Sark Island Travel Guide

Sark is a gorgeous Island of Channel islands, On the world map its lies about 150 KM from England, It is one of the most famous tourist destination for European residents. Sark Island is also a famous wedding destination, Reason being its orgasmic natural beauty and a peaceful resort.

Every year, Millions of tourists make their way to Sark Island to enjoy their vacations. Best thing about Sark is that its vehicle free, You wont find any car in Sark, But there are number of ways you can travel from one place to another, You can either ride a horse or use a cycle, There are also carriages pulled by horses, Literally Sark Island reminds you of medieval age,Staying away from the city life and close to nature along with blissful atmosphere which you will love.

When you get to the city on the main boulevard you will find number of people offering cycles, If it sounds troublesome for you, You can always opt for horses or carriages.The locals who are living in this beautiful place are very content with their lifestyle and their hometown.

We can guide you with Sark Island Travel Guide, If you intend to visit this beautiful place sometime soon.

Sark island travel guide

Sark Island Travel Guide

Sark Island has quite a history,  There is a visitor center which has all the records of history and artifacts collected from this piece of land, If you love history and you want to learn more about this beautiful place you should visit the la Societe Serquaise.

Sark island travel guide

There are a lot more places that you should visit, In this Sark Island travel guide, I’ll Include few of them which are as follows:

Places to Visit in Sark Island

  • Dolphins Delight

Dolphins delight is a great place to watch the beautiful bottle-nose dolphins, You can see dolphins, While wandering around in the nearby waters, they are mostly seen at the east side of Sark Island

  • La Seigneurie Gardens

Beautiful garden which is decorated and maintained well, It has number of great plants which solely grow on this Island.

  • Adventure Sark

Its an amazing experience, You can get to explore the underground cavern and as well some you can explore some beautiful caves, there are organised guides who can guide you around the caves, Its a great thing to do, Which you should must try out.

Sark island travel guide

There are number of sight seeing carriage trips which are worth a try, You can pre-book the carriage tour, Also there are number of festivals arranged all over year, You should read about them on Sark official website before making arrangement for your tour, Because these festivals are worth attending. You will find a lot of more stuff to do at Sark Island, Its truly a beautiful place, I hope this Sark island travel guide made you satisfied for what you were looking. If you still have some queries read more about Sark Island on their official website.

If you have even been to Sark Island, let us know about your experience in the comments.

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