Best Places To Visit In Oslo Norway

Oslo is the next destination you definitely want to get to. It is the capital and the most populous city of Norway. Oslo is majorly known for three things, its architecture, museums and the greenery. Oslo originally means “Meadows consecrated to the Gods” and what’s better than a city so divine.



Oslo has a very rich history and heritage with it’s timeline starting from 1000 A.D from a few buildings straight to infinite buildings till 21st century with the most recent one as Oslo Opera House. The land area occupied by Oslo has about two-thirds secured by forests, lakes and hills, hence the green appearance.


Best Places To Visit In Oslo Norway

Oslo is a milestone of the contemporary architecture. This city has attracted a bunch of famous architects. Projects, to innovate the old cities, are on the go. There’s been an emergence of a grand skyline.

Although there are many places to visit in Oslo Norway, But following are the best places to visit In Oslo Norway:

1. The Oslo Opera House:


This white exterior literally appears to be emerging out of the water and looks super fascinating.

2.Holmenkollen National Ski Arena:

This includes Ski Museum and Jump Tower and is the ultimate attraction for the tourists.


3. The Barcode:

Barcode consists of a row  of multiple skyscraping multi-purpose buildings, basically giving the appearance of a barcode because of the arrangement of long and sleek buildings with spaces in between them.

The famous Munch Museum/Museet is the attractrive spot for art fanatics. It displays works of famous artists like Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh. Scream, the famous work of Munch, has found its home in the museum. The building of the museum is much of an art itself with its top spilling out giving the idea that the top would fall off any moment. The fascination speaks for itself.


Oslo is the ultimate spot for music fanatics because of its yearly music festivities being conducted inside the city.Oslo’s festivals include rock, world music, opera, literature, medieval music and films. So Oslo should be next to Tomorrow land when you think of music festivals next time. Some of the famous festivals are,

  • Oslo Chamber Music Festival
  • Stand Up Deluxe Festival
  • Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

The transport system of Oslo is quite elaborated and it has Norway’s most extensive transport system scattered across its land area, including, the six-line Oslo Metro network, a six-line Oslo Tramway and an eight-line Commuter Rail. Its transport network is rather one of those things you will definitely miss about Oslo.

Food In Oslo Norway

The food is defined as uber classic and the experience as, chic and fine.


Some of the best restaurants in oslo are,

  1. Bolgen and Moi Restaurant and Cafe: Famous due to its fabulous international cuisine and ultra-chic industrial setting.
  2. Grand Cafe; is a legendary cafe with a wall depicting legends like, Edvard Munch, henrik Ibsen and many others.
  3. Bristol Grill; located in one of Oslo’s most prestigious hotels, features international and Norwegian grills.

And if you’re looking for Halal food, there are restaurants in Oslo, like,

  • Tika Tika, which is an Indian fast food house.
  • Charlie’s, a burger and kebab house.
  • Fredrikke Kafe.


Above are the best places to visit In Oslo Norway according to my opinion, If you have been to this beautiful place let us know about your experience , If you have any query, Write to us or leave us a comment, we will get back to you.

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Beautiful places to visit in Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra, the only Island of Sunda Islands that completely falls inside Indonesian territory. The amazingly rich with culture, natural beauty and historic architecture, makes the island a must visit. The island’s culture is so rich, that it has more than 52 languages, which means more than 52 types of people, and the same number of different traditions. The island has got amazing flora and fauna. From wild tigers, to unique Rafflesias. It has more than 10 national parks, with amazing collections and zoos. Three of them are listed in UNESCO world heritage sites.


The island is populated too, the world’s most populated one. But people of the island are amazing, with many cultures, and a lot many languages, makes them very fascinating to meet and study. We will enlist some great and beautiful places to visit in Sumatra, which will make your time worth everything there.


Beautiful Places to visit in Sumatra

Maimun Palace


The Royal palace of the Sultanate of Deli. The Palace is known for its unique interior designing, amazingly designed with the touch of Malay cultural, as well as with the rich traditions of Islam, Spanish, Indian and as well as Italian. The unique style of the palace is the one of the most attracted and beautiful places to visit in Sumatra Island.


