Best places to see in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, controlled by its own government. History of Gibraltar is rich and amazing. The place has seen many wars, different rules, and now a lot of claims. Gibraltar remains an independent state, but closely tied to the British government than any other overseas territory of the Kingdom.

Tourism is one of the major aspect of Gibraltar’s economy, as it relies on it on a vast level, so tourism is vastly important, and enjoys its great importance in the place. The place is amazing to visit, and has got many best places to see in Gibraltar, rich historic places, new modern developments, a great hill which gave the city its name, amazing beaches. A small place where you will find people of different ethnicity, but the most amazing part is, that you can see Africa while you stand on European soil.


Best Places to see in Gibraltar

Rock Of Gibraltar

The huge monolithic promontory that is the most prominent thing in the area. It is a huge rock placed on the land, and also is one of the pillars of Hercules. It is a home to a great number of Barary macaques, a wild monkey specie, which is not very wild, and rather friendly, these are the only population of wild monkeys in Europe.


St. Michael’s cave

“A mountain with wonderful concavities, which has its western side almost opened by a large cave which may be penetrated far into the interior”.

The above was a statement about the cave by geographer in the ancient times, as early as 45AD. The amazing network of limestone caves, which is one of the prominent tourist spots of the place, amazing network of caves, with breath taking sights. The different shades of the interior makes even better. Another of the best places to see in Gibraltar, makes it another of the best places to see in Gibraltar.


Moorish Castle

The great castle, which is a great historic beauty, was build by a Muslim Almohad Sultan, Abdul Mu’min. the castle has got both Muslim and Christian style of architecture, as it had fallen in both hands. The castle enjoys a great location, and the The Tower of Homage is prominent and clearly visible, it was the highest tower in Muslim Spain, don;t miss this great beauty being one of the best places to see in Gibraltar.


Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

One of the Mosques constructed by the late King of Saudi Arabia, King Shah Faisal. It is one of the biggest Mosque’s on a non-Muslim territory. The Mosque is also one of the prominent tourist attraction, and consists of a school, library and a lecture hall. The great Islamic architecture is breath taking-ly beautiful.  The Mosque is also known as the The Mosque of the custodian of the two holy Mosques.


St. Andrew’s Church

The old garrison church for Scottish soldiers, was opened to in 1854, it is old, and the original building is unknown, but it is quite old. The church has a great architecture, and a wonderful interior that will make you admire the beauty of the designers.




Other attractions


Apart from all the above best places to see in Gibraltar, there is a lot more to discover in this small place, some of the other great places are as follows.

  • Catalan Bay
  • Europa Point
  • Gibraltar Botanical Gardens
  • Trafalgar Cemetery

Visit Gibraltar, and enjoy a place of great and rich history and an amazing location, and do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Best Places Of Aalborg Denmark To Visit

Well! Of course most of us are aware of the fact that Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and that it is quite beautiful and famous, internationally, but to be fair to other parts of Denmark, we do wanna talk about them too and what better than Aalborg!

Aalborg has a great historical significance. It is better known as the city of industries and universities. It is situated in the North of Jutland, Denmark and is the fourth most populous city of Denmark.

The city is smoothly undergoing the transition from a working-class industrial land to a knowledge-seeking community. This grain and cement exporter have a wide-scale consequential industrial platform amongst other industrialist grounds.

As I would repeat here, Aalborg is a significant historical and cultural hub, majorly due to its annual orchestras, carnivals and theatrical displays.

Aalborg is known as “The Paris Of North” and its motto is, “Seize The World”. How they say it in Danish, “Vill Med Verden“, is so grand and if I were you, I would definitely think about getting my day seized in this little paradisiacal city.

The people of this city are most satisfied from their city and how grateful that looks.


