Heraklion Crete Greece: Best Places and Tourist attractions

Heraklion is one of the largest city of Crete Island, which also makes it one of the largest city of Greece. Heraklion is not much populated by the residents, but the tourists are always on the move in this great city of Heraklion.Heraklion Crete Greece

Greece and its cities are known for treasuring the historical temples and artifacts of our ancestors. Greece is also famous for the Greek mythology which has Zeus, Hercules and Apollo characters. These characters are known by most the the kids these days and it also very popular among the historians or the people who have interest in ancient mythologies and history.

Heraklion Crete Greece

Heraklion is one of the most stunning city in the island of crete. It location is of strategic importance, so many conquerors came to rule this island in the past and they left their historical buildings and artifacts. Which are now great value to the tourists.

Heraklion Crete Greece

Heraklion Crete Greece has hotels with categories of A, B and C. These categorization is based upon the overall facilities and ambience of the hotel. it also represents the standard of service and food. There is a lot to do and see in Heraklion Crete Greece. I will be covering few of them below.

Heraklion Crete Greece

Heraklion Crete Greece: What to Visit and Where to Stay?

There are number of travel planners for Heraklion Crete Greece, who can help you to take out the most of this city in your tour. You can always discover and explore on your own as well. Tourism Industry plays vital cost in the development, it is directly associated to travel industry. There are number of customers who use this facility directly on their smartphone or PC.

Heraklion is located in the middle of Crete island so the weather is humid yet very comfortable. Heraklion Crete Greece does not have extremes weather. The weather is mostly pleasant.

Heraklion Crete Greece


Palace of Knossos

It is one of the most famous tourist attraction in crete. People from different ethnicities and cultures all show up to see this archeological site and artifacts.

Knossos is also called Minoan of palace of Crete. Myth of this city is also connected to future legends.
Heraklion Crete Greece

Natural History Museum of Crete

This museum in one of the largest in the city of Heraklion. It has largest collection of history articles and artifacts that gets attention of each and every tourist. Few years back there were few exhibitions in the Natural Hostiry Museum of Crete.
Natural History Museum of Crete


Another notable event of Heraklion is the Summer, Arts Festival. If you are visiting Heraklion or planning to visit, add the following things in your to do list.

  • Rock Climbing
  • Water Parks.
  • Sailing
  • Matala beach festival.

There are number of ways you can get to Heraklion Crete Greece, including car boat bus plane.

Heraklion Crete Greece

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Heraklion Crete Greece

Heraklion Crete Greece

Heraklion Crete Greece

Heraklion Crete Greece

HallStatt Austria Attractions For Tourists

One of the most beautiful village of not only Austria but also Europe, Hallstatt is a village located between the massive mountains of Dachstein and Lake hallstatt. Civilization at this sublime place date back to Iron age, The most ancient artifacts of celtics were found in this beautiful small village of Austria.



If you’re wondering what makes this Village so famous, You might have to visit yourself to see its true beauty, Stunning nature scenic views in the shadows of huge alps, Leaves almost every tourist awestruck. The ancient salt mine range of Hallstatt is astonishing, China has built a replica of this entire village in Guangdong.


In Hallstatt Austria, there is one site which is declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO, There is a tower on the Salzberg, Which is a neighbouring salt mountain, Tower was made to protect and keep an eye on the mines, These tower is located on the top of mountain and cable car is used to get there, And once you get there whole village along with the Hallstatt lake is visible, And that scene is something you might never forget in your whole life, It is a great region for hiking, If you are into hiking you will love it there.

HallStatt Austria Attractions

HallStatt Austria Attractions

Although hallstatt is a small village and you might be wondering that you might get bored of spending your vacations there, But once you get there, You will never get short of doing things and visiting palces, There is a lot to do and there are many Austria attractions, few of them I’ve mentioned below,If you love living close to the nature and you want to get away from tirious life, This is one of the best destination without any doubt. Pack your bags and step out of your home, Below are what I consider the best tourist attractions, There is a lot more to do in HallStatt:



Ferry Rides

One of the best Hallstatt Austria Attractions is the lake which is present next to the village,Huge lake surrounded with massive mountains, You can explore the lake yourself on small boats and go for fishing with your family or friends. You can also take a ferry, The ferries at hallstatt are traditional boats with the same design as of the ancient salt carriers, You can also take a ride on these beautiful boats to roam around in the beautiful surroundings.



A traditional event that is conducted in the village on several occasions, These events depict the cultural and historic norms of Hallstatt Austria, The locals perform on their historical music, With great number of tourists gathering around to understand the culture and their norms, Best part of travelling is knowing about others traditions, This is one of the best HallStatt Austria attractions, when you get to see the appalling dance and alpine music in middle of a staggering village.


Hiking And Cliff Diving

You will be spell struck to see the views from top of the mountains, If you are into trekking the mountains, This is your place to explore. Hallstatt is home of most beautiful hiking trails of the world, There are number of romantic paths emerging from the middle of woods, that are great to traverse with your loved ones, there are navigation boards present to help you figure out your way.


Ancient Mines At Hallstatt

Salt mines are around 7 thousand years old, Salt mines are now preserved for the tourists and you will also find a mummy named as “A Man in Salt” A dead body of a miner preserved in salt was found in the mines, this mummy is said to be thousands of years old from the pre-historic times, There are also some artifacts present from the celtic age, which are said to be 7000 years old.


HallStatt Austria Attractions
Source: Weimin Chu

Thats all from Hallstatt Austria, If you are planning to visit  this beautiful heaven on earth and you have some queries,let us know we will help you out, And you can also share your experience of this stunning place,Also you can share what places you consider as the best Hallstatt Austria Attractions for the tourists to visit.


If you are looking for more details about HallStatt Austria Attractions for tourists, check out their Official Website.