Lake Singkarak

A great beauty of the nature, a lake of fresh water near the cities of Padang and Panjang, and also Slok. The lake due to its amazing beauty is one of the most famous recreational and tourist site. The beautiful cool breeze, and amazing natural beauty makes it to our list of beautiful places to visit in Sumatra.


Aceh Tsunami Museum

This is an amazing building, and one of the best of beautiful places to visit in Sumatra. The Museum was created in the memory of the 2004 Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami, the museum consists of photographs of victims, and stories of the survivors, as well as it is designed to serve as a shelter for future, if the area is ever hit by another tsunami.



Rahmat International Wildlife Museum

The only Museum in the Asia that has more than a thousand species. he Museum is also a gallery, and has unique pictures and other materials. The museum also has a library. The foundation was laid by a sports and professional hunting fan, who has done a great deal to bring all these species for us to see. Another beautiful place to visit in Sumatra.


Ujong Blang Beach

The beach of the amazing river Estuary Cunda, stretches to four villages. People come to enjoy the evening time, and the amazing view of the sun set. The beach is decorated with a rural style resting resorts a great place to enjoy time with family.



Mount Merapi

Also known as the Fire Mountain is one of the most active volcano. It erupts regularly since the sixteenth century, and its top is covered with smoke more than 300 days a year. The amazing thing to see, are the villages and its dwellers, who live there despite the fact of regular eruption, a must visit and one of the best places to visit in Sumatra.




A waterful as beautiful as the uniqueness of its name. If you are in Sumatra, you can not miss Sipisopiso, as it is one of the most attracted tourist sight. The nearby place has a vintage point, with amazing vistas of the waterfall and the lake it generates from.


Amazing buildings

There are amazing historic buildings in Sumatra, we will enlist them below, so you don’t miss the amazing Malay architecture, mixed with the local traditions, and other influences. Some of the most amazing buildings are

  • Jam Gadang
  • Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni
  • Bait-Ur-Rahman Grand Mosque
  • Tjong A Fie Mansion
  • Vihara Gunung Timur


The above are some places, and amazingly beautiful buildings to see and enjoy on your visit to Sumatra. The Island is a must see place, and the beautiful places to see in Sumatra, are pieces of heavens on earth. Do share your experience of Sumatra with us, in the comment section below.

Best places to visit in Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is a German federal state, the largest of all the German states. The region is known for its amazing natural beauty, and the historic infrastructure it bears. Bavaria has been a part of the Holy Roman Empire, and also as a sovereign kingdom for over a century. The region through its rich history, and amazing natural beauty, has been one of the a key touring sites.  The beautiful snow caped mountains, the lush green hills and the amazing ancient Bavarian architecture is a breath taking experience to have. The amazing rich culture, and the friendly and hospitable people, plus the amazing cuisine. All in one pack, and all the best sites to visit in Bavaria are just amazing.

Although the region has got a great deal to offer, the current list of best places to visit in Bavaria have been the most cream.

Best Places to visit in Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle

A nineteen century Romanesque style castle. The castle has a great historic importance, and a great style of roman architecture. The castle is believed to have been bought by Ludwig the second of Bavaria with his personal fortune. The castle bears amazing sites of royalty. Situated in a rural area, over a hill top, giving a great view of the village down. A tour to the castle is truly an amazing experience, and that is why it tops our list of best places to visit in Bavaria.

neuschwanstein castle

English Garden

A 910 acres of stretching beauty of the eighteenth century, a public garden in the heart of Munich, which was built for Charles Theodore, by Benjamin Thompson. The beautiful garden serves as a great recreational and tourist site. The park offers amazing sites to watch such as

  • Japanisches Teehaus
  • Schonfeldwiese
  • Monopteros
  • Stienerne Bank
  • Chinescischer Turm (Chinese Tower)


Munich Residence

The main residence and royal seat of the Bavarian Monarchs, its is the biggest city palace in the whole Germany. The unique architecture of the palace makes it a best place to visit in Bavaria. The palace is open to visitors, enjoying its amazing architecture, finest royal decoration and a great deal of royal collection is what the palace offers.