Aalborg has its very own railway station, the Aalborg railway station. The European Route E45 stretches from Sweden to Italy so while travelling these countries, you can visit Aalborg on transit. Aalborg Airport is 6 km from the city centre and is the third largest airport of Denmark

Best Places Of Aalborg Denmark To Visit

Aalborg is cold most of the year. For some tropical vibes, you can visit Egholm, which is an Island based on a population of around 55 people(2013 Consensus). Now lets move on to Best places of Aalborg Denmark:Best Places of aalborg, Denmark to visit

Aalborg had had an important relation with history and for some historical charm, you do wanna get to a spot, like Aalborghus House. This ruddy painted woodwork with whitewash panels is the winner.

Best Places of aalborg, Denmark to visit

One of the most famous streets of Aalborg is Jomfru Ane Gade, literally meaning Virgin Anne’s Street. This the busiest street whether we talk about day or night. It’s most popular for its crazy-running restaurants and cafes, the hustle bustle stays the whole night swarming through its clubs, bars and discos. This street looks like we’ve entered into some French movie’s shooting set. Literally!

Best Places of aalborg, Denmark to visit

Nytorv Square is a pedestrian hub containing  huge, shady buildings with towers and it’s glorious in totality with ruddy hue, Truly one of the Best places of Aalborg Denmark.

Best Places of aalborg, Denmark to visit

Lindholm Hoje Museum is a symbol of the archaeological excavations done in the 1950s to have revealed the ancient burial sites. 

best places of Aalborg, Denmark to visit


Last but not the least, Utzon Centre, situated in front of the central harbour next to Limfjord, is a must-visit place and is amongst the best places of Aalborg Denmark to visit. It is named after the famous architect, Jorn Utzon and this place’s art, architecture and build is credited to this man. It contains several buildings separated by spaces, there’s a concert hall, and display of Sydney Opera House, some educational portrays of contemporary architecture and a lot of beauties.

best places of Aalborg, Denmark to visit


Aalborg is called a cultural hub because of the Aalborg Carnival which is held at the end of may each year. This lively and happening carnival is the largest one in Scandanavia and each year about one-hundred-thousand people visit it. So this year you should be one of those people.

best places of Aalborg, Denmark to visit

Food In Aalborg, Denmark

For some edible adventures, you should get to restaurants like Restaurant Fusion, Mortens Kro, Restaurant Tabu, Utzon and for halal food you can visit Delikat and Mumbai restaurants.

Restaurant Fusion is a Japanese restaurant.

Mortens Kro offers gourmet food.

Restaurant Tabu presents you with the typical cultural Danish food.

Utzon is situated in Utzon Centre and provides you with some open sandwiches experience.

These are the best places of Aalborg Denmark to visit and if you feel like adding something up to the list, feel free to leave your feedback below. For more on Aalborg, visit the official website.

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Beautiful places to see in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Named after the father of Queen Victoria of Britain, the smallest province in Canada, and a province which has no boundary, only water all around it. It is a province that consists of small islands. The Island is one of the most fascinating place to visit, the natural beauty, great coasts, beaches, loveliest weather, and an amazing environment for a great and peaceful vacation. This is a place, where you will be dreaming to spend your location in.

There are amazing and beautiful places to see in Prince Edward Island, all green and naturally beautiful. We will give some of the hints with our list, the rest is for you to explore.


Beautiful Places to see in Prince Edward Island

Confederation Trial

A 470 KMs recreational trial, that will tour you around the whole province. The trial was made after all the railway lines were abandoned in the province, and they went to make it a recreational visit around the province. The main trial goes from Tignish to Elmira, but many smaller branch trials are there, which give the tourist one great time around the Island. A great and one of the beautiful places to see in Prince Edward Island.


Beautiful-Places-to-see-in-Prince-Edward-Island, Canada
Confederation Trail, Uigg

St Dunstan’s Basilica

A large Cathedral of the Diocese of Charlottetown, a very old design, but was rebuild in the early twentieth century due to a fire, but the place still holds its beauty of the old time amazing architecture, and great influence of the tradition it was designed for.

