Everything About Reine Norway

Reine Norway is a small village of Nordland county, It is famous all around Norway for Fishing and vacations. It is located around 150 miles south-west of Troms, Which is a famous county of Norway for tourism.

Reine is a very beautiful village, It is connected to the rest of the country from European route 10, While traveling you can just stop here and stay for a while, You can also stay for nights, There are rooms you can avail, Its along the sea, you can also post your camp here.
Reine has also been called as the most beautiful village of Norway, It has these amazing natural sights and a very peaceful environment, In Reine Norway you are very close to the nature and you can actually enjoy the nature and its beauty.

Everything About Reine Norway

Reine although has very scarce population,But it is visited by thousands of tourists every year, It is one of hidden wonders of Earth. When if you visit you should interact with the locals there, their history and their culture is very interesting, You will see the different norms of those people which will attract you and you will for sure feel like staying more days at this heaven on Earth.

Reine Norway

As Reine Norway lies above the Arctic circle, that’s why the climate is cold, Best time to visit this place is summers, In winters there are days on which the sun doesnot even rises.

The true Beauty of Reine Norway is its natural landscapes, If you ever visit this place, you will be aw-stuck by the sublime beauty of this village,You wont find much of development here, Only things you will see is the fishermen huts and some private tourist firms who provide different activities to the tourists.

Considering the number of people visiting each year, people have now turned their fishing camps into small rooms that are great for staying at nights.

At day time there are many thing to do, You can just sit and watch the natural view around you, I bet you will never get enough of the surrounding beauty, you can also kayak in the water, rent a boat and go for fishing, there are some amazing cliffs around which can be used for cliff diving, along with them there are huge mountains. You can trek them and hike on it to get to the top.

At nights in the months from October to April, You can experience the great sight of Aurora Borealis, It totally worth staying at reine Norway for, This amazing sights are not so easy to find, But If you are staying at 100 km from Arctic circle you should stay for the night to experience these amazing sights.

Reine Norway

In the above picture you can see the huts, which are reserved for tourist accommodation, Imagine waking up in that hut and when you get out, your view is the same as in the picture.

Note: If you are visiting Reine Norway, You should also visit Nordland county,
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