Bavarian Alps

The part of Alps, that lies in the Bavarian region is called the Bavarian Alps. The amazing breath taking mountains, with generous amount of natural beauty, that makes your visit to the region an adventurous one. The glorious mountains offers amazing views and great recreational spots, and lakes.



A large freshwater lake, which was formed some more than 10,000 years ago. Another amazing and best place to visit in Bavaria. The lake is also known as Bavarian sea, as it covers a huge amount of area. The lake also bears three amazing islands, that can be reached, and visited. All in all, a great package of leisure time.



The largest peak in Germany. One of the most visited sites in the country too. The border between Austria and Germany also runs through this peak. The peak being a great visiting site, has got great facilities and amazing natural beauty, a must visit. One of the best places to visit in Bavaria and in Germany.


This is not, Bavaria is vast, and far more beautiful. There are other amazing things that we will enlist below, who couldn’t make it to the above list. But if you have a great deal of time, you will have to explore them too, and your trip will become even better.

  • Marienplatz
  • Linderhof Palace
  • Deutches Museum
  • New Town Hall
  • BMW Museum
  • Allianze Arena

BMW Welt


Visit the amazing lands of Bavaria, and when you do, share your wonderful experience with us in the comment section below.

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Adventure Trip to Amazon Rainforest Brazil

Amazon is world’s largest rainforest, It covers most of the brazil and half of the south america, Most parts of it are in brazil but it also covers some part of neighbouring countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. This forest covers over 7 million sq. kilometers. Some amazing facts about Amazon rainforest are as below:

  • Almost 20% of bird species live in this forest.
  • There are above 2.5 million insect species in Amazon.
  • Reports say that there are 390 billion trees which are further classified into 16 thousand species.
  • Study suggest that if temperature of earth will rise by 3 degree celsius, 75% of Amazon forest will burnout because of droughts and wildfires.


Adventure trip to Amazon Rainforest Brazil

Adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil

If you are into nature then its an amazing and mesmerising place to visit, you will be awestruck to see the massiveness and diversity of God’s creations, There are huge number of bird species to witness, you will also experience the huge Amazon river, It is more massive than the world’s eight largest rivers combined, You will also see civilizations of south american people in the jungle, There are also dangerous species in this forest including jaguars and cougars. All in all, If you are in love with nature this is the place to spend a week or so.

When to Go:

Best days to take a Adventure trips to Amazon rainforest Brazil is from June to November, Other months are rainy season which you should avoid.Although the temperature is hot and humid in these months.



How to Go:

Best way to explore and visit the great Amazon is to first get to Manaus Brazil, Which is one of the largest city of Brazil, It has all the facilities from hospitals to airports, You should get to Manaus by plane and there you should locate office of Adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil,There are many tour operators, You will find a lot of them on airport and on the roads, but its recommended that you should opt for the officially verified tour operators, Look out for the brazilian tourism board registration at the office of tour operators. They are professionals they will travel with you to the jungle, They have all the equipment and best thing is, In the huge forest, they know where to locate the exquisite species of birds and animals, You will have to stay at the base camps or there are Jungle lodges, These lodges offer rooms and comfortable ambience, everything necessary, even they have electricity in middle of nowhere.



Following are few reputable tour operators:

It is very easy of locate the registered tour operators in the city of Manaus, Other things you can opt for is traversing the huge Black water river named as Negro river and the other river that flows along the great rainforest is Solimoes, Which is also called Amazon river. You can take the cruise ship tours, there are also small boats tours which are relatively cheap, The plus point of these boat tours is that you can see and explore sublime scenes of Amazon forest from the river flowing along it, It is one of the best way to traverse through the huge forest, you might see number of great species in the surrounding jungle.

Adventure trip to Amazon Rainforest Brazil

Following are few companies operating boat tours in these both rivers along Manaus, You should get in contact with them for better details of what they have to offer you.

Most of the trip operators will pick you up from the Manaus city and after the trip is over they will drop you to your hotel or lodge. Before you go on for the trips, You should first study about what things you want to see and where you are supposed to go. A place where two rivers meet and their water is not mixed is recommended to all of our readers, Name of that place is Meeting of Waters, and its a must to see this extraordinary sight.