Beautiful-Places-to-see-in-Prince-Edward-Island, Canada


One of the historic assets of the country, the great estate of one of the fathers of the confederations, William Henry Pope. The place contains his country cottage, and today the cottage is of vast historic importance. The tales of Pope roam around the place, and his old house fascinates people. Another of the beautiful places to see in Prince Edward Island.

Beautiful-Places-to-see-in-Prince-Edward-Island, Canada

Mill River Fun Park

If you are in the Island, you cannot miss the great amusement of Mill River, bring your children there, and if you don’t have any, you can simply bring the child inside your heart. A great place to forget all the worries of the life, and have a time with the heart.

Beautiful-Places-to-see-in-Prince-Edward-Island, Canada

Charlottetown City Hall 

Designated as a National historic sight, the hall is also the seat to the City council. The great architecture of the Romanesque revival style, and the minds of some legendary architects. The hall was completed in 1888. The famous fire hall of the building makes it to the list of Beautiful places to see in Prince Edward Island.

Beautiful-Places-to-see-in-Prince-Edward-Island, Canada

Souris Beach Provincial Park

When you have your stay, and you are done visiting all the beautiful places to see in Prince Edward Island, you can not go home without enjoy a day at Souris Beach Provincial park. The beach is shallow, so you can enjoy a walk in the sea, and have a great day time, as the park is opened at day only, with your family and friends.

Beautiful-Places-to-see-in-Prince-Edward-Island, Canada


Other attractions

The great Island has got more places beautiful and attractive too, some more provincial parks, and monuments to see, as you can see, this calm and peaceful place has got more than just peace to offer. Other attractions include.

  • Victoria Park, Charlottetown
  • Port La Joy Fort, Amherst
  • Jaques Cartier Provincial Park
  • Confederation Bridge
  • Trans Canada Trial

This list is not it, there is much more to see, and amazing people to have a nice time with. You will find classy hotels, and great cuisine from around the world. DO share your experience with us below.

Best Places of Malmo Sweden To Visit!

Stockholm is what comes to mind when we think about Sweden, but the truth is that there are other beautiful cities in Sweden that adds to the beauty of it en bloc. Malmo is one such parallel of beauty that you should add to your list of destinations to get to.

Malmo is known as “The City Of Parks“. From its divine and rip-roaring beaches to its kicky architecture, this is the place to visit once before you die.

There are some very fine and best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. Malmo is located in the Scania province close to the southwestern tip of Sweden. Malmo is the capital of Skane County and is the most populous city as well, plus it’s the third largest city of Sweden, the 7th bicycle friendly city in the world( hoots to the mountain bike riders) and has a greater influence and significance on the international platform. And if that’s not enough, Malmo basically constitutes the Oresund Region along with Copenhagen and is the most densely populated city in Scandinavia, plus it’s a global village. So how come we’re not putting it on the list!

Malmo has an oceanic climate. Summers are breezy, warm and pleasant and winters are moderately cold.


If you’re visiting Copenhagen and ever wish to see Malmo, that’s not a problem. Every now and then, The Oresund Line trains crosses from Copenhagen to Malmo and vice versa, in fact, it would stop right at the Copenhagen Airport.

And connections from other cities of Sweden, that is, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Kalmar are also made to the Copenhagen Airport through the intercity trains.

Malmo has an airport of its own, the Malmo Airport, which is primarily used for inter-country/Domestic transport purposes.

A Bike Path of 410Km has been installed in the city which is being hopped on by 40% bicycles.

Best Places of Malmo Sweden To Visit

The contemporary architecture is the best part of Malmo, how this city has absorbed too much of artsy buildings into it will keep you awestruck.

  • Sankt Petri Church,

This is one of the most ancient buildings of Malmo, consisting of a tower and two aisles which was built in the 14th century.


  • Malmo Opera House,

This 1,511 seated Opera House is basically the largest Opera house in the Scandinavian sphere, it offers musicals, plays operas and classical composition.


