Places to see in Narino Colombia

Narino is an administrative division of Colombia, it is one of the departments of Colombia. It lies on the border of Colombian-Ecuador border. The region is mountainous and  rich with natural beauty. There are plain areas, where the temperature is comparatively hotter, the mountains are cold and hence most of the population resides in the mountainous sides. Tourism is good in the region, there are many great beautiful places to see in Narino. The beautiful mountain, great natural lakes and other beautiful spots that we will be listing for you. There are great volcanoes,  and some great buildings to see.  A great place to roam around, and meet people with amazing cultures, specially the indigenous people.


Places to see in Narino


A great Volcano near the Department Capital Pasto, it is 4 thousand meters above sea level, and has been active form millions of year. The eruptive history is long, and has been sometimes dangerous, but people visit to see this amazing dangerous beauty of the nature as a great adventure, so it has made it to our list of best places to see in Narino Colombia.



Another great volcano that is less dangerous, and has been a great tourist spot. The volcano produce sulfur. There are three beautiful lakes, the biggest of the is the Laguna Verde (Green Lake), and two smaller ones Laguna Crystal and Laguna Negro. All are great places to enjoy. There is a road that is build to climb the volcano. The nature lies inside a Nature Reserve, which is 58 km squares, and its free of charge to enter.


Las Lejas Sanctuary

A church constructed in heart of beautiful hills, a masterpiece of great architecture and fine class engineering. The sanctuary has got a great story behind it, a story of a miracle that made the miracle of a beautiful piece of architecture to be build in a beautiful place of natural architecture. Apart from enjoying the great beauty of the church in this one of the the beautiful places to see in Narino, also ask about the story behind its construction.


La Cocha Lake

A great Natural reservoir of natural water, in fact it is the second largest in the country. Near the capital Pasto, it is less than an hour away from Pasto. The lake is one of the primary tourist attraction, and a great place for recreation to the locals. Surrounded by great lush green meadows, and the water that enhances the beauty of the valley. One of the must see places to see in Narino.


Taminago Museum

If you go to a places and gather no information about the past, the culture and the people, you haven’t visited the place. After you see all the great and beautiful places to visit in Narino, go the the great Taminago Museum and see some great artifacts of the local history, and great gem of the local people. The building is of seventeenth century, and is filled with magic of the great traditional processes.

Casa Museo Taminango

This is not it, there are many other great volcanoes, lakes and  mountains to see and discover, if you visit this magical land, share your experience with us in the comment section below.