There are two majors areas to visit, Basin of Rio Negro and South side of Rio Amazonas, Although dont expect isolation in these places because there are some villages present in these areas of the jungle, You might not see the actual beauty of jungle in these areas, In order to get into the real jungle, You will have to pay more, Then you can go to the places unknown by most of the humankind with your guide.



Area of Rio Negro is populated with some south american indians, The river is acidic so you wont have to face much of mosquitoes, but that also means you won’t get to see much of wildlife there.

Area of Rio Amazonas is sparsely inhabited, people living there are farming, You will see a lot of animals there, but the nature is not in its real form, people have cut down forest for cultivation of land, Although you will see number of small rivers where you can explore on the boats.


Juma area is protected, there is no civilization there, You will see nature in its pure form, there are also number of wildlife species in this area. It is almost 100 KM from the Manaus but this is one of the most visited place along with lake Mamori.


Each year hundreds of thousand people take Adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil, So you dont have to worry about places to stay or restaurants to eat, there are number of stalls and restaurants offering great deals of food, Restaurant range from good standard to the cheap ones, Same is the matter for accommodation, If you are comfortable at cheap places you can save some money, You can also rent out nice and cozy lodges, which will provide you with private rooms and bathrooms with 24/7 electricity in the middle of huge jungle.

  • Remember to take your documents in waterproof backpacks or bags.
  • Do take a flashlight along as forest is jet black at nights.
  • Take along a pocket knife.
  • Mosquitos repellent is also necessary in order to avoid getting infected by the numerous bugs in the open.
  • A good guide can also show you the natural bugs repellent present in the jungle.
  • Only take necessary things, Things that you really need.

Many unexpected circumstances can occur during your Adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil, But If you love the nature and adventures, This will be your most memorable trip. In Amazon forest, You get to see the beautiful side of nature, you might also experience the brutal side of nature, Thee huge jungles might look very scenic from afar, But once you get inside them, They can be savage.

If you have ever taken an adventure trip to Amazon rainforest Brazil, Let us know in the comments, If you have any query regarding your adventure trip to amazon rainforest Brazil let us know, we will help you out, Also there are number of travel guidebooks on the web which you can buy or download for further help. We wish you best of luck for your trip.

Beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is a city, as beautiful as its name. The city has been built in early 5th century. The city from then serves as the capital of Georgia, as a royal seat to its monarchs, or as a federation capital. There are many beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi. The green natural beauty, and the amazing historic architecture. The city lies on the bank of the beautiful Matkvari River. The city contains beautiful lakes, with its amazing and rich history, it has many great historic museums, and all the beautiful infrastructure that the rich history of the country has left behind makes your visit a memorable one.

Although, the city has got many great and beautiful places, here are some of the most attracted ones.

Beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a city of both natural, and man made beauty. The following is the list of its amazing and great beauties.

Narikala Fortress

The ancient fortress, that looks over the city. The fortress was created to serves as a watch over the city, and the river Kura. The fortress has some addition from Umayyid times as well, as well as from all the other monarchs who have ruled the country. This makes it to the top of our list of beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi.


Sameba Cathedral

The main worshiping place of the people. It is also considered to be one of the largest orthodox church. Also known as The Holy Trinity Cathedral. It was built in the mid nineties. The cathedral is a prime example of great modern day architecture. An amazing building, and a breath taking place. One of the beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi.


Turtle Lake

Designed as a recreational zone, it is a tributary to the river Kura. Located in the outskirts of Tbilisi, but not that far. It is one of the most tourist attracted places. Names due to the abundance of turtles in the lakes. An amazing place, with a great view if the city to enjoy. The lake is natural one, so the fresh air there is always refreshing and beautiful.


Lisi Lake

This lake is different than turtle lake, it has less turtles, very less. Habitat to many species of birds. The surface is rocky, and the climate is mainly Mediterranean. In short, the lake is an exotic place to visit. Currently there are many developing projects going on. The lake is also a great place to enjoy, and sit around and gaze at the beautiful birds. It is another of the beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi.