  • Moderna Museet Malmo,

The classico-modern orange exterior of the museum is eye-catching and too flashy to be handled and is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. It holds exhibitions portraying the famous pieces of Bourgeois, Picasso, Phalle, Dali, Rauschenberg.


  • Twisted Torso,

This is one great example of the modern architecture of the city. This building stands as a twisted torso, just like that of a human, as it turns around. It’s high-end and a mind-boggling look is just heavenly and explicit.


  • Malmo Live,

Malmo live is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit and  is one of the recent development( of 2k15) in the city. This skyrocketing build features a concert hall, a hotel, a congress hall and a sky bar.

Malmö Live

  • Risersborg Beach,

One of the legitimate locales of man-made production that looks so natural is the Risersborg beach which is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. This beach, stretching across the coastline of Malmo is an exhilarating panorama. It’s calmness and serenity can put aside the day to day nerve wreck.


Food In Malmo, Sweden

Best food in Malmo can be found at Bastard, Daniel Berlin, Mando Steakhouse, Malmo Opera Grill and Laziza( if you’re looking for halal food).

Bastard’s environment is so relaxing with a big kitchen in the centre and dimly lit dining spaces around and they serve food with a knife stuck into them, presented from heaven, I know.

Daniel Berlin, a family-run restaurant, is located in Skane which is about an hour’s drive from Malmo and you wouldn’t mind the distance once you taste the food. It’s so, so good.

Music and food are a match made in heaven and if you’re looking for both, Malmo Opera Grill is where you have to be.

In my opinion, these are the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. Please, leave your feedback down there and if you feel anything else could be added to the list, be sure to come forward.

For more information visit the official website of Malmo, Sweden.

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Best Places of Ghent Belgium to Visit

Ghent is capital city of East Flanders province of Belgium, The civilization of Ghent Belgium date back to the Iron Age, And in that age it was one of the most richest city all over Europe, If you happend to visit Ghent, After taking a round of historical building and analysis the architecture of ancient sites, You can estimate how wealthy this city was. Even now it is one of the major tourist city of belgium, People from around the world visit ghent either for studying or for recreational purposes.

Ghent lies close to Brussels, Which is Capital of Belgium, so if you’re visiting the capital you should take a train it will take around thirty minutes to get to ghent from brussels, Ghent has a huge university, where over sixty thousand students are studying from all around the world. So you will find many young people in the city, With different stories, they are educated and very friendly, So dont hesitate interacting with the students as well as the locals, It is the best way to know more about the history and culture of the city.

Best Places of Ghent Belgium

Best places of Ghent belgium
Source: HolidayHD .Link

Ghent is a small city, Even if you are on foot it will take around 20 minutes to get to the center of city, If you are living at ghent, Even a cycle will be your best transport medium, Most of the tourists and locals use a well organised system of public transport, which is recommended to you aswell. Following are the few sites which I consider as the best places of Ghent Belgium, So if you’re visiting this exquisite city, You owe a visit to the following places:

Saint Bravo Cathedral

Saint Bravo Cathedral is one of the top historical sites of Ghent. The Cathedral, Its design and architecture. Everything is so magnificent, that you will be left awestruck after entering this building, There are number of tombs of old emperors along with unique artifacts from the history, and collection of art and jewel treasures, Everything makes this cathedral one of the best places of Ghent Belgium to visit.

Best places of Ghent belgium

Ghent City Museum – STAM

In this Museum, You will find artifacts from different ages in the history. This museum is very diverse, where you will be astonished to see the artifacts and their history, The Museum is now moving towards the technology, there are multimedia devices that offer presentations on different times of history and how Ghent played its part in the medieval age.

Check out the virtual tour of Ghent city Museum


There are number of buildings which depict the 20th century architecture, these are the places which will give you an idea about how sublime this city was in the early age, there were also socialist democratic movements in those times. And Vooruit is a name of one such movement, there were different buildings under their control which are now used as sites for arts and culture exhibition.

