Adventure Trip to Amazon Rainforest Brazil

Amazon is world’s largest rainforest, It covers most of the brazil and half of the south america, Most parts of it are in brazil but it also covers some part of neighbouring countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. This forest covers over 7 million sq. kilometers. Some amazing facts about Amazon rainforest are as below:

  • Almost 20% of bird species live in this forest.
  • There are above 2.5 million insect species in Amazon.
  • Reports say that there are 390 billion trees which are further classified into 16 thousand species.
  • Study suggest that if temperature of earth will rise by 3 degree celsius, 75% of Amazon forest will burnout because of droughts and wildfires.


Adventure trip to Amazon Rainforest Brazil

Adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil

If you are into nature then its an amazing and mesmerising place to visit, you will be awestruck to see the massiveness and diversity of God’s creations, There are huge number of bird species to witness, you will also experience the huge Amazon river, It is more massive than the world’s eight largest rivers combined, You will also see civilizations of south american people in the jungle, There are also dangerous species in this forest including jaguars and cougars. All in all, If you are in love with nature this is the place to spend a week or so.

When to Go:

Best days to take a Adventure trips to Amazon rainforest Brazil is from June to November, Other months are rainy season which you should avoid.Although the temperature is hot and humid in these months.



How to Go:

Best way to explore and visit the great Amazon is to first get to Manaus Brazil, Which is one of the largest city of Brazil, It has all the facilities from hospitals to airports, You should get to Manaus by plane and there you should locate office of Adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil,There are many tour operators, You will find a lot of them on airport and on the roads, but its recommended that you should opt for the officially verified tour operators, Look out for the brazilian tourism board registration at the office of tour operators. They are professionals they will travel with you to the jungle, They have all the equipment and best thing is, In the huge forest, they know where to locate the exquisite species of birds and animals, You will have to stay at the base camps or there are Jungle lodges, These lodges offer rooms and comfortable ambience, everything necessary, even they have electricity in middle of nowhere.



Following are few reputable tour operators:

It is very easy of locate the registered tour operators in the city of Manaus, Other things you can opt for is traversing the huge Black water river named as Negro river and the other river that flows along the great rainforest is Solimoes, Which is also called Amazon river. You can take the cruise ship tours, there are also small boats tours which are relatively cheap, The plus point of these boat tours is that you can see and explore sublime scenes of Amazon forest from the river flowing along it, It is one of the best way to traverse through the huge forest, you might see number of great species in the surrounding jungle.

Adventure trip to Amazon Rainforest Brazil

Following are few companies operating boat tours in these both rivers along Manaus, You should get in contact with them for better details of what they have to offer you.

Most of the trip operators will pick you up from the Manaus city and after the trip is over they will drop you to your hotel or lodge. Before you go on for the trips, You should first study about what things you want to see and where you are supposed to go. A place where two rivers meet and their water is not mixed is recommended to all of our readers, Name of that place is Meeting of Waters, and its a must to see this extraordinary sight.


There are two majors areas to visit, Basin of Rio Negro and South side of Rio Amazonas, Although dont expect isolation in these places because there are some villages present in these areas of the jungle, You might not see the actual beauty of jungle in these areas, In order to get into the real jungle, You will have to pay more, Then you can go to the places unknown by most of the humankind with your guide.



Area of Rio Negro is populated with some south american indians, The river is acidic so you wont have to face much of mosquitoes, but that also means you won’t get to see much of wildlife there.

Area of Rio Amazonas is sparsely inhabited, people living there are farming, You will see a lot of animals there, but the nature is not in its real form, people have cut down forest for cultivation of land, Although you will see number of small rivers where you can explore on the boats.


Juma area is protected, there is no civilization there, You will see nature in its pure form, there are also number of wildlife species in this area. It is almost 100 KM from the Manaus but this is one of the most visited place along with lake Mamori.


Each year hundreds of thousand people take Adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil, So you dont have to worry about places to stay or restaurants to eat, there are number of stalls and restaurants offering great deals of food, Restaurant range from good standard to the cheap ones, Same is the matter for accommodation, If you are comfortable at cheap places you can save some money, You can also rent out nice and cozy lodges, which will provide you with private rooms and bathrooms with 24/7 electricity in the middle of huge jungle.

  • Remember to take your documents in waterproof backpacks or bags.
  • Do take a flashlight along as forest is jet black at nights.
  • Take along a pocket knife.
  • Mosquitos repellent is also necessary in order to avoid getting infected by the numerous bugs in the open.
  • A good guide can also show you the natural bugs repellent present in the jungle.
  • Only take necessary things, Things that you really need.

Many unexpected circumstances can occur during your Adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil, But If you love the nature and adventures, This will be your most memorable trip. In Amazon forest, You get to see the beautiful side of nature, you might also experience the brutal side of nature, Thee huge jungles might look very scenic from afar, But once you get inside them, They can be savage.

If you have ever taken an adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil, Let us know in the comments, If you have any query regarding your adventure trip to amazon rainforest Brazil let us know, we will help you out, Also there are number of travel guidebooks on the web which you can buy or download for further help. We wish you best of luck for your trip.

Best Places of Manaus Brazil to visit

Manaus is one of the most famous tourist destination in Brazil, Its a huge city with population of over 2 million. The thing that makes it so famed among the tourists is its location, Manaus Brazil is located in middle of Amazon rain forest, You can only get to this city by plane, There is a route via boats but it takes days, There are no roads between Manaus and other big cities of Brazil, This city lies in the heart of Amazon forest, far north in the country, Manaus also hosted games of FIFA world cup 2014.