Anchishkati Basilica 

An ancient church, which belongs to the sixth century. It was build and dedicated to the virgin Mary. The church is an example of amazing christian architecture, the great rich and religious history of the country. One of the beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi, and certainly one not to miss.




The city due to its rich culture, and great history also possess some great deal of historic assets. All available in the museums. The famous and great museums that marks the list of beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi are as follows.


  • Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography
  • Georgian State Museum of Theatre, Music, Cinema and Choreography

There are many other beautiful places to visit in Tbilisi, and things to do. Do share your experience with us in the comment section below. Have fun.

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Best Places of Manaus Brazil to visit

Manaus is one of the most famous tourist destination in Brazil, Its a huge city with population of over 2 million. The thing that makes it so famed among the tourists is its location, Manaus Brazil is located in middle of Amazon rain forest, You can only get to this city by plane, There is a route via boats but it takes days, There are no roads between Manaus and other big cities of Brazil, This city lies in the heart of Amazon forest, far north in the country, Manaus also hosted games of FIFA world cup 2014.

Most of the travelers visiting this city are fond of adventures and wildlife, They arrive in Manaus and then make way to the great Amazon rain forest, Brazil cover almost 13% of world’s forest area there are around 390 billion trees split into 16,000 species in this huge rain forest.

Manaus is also famous for rubber production and its vivid coloured houses,In 20th century Manaus used to produce almost 90% of the world rubber. People from around the world visit Manaus to see its opera house, which is world famous and it regularly holds shows and exhibitions to portray the culture and history of this beautiful area. Now lets move on to the best places in Manaus Brazil to visit.

There are two major rivers around Manaus, Solimoes and Negro, These both river merge into the great Amazon river, Negro is said to be the largest black water river in the world.

When to go:

In Manaus Brazil and its surrounding, Rain season start from December and ends in may, So its adviseable to visit from June to November, Although weather might be hot in June but in summers you might get a chance to attend the great festival of Folcloria de Amazinas, Its a musical festival which conducted for a whole month. It will give you an idea about how they party in Brazil.

Best Places of Manaus Brazil to visit

Although there is plenty to see in Manaus Brazil, But there are few prominent places that are worth visiting, I have compiled them under the list of Best Places of Manaus Brazil to visit. While your stay at Manaus, you can explore the wildlife, see hundreds of different species, Lay low at the beautiful beaches, explore the huge rivers or explore the diverse cultures of people of Brazil.

  • Explore The Great Amazon Rain forest

Best Places of Manaus Brazil

If you want to get into the jungle, that is not a very good idea if you are on a formal travel tour, Because inside the jungle the conditions are strenuous, Its humid and hot, Nature is brutal, You will find unwanted circumstances when you get into the jungle and plan to stay,But If you love the nature, Then its the best place you will ever set your foot in, You will see huge number of great species unknown to most of the humankind, Best thing is you should hire a guide or book a tour from tour operators in the city of Manaus. They know the places around, they can help you to find spots where you can see the beautiful creatures.

  • The Meeting of Waters

Best Places of Manaus Brazil

Little outside from Manaus, The huge black water river named as Negro meets with the Amazon river also called as Solimoes by the local people, These both rivers meet and their water is not mixed for 6 miles, It’s an amazing sight to see, Colour of Amazon river is light brown and Negro river is all black, It looks like both rivers are flowing along, The sight is mesmerizing.

  • Teatro Amazonas also known as Amazon Theatre

Best Places of Manaus Brazil
Source: Telegraph

One of the most antique site of Manaus, An Opera theatre named as Teatro Amazonas, Its a huge theatre built in the heart of city by the rubber barons, Huge sums of money was spent on its making, Finest construction material was imported from different parts of the world, The marble in the opera house is from Italy and the specialist from the Glasgow were hired for Iron work, This theatre has terrific interior and architecture, That makes this site as one of the best places of Manaus Brazil.

There are also many other places to visit and things to do, Above mentioned are what I considered as the best places of Manaus Brazil, Your opinion might vary, Different people have contrasting likings, But One thing’s for sure, If you ever visit Manaus, You can’t afford not to see the above mentioned Best places of Manaus Brazil.