Best places of Ghent belgium

Another thing you should try is, Tour of the canals in a cruise ship, these cruise ships are not even expensive and cost around seven euros for an individual, The good thing about these cruise ship tours is that you can view almost whole of the Ghent from the outskirts, It is truly very good experience for tourists.

Thats all from by side, If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, Or if you think there should be ammendment in the list of best places of Ghent Belgium, Let me know your opinion regarding it. If you want to read more about this city and accommodation, Visit the official site of Ghent Belgium

Best Places of Arosa Switzerland to Visit

Arosa is one of the most famous tourist destination in Switzerland, Each year thousands of tourists from all around the world come to this beautiful place to spend their vacations or holiday. In Winters, Arosa Switzerland is famous for Skiing and in summers, You can visit this beautiful place to see the mesmerising sights of nature.

Arosa is famous among the celebrities as well, If you ever occurred to visit this town, you might see some famous people roaming around or skiing on the alps, Arosa was first governed by the municipality of Davos, But in 1851 Arosa became an independent.

Entire Area of Arosa Switzerland is 50 KM sq. , It is indeed a small town, But dare you! not to consider it as a boring place, There are a lot of places to visit at this tourist resort,from them I’ve mentioned the most astonishing sites below under the heading of Best Places of Arosa Switzerland.

How to Get to Arosa Switzerland:

There is no transit traffic in Arosa, The government has done best to preserve the natural beauty of this beautiful place, You can get to Arosa by the railway station of Chur, A road also connects this beautiful resort with rest of the country, I would recommend you to travel by road, On your way you will see some miraculously stunning sights of huge apls and farms, It is one hell of a road trip. There is also a cable car connecting the nearby Lenzerheide Urdenfurggli. So you can travel between these two beautiful places.

Best places of Arosa Switzerland

Best Places of Arosa Switzerland to Visit

If you are visiting this beautiful resort sometime soon,Or you’re just planning right now whether to visit or not, take a look at these places below, as these tourist spots just can’t be left out from your trip schedule.

Weisshorn Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in the town, It offers 360 degree view of almost all the amazing peaks of the Swiss alps, That is totally worth watching.

Best places of Arosa Switzerland

Untersee beach

Arosa is a valley, So it gets a lot of sunlight, The best beach you will find in this area is Untersee, You can sunbathe, or dive in the swimming pools. There are also other sports, including an open air restaurant, Totally one of the best places of of Arosa Switzerland.

Obersee water and lights display

Best water and light show in whole of Europe, It is sponsored by Rhätische Bahn and it is held on Friday,Saturday and Tuesday from June to October, It is also considered the biggest lights and music water show in Europe.

Best places of Arosa Switzerland

Events at Arosa Switzerland

There are number of events conducted at this beautiful resort,Some of them are skiing championships, Other are great festivals exhibiting the great culture and tradition of Arosa, The best of them are mentioned below:

  • IceSnowFootball
  • Jazz Festival
  • Classic Car
  • Humour Festival
  • Arosa Jazz Festival

When you will visit Arosa, You will get the Arosa Card, from the tourism office,with this card you can use the cable cars, government bus and boats without any charges, Its one of the great initiatives by governing authority for the tourists.

Thats all from this beautiful heaven on earth, If you have been there, Lets us know which places you consider as the best places of Arosa Switzerland. If you have any queries regarding your travel, Let us know in the comments. If you want to read more about Arosa Switzerland, visit their Official Website.

Best Places in Liberec Czech Republic To Visit

This post is about the best places you’ll get to visit in Liberec, Czech Republic.The fifth largest city of Czech Republic is Liberec. Though, it is one of the largest cities of the country, it gives the vibes of a town, most probably because it is enveloped between the awe-inducing Jizera Mountains and Jested-Kozakov Ridge. Amongst the settlers are the German and Flemish population because Liberec was once the capital of Sudetenland which was historically German.

Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic To Visit

There are many places to visit in Liberec, Most of them are historical attractions from the end of 19th century are,Following is the list of Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic according to my opinion:

  •  The Town Hall

    Liberec Town Hall is a 65 meters long bronze monument which commemorates the victims of the armies of Warsaw Pact when they were invaded. It was built in the nineteenth century. There are sculptures that show the difference between the old and the new Town Hall, with a feminine figure to symbolize the city and one side showing the new, while the other, showing the old Town Hall.


  • F.X Salda Theatre

    This is the opera house of Liberec which has a beautifully historical exterior 6929910-FX_Salda_Theatre_Liberec

    This ruddy interior is breath-taking and jaw-dropping, at the same time.

Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic

  • Severoceske Museum( North Bohemian Museum)

This museum that was built in 1873 displays nature, art, science, and crafts and sit amongst the ancient and the most influential museums in the world in the hierarchy. The front displays T.G Masaryk’s sculpture.

  • Botanical Garden,

which has totally been innovated and contains nine glasshouses for people who visit.

Some of the other mesmerizing sights of the city include the Jested Tower which peacefully sits upon the Jested Mountain and is the symbolic premise of the city. How many hyperbolic buildings have we seen around? This one is totally the perfect parallel of a hyperboloid structure if you ever wish to see one. It is about 94 metres tall, sits on top of the Jested Mountain where it fetches television signals and the construction is reinforced concrete.

Centrum Babylon Liberec is the ultimate spot for tourists and comprises of major tourist attractions. Water Parks are situated here and you definitely don’t wanna miss out the great Tornado water slide in the Liberec Aquapark.

Transport In Liberec Czech Republic

Transport in Liberec city is provided through buses and Tramlines. There’s a narrow gauge Tramline being shared by Liberec with its neighbouring city. And nearby the village of Ostasov is a private international airport which is 2.5 km away from Liberec.

All the sports fanatics, if planning, should visit the city in January for The Ski Jumping World Cup is held in the same month.

Food In Liberec Czech Republic

  • Chicago Grill,

This is the place to be for ambrosial fajitas, burgers and turkeys. Its owner who is a native from Chicago does a tough job for bringing colours to his food from all over Europe.

  • Balada,

On one of those snowy days when you enter this place it would feel like a snow lodge with wooden work all around and if you ever feel like tasting the traditional Czech garlic soup, this is the place to be.

  • Kavarna Bez Konceptu,

This is the place for coffee-lovers, tea-hounds and slow thinkers.

Disclaimer: Pictures in the article belong to their respective photographers and may subject to copyright, GetMeTravelled doesn’t own these pictures.

Above are the Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic according to my opinion, If you have anything to share with us regarding this city or you think there should be some other places in the list of Best Places In Liberec Czech Republic, Let us know in the comments. If you want to know more, Check out official website of Liberec Czech Republic

Best Places of Colmar France to Visit

Colmar is the last city of france that was vacated after the World War II, A small city with diverse culture and background, You might find a lot of people speaking German in Colmar, Because most of its population is German, This happened because this town stayed under the occupation of Germans for many years and it lies close to the neighbouring country Germany.

If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, you will be amazied by the historical artifacts and tradional heritage of this town, Civilization started in this city around 13th Century, And still the town remains unchanged, you will find a lot of ancient tower houses and homes. The streets give the look that you have time-travelled to 16th or 17th Century, Beautiful Alsatian architecture and brilliant timber constructions give the aura of Roman Age.

Best Places of Colmar France to Visit

Although this beautiful small city has a number of spendid places that a tourist can go to, But I have compiled a list of best places of Colmar France to visit, Which you might disagree with because there are number of beautiful places and liking things is relative, I might love a place which you guys abhor. So if you are planing to visit Colmar France, Do give following places a stopover.

Unterlinden Museum

One of the most famous attraction for the tourists, Its a museum that is home of 13th century Dominican convent, It has great number of artifacts and collections from the city and from the neighbouring towns.

