Ischia Best Places and Travel Guide

Ischia is an Island around 19 miles from naples, It comes under Italy’s Campania region, On the north side of this Island, there is Bay of Naples. This Island can be reached from the ferries or the boats from he Naples, the journey to the Island itself is mesmerising.

Ischia Italy

Pagoda Beach, Ischia, Italy.

Ischia is famous tourist destination, people from all around the Europe make their way to Ischia to spend their holidays, Ischia is blessed with great number of blessings from the nature, Most famous tourist attractions in Ischia is the blue water and exotic beaches, Ischia also has to offer stunning landscapes, This island is known for its active thermal springs, It is said that this Island lies on a active volcano, so its very adventurous to explore Ischia, In this post I will talk about Ischia Best places and travel guide.

Ischia Italy

Ischia Italy

From the ancient ages, Ischia is known for its beautiful landscapes and its location, which proved to work as a lookout island for the city of naples.

Ischia Best Places

Talking about the climate,It is recommended to visit this beautiful Island in between April and October. The weather is amazing at this Island, you can never guess whats coming next, sunshine or rain.

It’s quite weird that German is spoken widely on this Island, Although most of the people are Italian, Still most of them understand and speak English & German.

Sipario sull'autunno

You cant get to Ischia by airplane, In order to reach Ischia best places, you will have to first land in Naples and from there you can take a ferry or boat ride to this island.

Tip: It is observed that the ferry ride from naples to Ischia Island stops at another Island ‘Procida‘, Some tourists get off the boat on this Island not knowing it isn’t Ischia island, So before leaving the ferry, ask the people on the boat if its Ischia Island.

Ischia Italy

Sant'Angelo (Ischia)

In order to discover the Island there are many tour operating companies, who can guide you, take you to places and sights worth seeing.

Following is the list of Ischia best places to visit:

  • Villa La Colombaia
  • Villa La Mortella
  • Castello Aragonese
  • Guevara Tower
  • Torrione II
  • Pithecusae Museum
  • Giardini Ravino
  • The Soccorso church

Mystical rays

Ischia best places also include the thermal springs which are a site for the scientists as well as tourists, many people from around the world come to study these thermal springs, some come to experience the enthralling experience of thermal springs.

Ischia Italy

The water around this Island is clean as crystal, the blue water all around the island is a mesmerising sight. As you might know that Ischia is a famous tourist destination, so there are number of events arranged on this Island all around the year, these events include religious festivals, sports championships, musical events, concerts and cultural events. These events are great to know more about Ischia and its people, So if you visit this beautiful place try to interact with the locals and attend these shows.

Tip: Food at Ischia is delicious

Ischia Italy

That’s all from Ischia best places and travel guide, if you have any queries, let us know in the comments, we will get back to you, You can also help us to improve this travel guide, If you have been to Ischia island, let us know about your experience.

Ischia Italy

Ischia Italy

Ischia Italy



Best Places in Odense Denmark :Travel Guide

Odense is said to be located at the heart of denmark, Which is not technically true. Odense Denmark is main city of Funen Island, It lies close to every important city of Denmark.Odense Denmark

Odense is third most populous city of Denmark, and hometown of Hans Christian Andersen, who is renowned all around the world for his fairytale stories. Odense is named after a fictional character named as Odin who is considered as God of War according to Germanic Mythology.Odense Denmark

Odense Denmark

Moving on to Odense tourism, there are number of ancient buildings that will catch your attention in Odense denmark. Civilization in Odense dates back to Middle age, this area has traces of Vikings as well, so you will find much interesting stuff, If you are into history. The museums at Odense holds some artifacts that date backs to ancient times. Odense is also home of University of Southern Denmark. Few of the notable tourist attractions are mentioned below under the heading of Best places of Odense Denmark.Odense Denmark

How to Get to Odense Denmark:

Odense is a huge city of a developed nation, so transport for the tourist is not a big issue. You can get to Odense Denmark by air, by train, bus or your personal car.

  • The trains are preferred by most of the people, because its relatively cheap as compared to other transport means. You can get to Odense by train by most of major cities in Denmark, journey via train is very comfortable, you can find food,drinks and the staff is very much cooperative.
  • If you want to travel via your own car, you will have to cross the Great-Belt Bridge and pay 235 Danish Krone as toll tax for one side.
  • If you want to travel via bus, its another good option, there are number of bus services which operate to and from Odense to every major city of Denmark, You can also use the busses to travel around Funen Island.
  • You can also travel via yacht to Odense.

Best Places in Odense Denmark

Moving on to the Tourist destinations and Travel guide of best places in odense Denmark to visit, We have number of historical buildings as well has recently developed museums portraying the history of Odense Denmark.

St. Knud’s Cathedral

Building structure of this Cathedral which was a church by then was started in 11th century, But it was burned down in 12th century, It took two hundred years to redevelop this cathedral as it stands today.

This Cathedral is an amazing example of architecture and design, When you get inside the building you will see number of great crafts and paintings, The interior is so sublime that it cannot be explained in words.

Best Places in Odense Denmark

Flakhaven Square

Flakhaven Square, town hall and St. Knud’s Cathedral lie close to each other, This saure has architectural design of Gothic and Italian style, Flakhaven holds number of artifacts and sculptures that you leave you awestruck. This building is also famous for flower festival which is held every year.Odense Denmark

Odense Denmark

Brandts Art Hall

Near the Odense Cathedral is Brandts Art hall, Which was first a textile factory, now it is one of the most famous arts center all over the europe, number of art exhibitions are held in this hall, Art competitions and photography shows are held at brandts Art Hall throughout the year.Odense Denmark

Egeskov Castle

One of those castles you might have seen in fairy tales, Egeskov is one of them, It is well preserved by the danish government, and it is famous tourist destination and one of the best places to visit in Odense Denmark, It was completed in 16th century and it has the looks and architecture of Renaissance era. The grounds are open for tourists but they don’t let the tourist get inside the castle.