If you have ever been to Manaus, Share your experience with us in the comments, If you need any help regarding this city or your travel, We would love to help you guys out.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran to Visit

Mashhad Iran is one of the most famous city in the country, Every year around 345 thousand people visit this city,According to an estimate every visitor spends around $1500 in this city and it makes approximately $517 million from all the tourists, Tourism in Mashhad Iran is basically shrine based, there are 9 holy shrines of Shia-Muslims in this holy city of Iran, Mashhad is located around 900 KM from the capital Tehran.

Most of the people visiting Mashhad are from the neighboring countries,Great number of people came to Mashhad after the end of Saddam regime,After the war started in Iraq, Huge number of shia-Muslims have migrated from Iraq to Mashhad to seek refuge.

Mashhad is Iran’s second largest city, There are good facilities for the tourists visiting, There are number of five star hotels around the famous shrine of Imam Raza, Considering the huge number of tourists travelling to this city from different parts of the world, Mashhad is now a developed city, Its one of the most important city of Iran after Tehran. Lets move on to Best Places of Mashhad Iran to visit.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran to Visit

Although Mashhad Iran doesnot have many places to visit, there are only small number of places that can be visited, and I have compiled the list of Best Places of Mashhad Iran which you will read below, Mostly people travel to this city to offer their visit to the shrines,There are number of shrines in Mashhad Iran, But the most prominent shrines is of Imam Raza, who is Shia-Muslims 8th Imam and he is buried in this very city, every year hundreds of thousand people visit his shrine. Photography from digital camera is not allowed in the shrine, although you can take pictures from your cell phones, If you’re foreigner and you don’t speak the native language you should go to the catering office and they will give you all the necessary information and a guide will take you around the shrine for free.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

Water Waves Park:

There are number of great water parks in Mashhad Iran,The ticket seller at the gate reported almost 20% of the people who visit this part are from neighboring countries. Its a huge water park, But its mostly crowded, Many people have reported that you can spend your whole day in this water park still you wont get tired of it.


There are number of restaurants around 20 km from the main city, Famous among them are Torqabeh and Shandiz, These restaurants attract huge number of tourists, Everyone in the neighboring countries knows about the great food served here, The most famous  dishes of Mashhad Iran served in these restaurants are Kebabs, Shishlik and Barg Kebabs.

Bazehoor Fire Temple

Very few people know about this 2500 years old temple, It was a fire temple, now it stands as ruins of a temple, Name of this place is in native language in which Baz means gate and hoor means sun . If you are interested into visiting ancient sites and ruins, You will love this place.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

There are other number of places to visit in Mashhad Iran, Including the Gohar Shad Mosque and Carpet museum, At the carpet museum you will see great number of great hand made carpets with amazing designs and calligraphy, You can visit this museum any day in a week but Friday.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

Remember that its a national law of Iran that women have to dress modestly, A headscarf is considered necessary for the ladies, Where as men are not allowed to wear shorts in any part of the country, So you should follow the rules to avoid getting into any trouble, Stay away from the protests and demonstrations, If you are US National, You can contact Swiss embassy in case of any problem, Because US embassy doesn’t works in Iran. Best thing to do is to get blended into the masses, ladies should wear chaddar and men should not wear shorts.

Above are the Best Places of Mashhad Iran, If you have been to this city, let us know in the comments, If you are planning to visit Mashhad Iran, and you have any query regarding travel, let us know in the comments we will try to help you out.


Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Kerak is a famous place in Jordan, It also one of most imminent tourist destination,You might have heard of it reading the history books, Kerak is famous for its Crusader castle, It is one of those huge castles you might have seen before in Crusader movies, Kerak castle has a spectacular position considering from war point of view, It lies on the peak of mountain and it is covered by the valley from three sides, It was a focal strategic location in the Crusaders.

