Places to visit in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Kota Bharu is the capital city of the state of Kelantan, and also serves as the Royal seat for the current Sultan. It was established in the late 19th century, and was made the capital by Sultan Muhammad the second. There are many amazing places to visit in Kota Bharu, as it is full of unique Kelantanese Malay architecture, and natural beauty. Moreover, it was the place where the Japanese first landed and later captured Singapore, being the battlefield of World War II, it has great stories to tell too. We will be enlisting some of the wonderful places to visit in Kota Bharu.

Amazing Places to Visit in Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu has a lot of amazing and beautiful places to be visited and enjoyed. Having a rich history, and a naturally beautiful region, it has been a tourists attraction point, and a great place for a movie shoot too.

Istana Johar

Istana Johar is the former official residence of the Sultan, but now it serves as the Museum of Royal Traditions and ceremonies. It shows the way of living of the Sultans and their families. The Museum is an amazing place to know the rich history of the rulers of the state, their traditions and cultures. The legacy that the current house carries on, and the way they have adopted to rule, which inspires and motivates the citizens of the state. It is worth the money, and the time.

Places-To-Visit-in-Kota Bharu-Malaysia



Bank Kerapu (World War II Memorial)

Bank Kerapu’s building was believed to be the first ever building opened in the city. From a bank, it later transformed into a World War II memorial, when the then Sultan visited the placed and decorated it with photographs and other materials left behind of the war and the battles fought in the area. It has amazing stories to tell in its own beautiful way. Marking itself as another amazing place to visit in Kota Bharu.

Places-To-Visit-in-Kota Bharu-Malaysia


Temenggor Lake

Kota Bharu isn’t all about old buildings and stories, if you have had enough of buildings for a day, back your bag and get your self into a picnic spot and enjoy the beauty of a great man made lake, and in the middle of it, a great man made island. Which is a great place for recreational activities and outing.

Places-To-Visit-in-Kota Bharu-Malaysia



Handicraft Village and Craft Museum

Machines can make things, but can never be compared to those made by hand. Everyone enjoys the beautiful of a handicraft shop, but how a bout a whole village of handicraft talent? Visit the Kelantan Handicraft village and Museum, where you can buy amazing handicraft of local talented artists, and enjoy the views of ancient art too, and bring home some memories of amazing Places to visit in Kota Bharu.

Places-To-Visit-in-Kota Bharu-Malaysia



Pesar Siti Khadija

After all the visits and a adventures, don’t just get to your bed, go out to the Pesar Siti Khadija, or the “Siti Khadija Market”, and enjoy the relish of local cuisine and amazing local bakery in the level. And go into the next two level and buy your people at home some Malay traditional presents. And as you are in the neighborhood, explore the Fort Bamboo Bazar too.

Places-To-Visit-in-Kota Bharu-Malaysia




Enjoy the amazes of Kota Bharu, and don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

Top Things To Do In Nunavut

Nunavut mostly comprises of Arctic Archipelago of Canada, It is a huge area that is the size of almost whole western Europe, Although it is very scarcely populated, With the density of 1 person every 65 KM.

It is a part of Canada, it is recognized recently, It has many tourist attractions that can be explored, You can visit Nunavut,discover this great piece of land through our list of top things to do in Nunavut. Continue reading “Top Things To Do In Nunavut”

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji, Japan

When you think of Japan, the only thing that pops up in the mind is technology, robots, and every thing digital. Everything we associate with Japan is mostly technological. The stereotype notion is hiding the natural beauty of Japan. Yes, Japan has breath taking natural beauty, and amazing heritage sites. Japan existed to be a very prosperous and powerful country in the pre-World War II era. And the history of Japan is very rich and amazing.

Now there are a lot of amazing places, naturally beautiful in Japan, but here I would recommend a visit to the city of Himeji. It is located on south of the main Japanese island of Honshu, in the Kansai region of Japan. The city has served as the capital of the historic province of Harima. It has served as the seat of the ancient rulers of Harima province.

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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

There are many great natural and ancient beautiful places to visit in Himeji, and the following is the list of those that will make your money spent look extremely less.

