magna carta.

Historical Places of Lincoln

There are some other historical places of lincoln as well but the above mentioned are considered the best.Apart from these great Histoical sites, The culture of Lincoln is also very interesting, you will find a trace of British people of medieval age in these people, To know the best of lincoln, Interact with the locals, They will provide you will lot of interesting historical stories about these places.

If you have any queries regarding your visit, Let us know, We will be happy to help you out. If you have visited these places or intend to visit historical places of lincoln, Share your experience with us in the comments below, If you want to read more about historical places of Lincoln Visit here