From this castle you can have view of the sublime dead sea, which is another famous tourist spot in Jordan, people from all around the word come to see Kerak castle and the dead sea. Kerak is quite an old settlement of humans, The inscriptions found in this city date back to 9th century Before Christ, It is said that this place is inhibited by human population from the Iron age. You will read that this area has been under constant war, Where different empires tried to capture Kerak, Conquerors used to come from the dead sea in order to get hold of this city. Now lets move to Kerak Jordan Travel Guide from history of this sublime place.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Lets move to Kerak Jordan travel guide, If you are travelling to Jordan, You should visit this beautiful place, one of the most noticeable tourist destination is Kerak Castle, This castle was made by the Crusaders, But it was under their control for only 46 years, Kerak castle was under the rule of Reynald di Chatilion, He was a barbaric and psychotic man, Who  always wanted a war between Muslims and Christians, He used to loot the trade caravans and execute the Muslim pilgrims travelling to Makkah, He also raided the red sea ports, breaking the peace treaty.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

When Saladin heard about breaking of all the treaties from the lord of kerak, He attacked the crusader kingdom, defeated the army and seized the town,During war this town was held by the crusaders for 8 months and then they surrendered, Saladin mercifully allowed the crusaders to return to their lands, and executed Reyland himself.

There is an event arranged at kerak Known as Sight and Sound Event, At that event the castle is decorated with the lights and a documentary is shown which gives all the information about Kerak from late 800 BC, Documentary covers all the major events of history and it throws light on different human settlements from the Iron age.

When you go to Kerak castle, you will be amazed to see the never ending passage ways, This castle is great example of crusader architecture, Till now a chapel exists at the upper portion of this beautiful castle from where you can see almost whole town and dead sea.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Other Tourist destination in the town of Kerak are:

  • Burj Al-Banawi
  • Showbak Castle
  • Mazar Islamic Museum
  • Karak Archaeological Museum

The Karak Archaeological Museum is present inside the castle,It has artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine Crusader and Nabataen era,Its a huge museum with great number of amazing artifacts, you will love it if you are into History. Artifacts in this museum date from 6000 BC to 14th century AD.

That’s all from the Kerak Jordan Travel Guide, If you have been to this stunning place, let us know in the comments, You can also ask us if you have any query regarding your travel to Kerak Jordan.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

Jordan is hub of tourists from all around the world,and Jerash Jordan is one of the most prominent tourism destination, Most of the tourists are from Europe and USA, In 2010 around 3.5 billion US dollars were spend by the tourists in Jordan, So Tourism is one of the imminent industry in Jordan. Main reason for all this positive response from the tourists is presence of number of historical ruins, One of the most famous site is Petra which is also considered as one of the wonder of the world.

Moving on to Tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan, This city is also called “A Rome away from Rome”, Jerash holds ruins of roman empire, Most of them are the most ancient ruins still standing, They date back to BC 63. It was one of the 10 most important cities of Roman Empire in the era of Decapolis, Jerash is still preserved because it was covered by the desert sand for thousands of years, All these sites are discovered in round about 50 years back in the history.

Jerash Festival is one of the most famous event around the world for the tourists, If you are planning to visit tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan, Then look out for this festival and plan accordingly,It is usually held in July and it offers number of great shows and activities, Cultural shows are arranged in this festivals portraying the history of this beautiful place on earth. People from number of countries come to perform on this festival, There is also an exhibition of traditional handicrafts and art shows from people of different backgrounds, Its a perfect destination to visit with your family or friends. The theme of this festival is Greco-Roman history.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

Jerash enjoyed its prosperity in 3rd century, When almost 20 thousands people used to live in this city,That age is considered as “Golden Age” in Jerash history. Being the most important city of Rome, This city holds number of sites that were part of this important city, City holds temples, theaters, baths, fountains, forts and huge gates. All ruins are preserved well and worth visiting if you are into history and ancient culture. Following are the Roman ruins sites now considered as tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan:

  • Hadrian’s Arch

When the emperor Hadrian visited Jerash in 129 AD to praise the prosperity of this roman city, This splendid arch was constructed on his welcome.
Source: candicedoestheworld. com

  • Hippodrome

A arena used for the famous fights of gladiators, Chariot races and other spectacular sports, It can hold upto 15000 peopl, Truly a magnificent site and one of the best Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

  • Oval Plaza

As I was talking about the Jerash festival, It is one of the site of that festival, It has great number of columns on the sides and there is a fountains and two altars at the middle of this arena, Its a great site to visit during Jerash festival.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

  • Nymphaeum

It was constructed in 191 AD, It is said to be the fountain dedicated to the Nymphs, Its quite a large place constructed with amazing architectural design, It served to be a recreational site in the ancient city.