Himeji Castle

The seat of the ancient rulers of Harima, build in the 14th century BC, is regarded as one of the finest example of great Japanese architecture. The castle has been a seat to many feudal dynasties from many clans, and the influence of those clans can be beautifully detected by the addition they have made to the castle. Located at the top of Himeyama hill, it consists of both, the beauty of its location and that of its great architecture.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Engyo Ji Temple

Another beautiful example of amazing Japanese architecture. The Engyo Ji Temple is a thousand year old temple, located at the top of mount Shosha. It is pilgrimage site for the Tendai sect of of Buddhism. To make it more interesting, it was the shooting site of the famous Tom Cruise movie, The Last Samurai.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Mount Seppiko

Another addition to our beautiful places to visit in Himeji is Mount Seppiko, it is actually a part of Seppiko-Mineyama Prefectural Natural Park, where tourist hike, enjoy the perfect green natural habitat, and go out for a picnic. The mountain has a highly religious importance too, it is one of the san-hiko-san of the “Shugendō” religion. Which believes in the understanding of humanity between nature. Where the believers gain the understandings in the chosen habitats of san-hiki-sans. So pack your bags, and find your connection with nature and beauty, and discover more of the interesting stories of the mountains of Himeji.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Himeji City Tegarayama Botanical Garden

The japanese aren’t only good at robots and electronics, they are good at everything. See the beautiful experiments and their work with nature in the beautiful Himeji City Tegarayama Botanica Garden, which is a part of Tegarayma Central park. The beautiful man made green habitat will give you a breath taking experience and truly one of the most Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji

Himeji Central Park

When you are done visiting all these Beautiful Places to visit in Himeji, you can have your blast in the only Safari Park in the whole region, the Himeji Central Park. Where you can enjoy a drive through and walk through experience of safari. Great amusement section and sky safari. Basically a fun packed day of enjoyment.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji


The amazing mountainous city of Himeji is full of adventures. It has got everything to offer, from natural beauty, to ancient and religious history, and much more that we can’t state because it will take ages. Go there, have a blast of time and if you have already been to Himeji, share your experience with us, in the comments below.

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Cappadocia Turkey Wonderful Places to Visit

Cappadocia is an ancient historic region in south Turkey, the region has got a very wealthy history, and has amazing artifacts and ruins of the old civilizations here. The history of the territory is stretched back to the time Xerxes and Achaemenid kings. The most beautiful part of the region is that many of the ruins are left in a very great shape for us to see. The region offers exciting and adventurous ride into history, which wouldn’t be wrong if I say, it will be a “jaw dropping” experience. Continue reading “Cappadocia Turkey Wonderful Places to Visit”

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations Worldwide

The Famous TV series of HBO has amazing set and it is shot in different beautiful parts of the world, Game of thrones can be named as the most famous TV series, It is based on series of books named as “A song of Ice and Fire” written by George R. R. Martin. Game of thrones is fantasy drama of medieval age, Currently five seasons have been released and more seasons are yet to come, The main story revolves around noble houses fighting and struggling to get in power of Iron throne of Seven Kingdoms.


Game of thrones has very broad and active international following, This series has won numerous prestigious awards. Game of thrones real life locations include number of countries around the world, Location of set is based in Northern Ireland  but for shooting the crew travels to many locations around Europe and other parts of world.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Following are the pictures and details of Game of thrones real life locations, The HQ for production of this series is based in Northern Ireland but the crew travels to many locations of Europe including some locations of Africa for shooting of this TV serial.

King’s Landing Road; Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Pentos ; Ouarzazate, Morocco

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

King’s Landing ; Dubronik, Croatia

Kings Landing where all of this began. A beautiful place in Croatia thats worth visiting.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Braavos ; Sibenik, Croatia

Braavos is one of the most strong free city and its one of the most beautiful game of thrones real life locations.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Winterfell: Doune Castle

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

 Thermal Spring Or “Jon And Ygritte’s Love Nest”: Grjótagjá Cave, Iceland

Grjótagjá is a small cave near Lake Mývatn in Iceland. Outside of cave there is is snow and ice, But the water in the spring can get up to 40 degrees Celsius. Its a great place to go with someone special and re-anact that scene.


Daenery’s And Dragos Wedding: Azure Window, Malta

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

North of Westeros; Thingvellir, Iceland

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Royal Palace of Dome ; Real Alcazar Palace, Seville, Spain

Its the oldest palace which is still use in Spain


Long Bridge Of Volantis: The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain

Volantis is free city present east of Westeros



Wildling Camp: Dimmuborgir, Iceland

Camp of Wildlings where they were staying after capturing Jon Snow.



The Burning Of The Seven: Mussenden, Northern Ireland

In S02E01 at the front of the Beach house. In this scene Melisandre burns the statues of The Seven faced God from as an offering to the Lord of Light



Yunkai And Pentos: Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

Yunkai is also called yellow city; Yunkai is ruled by slave merchants who call themselves “Wise Masters”



No doubt all of these places are great and how the directors have portrayed these places in Game of Thrones series is sublime, If you know about some other game of thrones real life locations let us know via comments we will include them in our collection. You can read more about these places here

Disclaimer: We dont own any of these pictures; They belong to their rightful owner, Purpose of using this picture is to point out the locations of TV serial.




