Romantic Road Germany Guide

Romantic road Germany was constructed after the world war II to promote tourism in rural areas of country,It was constructed in 1950 and from then till now it has proved to be the most attractive tourist route.Main reason of its construction was to promote tourism in the southern part of Germany and connect it with the central Germany.It starts from Wurzburg and goes all the way to Bavaria and Fussen, The romantic road ends with a beautiful castle known as Neuschwanstein and the Bavarian alps.

Reason why it is so famous and adored by the tourists is that its surrounded by the alluring mountain scenery, You will also see wine farms and rural settlements around the river, It is very close to nature, You will see beautiful landscapes and Historical buildings from the Roman age that are still preserved in their original state. Importance of this road can be depicted by the forts created around romantic road Germany in the roman age to protects the traders travelling from Germany to Austria and Italy, Which were all part of Huge roman empire.

According to many tourists they classify romantic road Germany as the best travelling route and tourists attraction in Europe if you are travelling by the car. Romantic road is said to portray the actual Germany, full of peace and solace, With huge palaces and Gothic architecture.

Romantic road Germany

Romantic Road Germany Guide

Following are the most praised tourist attractions you will see while travelling via Romantic Road Germany:

  • Wurzburg

One end of Romantic road is Wurzburg, One of the famous palace of Wuzburg is Baroque Palace,Its a great wonder of architecture and its stair wall is largest in whole Germany, There are also number of museums in the city worth visiting

  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Every day numerous people come to see the village which served as a inspiration for Walt Disney to make “Pinocchio” film, It is still preserved as it was in Medieval age, You will find number of buildings and alleyways that depict the medieval age, If you want to go back to history this is the town to visit.

Romantic road Germany

  • Nordlingen

One of the few cities in Germany which are covered from the walls from every end, This town has stood still in every battle of world war, It is the same town in which people visiting late at night will hear the chant of “All is well” from Chruch of St. George.

  • Fussen

Fussen is last town of romantic road, Bishops of Augsburg used to spend their summer vacations there, It is also home of Neuschwanstein Castle made by Mad King Ludwig II to find solace from the public.

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Romantic road Germany

In summers, You will also find number of professional guides who are born and raised in that area and they know everything about this route, They can give you all the necessary information about your trips they are best when it comes to guiding on which places should be visited as this route is huge. But they are available only on weekends.

There is also an app of Romantic Road, The app will provide you all the information regarding the nearby tourists attractions and historical buildings that are worth a stop, It also provides you all the details regarding the public transport, details about accessibility, Restaurants, fuel pumps and everything you need to know before you get on this beautiful route. Romantic road Germany app is free to download on iOS and Android.

If you are planning to visit Germany and see this astounding route (Which you should), Then you should also check out the official website of Romantic road Germany for all the details regarding your trip.

That’s all from my side, If you have been to Romantic road Germany, let us know about your experience in the comments. Or if you have some queries about this route, We would love to help you out.