Best Of Tropea Italy

Tropea is one of the smallest cities of Italy, yet it is one of the most beautiful City of the world, Greek myth says that Zeus ordered to create a trophy city of the other gods and tropea was created, Who ever created this city, He had beautiful and diverse Imagination, Tropea is no doubt a wonder on earth, People who live in Italy consider it best destination for spending summers, People from all around the world visit this city for vacations.

Its a city alinf with coast line it depicts amazing scenery, Its coast line is also called Coast of the Gods, On the sides of Coastline you will see amazing and huge cliffs and line of resorts, Tropea can be your destination for a long vacation as well, I guarantee you that you wont be bored of this place, No matter how many days you stay.

Tropea is enjoying great number of tourist from years, Although there are not much tourist attractions in the city, But the city as a whole is a treat to eyes, You will find locals arranging different festivals most of the time of the year, along with it there are some statues that depict the history of the City, Let us now move toward the best of Tropea Italy.

Best Of Tropea Italy

Although Its a small city and there are not much places to visit, But there are some sites that can be called as best of Tropea Italy, All the places of this city were considered and the few were selected as best of tropea Italy.

Santa Maria dell’Isola

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One of the best of tropea Italy to visit, Its along the beautiful Southern coast, This church stands right above the sea, It gives you great view at sunset and sunrise,Coastline is visible from the top of this church and it is must to get to the top of chruch and watch the blue water and coastline, recently Dell’Isola was renovated and it good sublime now.

Piazza Ercole


Center of the the city, If you sit for some time in Piazza ercole you will witness great diverse culture of the city along with the tourists who are present in huge number in summers, At ercole there are number of restaurants and bars, they offer great food, You should take a walk in nearby areas of ercole, the walls of the city date back to medieval age, You will also see 18th Century tocco Mansion there.

Progetto ARtigianando

Tropea, Italy

In Summer the locals promoting the tourism hold these sessions and walks around the city, You got to get one when you visit, They will tell you about the history of the city, Artifacts around the city, You can explore the red route and blue road which are old time routes through the city.

All in all you will love to explore the best of tropea Italy, Its one of best destinations of Italy. If you have already been there, Let us know about your best of tropea Italy in the comments.

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