Amazing places to see in Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is one of the major cities of Morocco, it is the seat to the mid-southwestern region. It is the the most important of the imperial cities of Morocco. It has served as the capital to many Moroccan dynasties. It is left with both historical and strategical beauty. Lying in the desert land, with a great zeal of tourist attraction, it offers plenty of Amazing places to see in Marrakesh. The city doesn’t only offers great historical heritages, but quite a beautiful culture, cuisine and music that will take your breath away.

Most Amazing Places to see in Marrakesh

The city is a place which will attract everyone. For shoppers, it has great markets with beautiful ornaments, for historians it has great museums and amazing historic tales, and above all for adventurers, it is an adventure full packet.

Medina Markets (Skouks in native tongue)


No matter if you are a shopper or not, you will love the great things that the local skouks at the old city Medina markets offer. They offer woodwork, shoes, leather and the world famous Moroccan scents. You will also find old fashioned tanneries. So if you are packing your bag for Morocco, you should note down Old Medina Skouks of your list of Amazing Places to see in Marrakesh.

Bahian Palace

If you are in Marrakesh, and you don’t enjoy the great taste of old Islamic Royal architecture, then you are missing a lot. The Bahian Palace has been home to many Kings of many dynasties. As Marrakesh has served as a capital of many Kings, this was their home. See how the old Moroccan kings lived, and see their luxury. With this one of Amazing places to visit in Marrakish.


Medersa Ben Yousaf

The Saadi dynasty was known for their education reforms, much earlier when the Europeans were in the medieval times, the children of the Moroccans were studying in these fine buildings. Go out and enjoy the finest places where a person can study in. The Medresa Ben Yousaf.


Saadian Tombs

The tombs of 66 members of 16th century Saadian royals is also one of the amazing places to see in Marrakesh. It is also a heart breaking Muslim Moroccan architecture and also tells the greatness of the old Saadian dynasties, who ruled the place.Amazing-Places-To-Visit-In-Marrakesh

Menara Gardens

If you go to Marrakesh, and you don’t visit the Menara Gardens, you have the missed one of the finest Places to see in Marrakesh. Located of the gateway to Atlas Mountains. You will also enjoy the view of great irrigation system there.


Imlil, Atlas Mountains

Imlil Village in the Atlas mountains marks our last but not the least of the Amazing places to see in Marrakesh. Situated in the beautiful Atlas mountains, you can enjoy a hike and enjoy the views of old beautiful historic village of Morocco. It is amazing place to see, with small bunch of mountain people, and great views.


These are some of the most attractive places of Marrakesh, but with its great historic background and beautiful location, Marrakish has got a lot to offer. So if you are planning in a visit to Morocco, don’t forget to visit the Amazing places to see in Marrakish.

Places To Visit in Shkoder; Albania

Shkoder or shkodra is a city located in the north east of Albania. It is one of the most historic cities of Albania, and also in Europe. It has a great historic importance, and with rich history and heritage it is a great sit for tourists attraction from all over the world. The rich political history has left Albania with great tales to tell and the historic monuments which tells them, and being the gateway to Albania from Europe, Shkoder has got great strategical importance.



Shkoder offers the mix culture heritage of Ottomans and the Europeans, as well as the Italians, as these have been the rulers of Albania in the past, it also offers great deal of modern day architecture and development. Being near to the coast, the weather stays pleasant which makes it great for tourism all year around. It offers both European and Turkish descent cuisine, with many more in her world class standard restaurants, which makes them great places to visit in Shkoder.

Famous Places to Visit in Shkoder


Rozafa Castle

The ruins of the greatest Illyrian architecture which tells the tales of 2nd century BC, is one of the finest places to visit. A greatest heritage site and a place where you can enjoy the view of the city. Located at the top Rozafa mountain, the site is ravishing when you look down the city. Marking it one of the finest Places To Visit in Shkoder.



Shkodra Lake

Its named after the city it self, and lies at the border of Albania and Montenegro. It is know for its natural beauty, and amazing sight seeing. It is filled by oraca river and drains into Adriatic, whic forms the border between two countries. Some of its area lies in Montenegro too. What is better than seeing a natural beauty which connects two nations.


Venice Art Mask Factory

Going to every Masquerade party we wear a mask, where the finest of them comes from? The place is right at the heart of Shkoder. The Venice Art Mask factory is who exports highest standard masks for stage plays and movies. Explore the mystery and the art with agreat place which marks itself a one of the greatest Places To Visit in SHkoder.