Best Places in Odense Denmark

Other tourist destinations which you should visit while traversing Odense are as follows:

Odense Denmark

  • Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Odense Denmark

  • Funen Open-Air Village

Odense Denmark

  • Denmark’s Railway Museum

Odense Denmark

  • Møntergården Local History Museum

That’s all from my side about the best places of Odense denmark, If you have been to this beautiful city, Share with us your travel experience, you can also write to us, if you have any issue regarding your travel, We would love to see your feedback on the above mentioned places. If you think there should be more in the above travel guide of Odense Denmark, Let us know in the comments.

Best places of Morecambe Lancashire England

Morecambe Lancashire England is one of the most adorable town in whole country, It has great bay for which it is famous among the englishmen as well as foreigners, Many people coming for different purposes to Lancashire England, also visit Morecambe.

Weird fact about this town is that its population is decreasing, A decade ago around 38 thousand people lived here, now the population of this town is 34 thousand, Most of the people are leaving this town for more career opportunities and the young couples prefer not to have babies these days, another reason might be the high ratio of old men and women living in England.

This area has diverse background, you will find a trace of celtic race, there are also some remains of romans, but most of the people alive now are English. If you happen to visit this town, you will see that the people are very friendly, you should interact with them, Most of the people know about the history of this town, You might hear great stories of Morecambe bay.

Being close to the ocean, Morecambe Lancashire England has always prone to conquerors arriving from the sea, at a time it was viking and as the time changed, the conquerors changed, you might hear these stories from the locals who would love to tell you all these stories.

Morecambe Lancashire England
Source: dailyMail

Best places of Morecambe Lancashire England

Moving on to the best places of Morecambe Lancashire England, Although It is a small town but there are few sites that you will love to visit, so if you’re in Morecambe, Following are the sites that are worth visiting, Although this town doesn’t produces much wealth for the state, so you might not found huge malls and fancy stuff around, but one thing’s for sure, you will find good, friendly people and number of great sight seeing locations, museums  and amazing beaches.

Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Lancashire England

One of the finest place in Lancashire to spent a whole day, You can see the astonishing huge tidal waves, which are best for surfing. If you’re into surfing, it is one of the best place to be in England, When the tides are low, 207 sq. miles of land appears, which is a mesmerising view.

Following are the other great places worth a visit, You will love the Eric Morecambe Statue,One of the famous celebrity of Morecambe Lancashire England, His statue was unveiled by the very own her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Midland Grand Hotel
  • the Stone Jetty
  • Eric Morecambe Statue
  • Clock Tower
  • Lifeboat Station
  • Happy Mount Park

The bay official and Morecambe municipality both work together in order to promote tourism in this area, Morecambe offers some great locations to witness, beautiful sunset, or to spend a day with your family on beach making sand castles.

Thats all from Morecambe Lancashire England, If you are visiting this beautiful place and you have some queries, let us know in the comments, we will get back to you, If you think there should be some other destination in best places of Morecambe Lancashire England, do inform us, Stay happy, keep traveling. Cheers.

Best Places in Volusia Florida To Visit

Volusia is a small county present north east of Orlando, Its a great place to visit for vacations, It has number of tourist attraction and some cities of Volusia host thousands of tourists every year, Daytona beach is present in Volusia Florida, If you want to get out of Daytona and explore more things to do in Volusia, We have got you best places in Volusia Florida. This county is full of surprises you will find beautiful landscapes of nature along with it you can visit the historic sites of this County, There are number of festival arranged each years in which you can participate and learn about the culture and people of Volusia.

Best Places in Volusia Florida To Visit

There are alor of recreational activities in Volusia, I’ve complied best places in Volusia Florida, If you are planning to visit this county, Do check out the amazing places you can visit on your tour to Volusia Florida.

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona international Speedway is a race track present in Volusia Florida precisely in Daytona Beach, It home track of Daytona 500 which is one of most prestigious car of NASCAR.

Best Places in Volusia Florida

Daytona international speedway is one of best places in Volusia Florida to visit, You can see great races with a lot of things to do on the race stand, there are also food outlets in the stand, The track hosts also offer tours, They tell you everything about Daytona 500, They also give you a ride of track, the race track is now upgraded and it look great, If you visit Daytona, This racetrack is a must visit.

African-American Museum of the Arts

This museum was founded in 1994, This museum is solely devoted to cultures and art of Africa and America, You will also find a revolving gallery in it. This museum hosts around 200 sculptures and artifacts from the different countries of Africa, The museum also has a theater in which different cultural shows are conducted all over the year, There are scientists in this museum who are devoted in finding history of Spring hill, Its the place where this museum in present.


Highway Rides

Volusia Florida is surrounded by highways, There are different routes on which you can cruise your motorbike or your car and explore more if this county, Its a beautiful place, If you want to take a day out for enjoying the ride, You can take your bike or car on the following routes

  • Northern Route: Its of 97 miles and it takes around 2 hours to cover it.
  • Western Route: Its Around 77 miles long and it takes only 50 minutes to cover it.
  • Southern Route:Its around 52 miles long and it would take just 120 minutes to cover it.

There are different private dealers who lend you motorcycle on rent if you want to traverse these places on motorcycle.

If you have been to this county, Let us know about your experience or tell us which palce should be included in Best Places in Volusia Florida, Daytona Beach is also present here, read more about it here.