Best Places of colmar France

Dominican Church

One of the most beautiful building in design and architecture, Although it is a church but its massive, and its size is matches to those huge cathedrals, Its Construction dates back to 14th century, Although its construction was started in 12th century, It is indeed one of the best places of Colmar France, You will be amazed to see the paintings and arts on the war, each painting is telling a different story. One of the best painting you will come around is “Virgin in the Rose Bush“.

Best Places of colmar France

The Fishmonger’s District

If we talk about this place with respect to history, the rich fishermen of Colmar used to live in these houses, They were powerful at that time, there were ponds where fish used to be stored and sold later.

Best Places of colmar France

Following are few other places which are worth a visit.

  • Koïfhus, Old Customs house
  • Church Saint Martin
  • Church Saint Matthieu
  • Maison Pfister
  • Musée Animé du Jouet et des Petits Trains (Animated Museum of Toys and Little Trains)

So after reading about Colmar, You might be wondering how can a small town has so much in it, Unknown to the masses, located at the corner of the country, This beautiful city, Loved and adored by those who pay it a visit.

If you have been to Colmar france,Dictate your experience to our readers in the comments, And if you are planning to visit Colmar, and you have some issues, Let us know we will try to fix them, You can also give us your opinion regarding which places should be included into the best places of Colmar France.

If you want to read more about Best Places of Colmar France, Visit their Official site

HallStatt Austria Attractions For Tourists

One of the most beautiful village of not only Austria but also Europe, Hallstatt is a village located between the massive mountains of Dachstein and Lake hallstatt. Civilization at this sublime place date back to Iron age, The most ancient artifacts of celtics were found in this beautiful small village of Austria.



If you’re wondering what makes this Village so famous, You might have to visit yourself to see its true beauty, Stunning nature scenic views in the shadows of huge alps, Leaves almost every tourist awestruck. The ancient salt mine range of Hallstatt is astonishing, China has built a replica of this entire village in Guangdong.


In Hallstatt Austria, there is one site which is declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO, There is a tower on the Salzberg, Which is a neighbouring salt mountain, Tower was made to protect and keep an eye on the mines, These tower is located on the top of mountain and cable car is used to get there, And once you get there whole village along with the Hallstatt lake is visible, And that scene is something you might never forget in your whole life, It is a great region for hiking, If you are into hiking you will love it there.

HallStatt Austria Attractions

HallStatt Austria Attractions

Although hallstatt is a small village and you might be wondering that you might get bored of spending your vacations there, But once you get there, You will never get short of doing things and visiting palces, There is a lot to do and there are many Austria attractions, few of them I’ve mentioned below,If you love living close to the nature and you want to get away from tirious life, This is one of the best destination without any doubt. Pack your bags and step out of your home, Below are what I consider the best tourist attractions, There is a lot more to do in HallStatt:



Ferry Rides

One of the best Hallstatt Austria Attractions is the lake which is present next to the village,Huge lake surrounded with massive mountains, You can explore the lake yourself on small boats and go for fishing with your family or friends. You can also take a ferry, The ferries at hallstatt are traditional boats with the same design as of the ancient salt carriers, You can also take a ride on these beautiful boats to roam around in the beautiful surroundings.



A traditional event that is conducted in the village on several occasions, These events depict the cultural and historic norms of Hallstatt Austria, The locals perform on their historical music, With great number of tourists gathering around to understand the culture and their norms, Best part of travelling is knowing about others traditions, This is one of the best HallStatt Austria attractions, when you get to see the appalling dance and alpine music in middle of a staggering village.


Hiking And Cliff Diving

You will be spell struck to see the views from top of the mountains, If you are into trekking the mountains, This is your place to explore. Hallstatt is home of most beautiful hiking trails of the world, There are number of romantic paths emerging from the middle of woods, that are great to traverse with your loved ones, there are navigation boards present to help you figure out your way.