Most of the travelers visiting this city are fond of adventures and wildlife, They arrive in Manaus and then make way to the great Amazon rain forest, Brazil cover almost 13% of world’s forest area there are around 390 billion trees split into 16,000 species in this huge rain forest.

Manaus is also famous for rubber production and its vivid coloured houses,In 20th century Manaus used to produce almost 90% of the world rubber. People from around the world visit Manaus to see its opera house, which is world famous and it regularly holds shows and exhibitions to portray the culture and history of this beautiful area. Now lets move on to the best places in Manaus Brazil to visit.

There are two major rivers around Manaus, Solimoes and Negro, These both river merge into the great Amazon river, Negro is said to be the largest black water river in the world.

When to go:

In Manaus Brazil and its surrounding, Rain season start from December and ends in may, So its adviseable to visit from June to November, Although weather might be hot in June but in summers you might get a chance to attend the great festival of Folcloria de Amazinas, Its a musical festival which conducted for a whole month. It will give you an idea about how they party in Brazil.

Best Places of Manaus Brazil to visit

Although there is plenty to see in Manaus Brazil, But there are few prominent places that are worth visiting, I have compiled them under the list of Best Places of Manaus Brazil to visit. While your stay at Manaus, you can explore the wildlife, see hundreds of different species, Lay low at the beautiful beaches, explore the huge rivers or explore the diverse cultures of people of Brazil.

  • Explore The Great Amazon Rain forest

Best Places of Manaus Brazil

If you want to get into the jungle, that is not a very good idea if you are on a formal travel tour, Because inside the jungle the conditions are strenuous, Its humid and hot, Nature is brutal, You will find unwanted circumstances when you get into the jungle and plan to stay,But If you love the nature, Then its the best place you will ever set your foot in, You will see huge number of great species unknown to most of the humankind, Best thing is you should hire a guide or book a tour from tour operators in the city of Manaus. They know the places around, they can help you to find spots where you can see the beautiful creatures.

  • The Meeting of Waters

Best Places of Manaus Brazil

Little outside from Manaus, The huge black water river named as Negro meets with the Amazon river also called as Solimoes by the local people, These both rivers meet and their water is not mixed for 6 miles, It’s an amazing sight to see, Colour of Amazon river is light brown and Negro river is all black, It looks like both rivers are flowing along, The sight is mesmerizing.

  • Teatro Amazonas also known as Amazon Theatre

Best Places of Manaus Brazil
Source: Telegraph

One of the most antique site of Manaus, An Opera theatre named as Teatro Amazonas, Its a huge theatre built in the heart of city by the rubber barons, Huge sums of money was spent on its making, Finest construction material was imported from different parts of the world, The marble in the opera house is from Italy and the specialist from the Glasgow were hired for Iron work, This theatre has terrific interior and architecture, That makes this site as one of the best places of Manaus Brazil.

There are also many other places to visit and things to do, Above mentioned are what I considered as the best places of Manaus Brazil, Your opinion might vary, Different people have contrasting likings, But One thing’s for sure, If you ever visit Manaus, You can’t afford not to see the above mentioned Best places of Manaus Brazil.

If you have ever been to Manaus, Share your experience with us in the comments, If you need any help regarding this city or your travel, We would love to help you guys out.

Best places of Fortaleza Brazil to Visit

One of the largest city of Brazil, Fortaleza is known for its beautiful beaches, Many people from all around the world visit this city in summers to enjoy their vacation, Brazil is known as the hub of tourists who love discovering natural beauty, With the great amazon rain Forrest, every year millions of tourists visit Brazil.

History of Fortaleza has touch of Portuguese and dutch culture because of their invasions, Many people says that the first European who landed on south america was on port of this city, This city has diverse history, It is also famous for its comedians and their shows.

Best places of Fortaleza Brazil to Visit

Although there are many places in Fortaleza to visit but some places depict the actual culture of Brazil, You get to see the people and their norms, Fortaleza has number of great beaches with blue water, Although the beaches are very crowdy, as in summers even the people of Brazil head to Fortaleza to spend their vacations.

  • Praia do Futuro


Praia do Futuro is considered the best beach of Fortaleza, there are a lot of fun activities, you will also find best restaurants of the city in here, there are number of beach sellers around the coast line, The water is blue perfect for enjoying summers, you will also find swimming pools for the kids, You can also surf on the waves as the wind is quite strong on this beach, There are a lot of activities for the tourists on the beach arranged by the locals and the government, Best beach of Fortaleza thats why it is one of the best places of Fortaleza to visit.

  • Cachaca Museum

Best places of Fortaleza Brazil

It is a country side museum, In a very beautiful area, You can find the best cachaca in town here, People are very friendly and they tell you everything about the history of the surroundings. the museum offers great artifacts of Cachaca, After the museum tour, You can check out number of activities offered by the management of museum, taking pictures are not allowed. Other than that its a great place to spend time with you family.

  • Sightseeing tours

Best places of Fortaleza Brazil

there are different private companies that offer you sight seeing tours around the city, You can just get the ticket and go with them, These sightseeing tours take you to the different locations around Fortaleza, the crew is very helpful, They provide you with all the history of the places you pass through, Following are few sightseeing tour companies you can contact if you intend to visit Fortaleza.

  1. OceanView tours and travel
  2. Paulo Vans
  • Morro Branco

Best places of Fortaleza Brazil

At morro branco, You will see astonishing sights of sand formations which seem like rock but actually its sand of different colours, Along with that you can also check out the tasty seafood that is offered there, The view of the ocean is also sublime from the Morro branco, If you visit, this is one of best places of Fortaleza.

Thats all from my side, If you have ever been to this place lets us know which places do you consider the best places of Fortaleza. Your feedback will be appreciated.

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