  • Temple of Artemis

According to Greek mythology, This temple was dedicated to Artemis, who is said to be sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus, This temple was used to offer sacrifices to her in ancient times, 11 columns outside the temple are still standing, Inside the temple there is a stage made from marble, Which supposedly had Artemis statue.

  • Ajloun Fort

It is a great fort, Located near the Jerash ruins, If you visit the ruins you should visit this castle as well, In the days of Saladin the great, It used to protect and control the trading route between Egypt and Damascus, This Castle is huge, it also has a mosque in it, called as Ajlun Mosque, Which is considered as the most ancient mosque in Jordan, It was first a Christian church in Byzantine era.

Above are the most famous Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan, If you have been to this sublime city share your experience with us in the comments, If you have any queries regarding your travel to Jerash Jordan, Visit the official site of Jordan Tourism.

Belize Travel and Stay Guide

Belize is the only country in Central America with English as official Language, Belize is present next to Mexico just above Guatemala. It has a huge coast line with Caribbean sea. Lets get to our Belize Travel and Stay Guide, Belize is a small country with very scarce population, Belize might have less population of Humans, But you will find great number of amazing marine and terrestrial species.

One of the positive point of Belize is that it has diverse culture, If you ever travel to Belize and stay there, You have to do one thing, Interact with people. You will notice there are number of different cultures and norms in people, There is much diversity in traditions, and you will love to explore it, People with different cultures and beliefs live on this piece of land with respect for other’s cultures, Best part is that they all celebrate each other religious or cultural festival. Its a great and peaceful country, You can also consider Belize as part of your retirement plan.

Belize Travel and Stay Guide

Belize is a great vacation destination, You can visit with your friends or with your family, there are a lot of activities to do, It is a peaceful place and very close to nature, If you want to get out of your work life and lay off under the sun for days at some peaceful place, Belize it is then. Although many people speak Spanish, But English is understood among them, and most probably you wont have any communication Issue. Moving onto Belize Travel and Stay Guide, There are number of Places you can visit in this beautiful place which are as follows:

Mayan ruins

Belize Travel and stay

Belize is said to be important city in the era of Mayans, There are number of Mayans temples in Belize, There are over 1400 sites of ruins of Mayans in Belize, Shows that they had huge settlement in this area, There are artifacts and inscriptions on the stones,Even now number of historical artifacts are being discovered in Belize from the ancient era of Mayans, There are number of Museums in the country where these artifacts are put on display for the visitors to understand Mayan culture.


Belize Travel and Stay Guide

Belize has a huge coastline, There are great number of activities you can do on the coast line. There are number of Islands near to the coast where you can sail, From nature to ancient ruins you will find everything on coastline of Belize, Following are the activities you can do on the coastline:

  • Explore the Reef
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Visit Mayan Ruins
  • Explore the Blue Hole

Along with the places mentioned above, You can visit number of great restaurants and hotels along the coasts, There are private touring firms that offer you tours of nearby Islands and the blue hole, They have professional guides and all the equipment neccessary.

Belize Zoo

As I Mentioned before there are great number of species in this Island, Belize Zoo has all the orphan and rescued animals of this country,You will love to read the story of every animal that has been rescued by the team of wildlife zoo Belize, There are also exotic animal in the zoo,Belize Zoo is covered over 29 acre of land.

Belize Stay:

Belize is a coastal area so the climate here is a blessing, very moderate climate as it lies next to mexico, Bank system of Belize is developed and it can be trusted, They respect foreign investors, They also have a program for Retirement, In which you can import your goods from other country without any tax, There is also no tax on your income which comes from outside the country.

Belize Travel and Stay Guide
Large Marine Sinkhole Near the Coast of Belize

I hope this Belize Travel and Stay Guide, Helped you to make up your mind for vacations, or for settling up after retirement, Whatever your plan is, share with us in the comments, You can also share your experience of your tour, If you have ever been to this beautiful place.

If you have any queries, Refer to Belize Travel and Stay Guide on their official site.