Ancient Mines At Hallstatt

Salt mines are around 7 thousand years old, Salt mines are now preserved for the tourists and you will also find a mummy named as “A Man in Salt” A dead body of a miner preserved in salt was found in the mines, this mummy is said to be thousands of years old from the pre-historic times, There are also some artifacts present from the celtic age, which are said to be 7000 years old.


HallStatt Austria Attractions
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Thats all from Hallstatt Austria, If you are planning to visit  this beautiful heaven on earth and you have some queries,let us know we will help you out, And you can also share your experience of this stunning place,Also you can share what places you consider as the best Hallstatt Austria Attractions for the tourists to visit.


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Amazing places to see in Cairns, Australia

Cairns is the fourteenth largest city in Australia, was founded in the last quarter of nineteenth century, named after the then governor of Queensland. One of the most attracted place for international tourists in Australia. The city has great natural beauty, being at the seashore, it bears some wonderful exotic beaches, and great deal of tropic animals. the sea near the city is a habitat of some amazingly beautiful water creatures, that will make you want to become part of their life.

Apart from all this natural beauty, Cairns has got amazing modern infrastructure, a large amount of fine class shopping malls that are spread throughout the city, and comfortable hotels with state of the art facilities for a modern man. A complete package of luxury and leisure.

Amazing places to see in Cairns

Great Barrier Reef

The most amazing places to see is the Great Barrier Reef, a coral reef system, that is visible from the outer space even. The beautiful sea creatures, who forms the reef are just breath taking. You can having an amazing reef trip underwater to enjoy the amazing society of the sea creatures. This amazing place makes it to the top of our amazing places to see in cairns.



Daintree Rain forest

The largest rain forest, that runs on the line of the river Daintree. The forest has great attraction from every point of view, scientific creatures exists in abundance, it offers great scenery, amazing tropical coastlines , and beautiful sandy beaches, a combination that shouldn’t be missed. You enjoy a full trip through forest that is provided by the local touring companies.


daintree rainfore

Palm Cove 

The place where you can relax, you can tour around the amazing places to see in Cairns, and have a great amount of fun but this where you rest. Palm Cove offers luxurious hotels, great restaurants, spas and drift resort, beach club and a lot more.


Paronella Park

A heritage tourist attraction, build in the 30s, it was designed as an inspiration from the great Spanish castles. The park provide tennis courts, cinema and ball room. Was made for entertainment purposes. The 120 KM drive is worth it.

Paronella Park

Cairns Tropical Zoo

The amazing sites of the tropical wild life, and a journey through their habitat, adventure and its best. A trip through tropical wild with the amazing facilities provided for great recreational purposes, is an amazing and breath taking adventure. Another of the amazing places to see in Cairns.


Fitzroy Island

A tropical island, covered with another beautiful coral reef system. The island has a tropical climate, and has small peaks, one can enjoy an amazing adventurous ride through it, and enjoy the palmy exotic beaches and resorts.



Barron Falls

Falling within the Barron George National Park, and a fall of the Barron River. If you want to enjoy the real beauty, visit in the rainy season and you will enjoy, the mass amount of great waterfall, and a trip through the park makes it one of the amazing places to visit in Cairns.


National Parks

National Parks


There are amazing and beautiful National Parks with great deal of tropical beauty. The following is the list.

  • Rainforestation National Park
  • Barron George National Park
  • Daintree National Park
  • Fitzroy Island National Park
  • Crater Lakes National Park

Other Attractions


Cairns has got a vast variety to offer, from natural and floral beauty, to amazing state of the art modern infrastructure. Some of the other amazing places to visit in Cairns are

  • Australian Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Kuranda Scenic Railway
  • Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
  • Lake Tinaro
  • Stoney Creek Falls
  • Cairns Convention Centre

Even though we presented a huge amount of things that can be visited and amazing places to see in Cairns, but Cairns is beyond this, buy a ticket and enjoy the amazing tropical beauty, and don’t forget to comment below.