Shkoder Historical Museum

You don’t want to leave behind the rich history and the ancient Albanian architecture, the Shkoder Historical Museum is a place where you can experience great historical imprtance of Shkoder and Albania. And it marks itself as one of the best Places To Visit in Shkoder.



This is not it, Shkoder offers much more interesting things. Great places to stay and rich cutural cuisines. A place that you must have on your “to visit” list, and if you don’t, you must go and place it there. Shkoder is only an hour of a drive away from the capital. For more details click here.

Best Places of Beaver Island to Visit

Beaver Island is a popular tourist attraction, It lies near the city of Charlevoix, It can be reached both by air and by boat as it has airports as well as port,Beaver Island is known for Lake Michigan, its beaches and other fun activities like boating on the lake Michigan and harboring, It is surrounded by lake Michigan and it has number of fresh water recreation sports including Scuba diving, power boating,jet skiing and boating. It was first colony of native Americans where french invader stopped by and it has also served for mormon community ruled by King Strang.

If you are planning to visit soon, I’ve made a list of best places of Beaver Island to visit. Its a great place to visit for a couple, family or with your friends, It can be visited anytime of the year, In summers you can do boating and other water activities and in Winters you can go for hiking and explore the snow capped hills.

Best Places of Beaver Island to Visit

Beaver Island is considered a great place to spend vacations in USA, People from all over the world travel to this place with their loved ones to spend holidays. Although your opinion might vary regarding best places of Beaver Island, but following places are best according to me, Opinion might differ people to people.

The Lighthouse

Lighthouse looks best in winters when it is covered by snow, Its present outside the town, But its worth visiting if you like the view from the lighthouses, It gives you great view from the top, You can climb on the top of this lighthouse from the old circular stairs which will give you essence of old times.

Best Places of Beaver Island

Traversing the Island/ Hiking

There are different hiking trails on the island to traverse this island and its diversity, One of them is Blue trail, its the longest trail and it can be covered on foot,dirt bike, SUV or Quad Bikes, While traversing you can see numerous plants and insects of this area, there is a community that takes cares of hiking trails and clears the path for the visitors to hike easily. This hiking track is accessible from March till November.
Best Places of Beaver Island

Old Mormon Print Shop Museum

One of the best places of beaver Island to visit is their museum, It has all the History artifacts of french invasion and Native Americans era, As this Island has served to be home of different tribes coming through the sea. there are many events organised on the island to promote history of this Island, They also lend archival photos and Historic journals to the visitors without any cost.

Best Places of Beaver Island

Beaver Island Boat

There are two ways to get to Beaver Island; You Can either go by air or you can take the Beaver Island Boat service, They have a great ferry which takes 3 hours to reach the island, You can also save some money travelling via ferry and the ferry ride is preferred because if you’re on vacations you should take the most exciting route towards your destination.

Best Places of Beaver Island

Stoney Acre Grill & Pub

It is a great place for dining, they have great and helping staff and good food. They give good recommendations and have nice ambiance, It is advised to visit Stoney Acre Grill at night, the overall atmosphere is great with great Irish music and all. There are a lot of amazing dishes served at this restaurant and their service is very quick. overall its a great place for dining and one of Best places of Beaver Island to visit.

Thats it, I hope this guide will be helpful for you guys, If you have any questions or you want to give review feel free to drop comments.For FAQ you can visit the official site here.

Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise

Norfolk Island is a lush green territory between Australia and New Zealand. It was a home for convicts in the nineteenth century, but now it is the home for peaceful countrymen and a beautiful touring site. People visit Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise form far areas, the beautiful green fields, the tall pine trees and amazing beaches are the center of tourist attraction. Norfolk island has an area of 34 square kilometers, with the population of 2300 people only, making it a quite and peaceful place for relaxing and spending holidays.

Places to visit in Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise


With area such small, you can literally visit all of the place in one day. The peaceful and friendly people make Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise a place to be visited again and again. The capital Kingston is at the sea shore, where you can enjoy the sea sides and cool breezes of the sea. Burnt Pine is a place near the Norfolk Island Airport, and is a place where you can spend a quality recreation time with luxurious restaurants and parks. Cascade Bay is another place where you can look at the ocean from another angle.

Norfolk-Island-Golf-Course 11427207_904780229593435_6658823346892180272_n

With an old history, it is also a home to some historic buildings, with their own tales to tell. The old Prison Goal ruins are still present at the sites of Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise, and other such historic meterials and story are placed in the museum for you to make your visit to Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise more fascinating and adventurous.



Norfolk Island Goal ruins


Places To Stay in Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise

With a population as low, it doesn’t mean that the place lack luxurious resorts and hotels to stay. The area is full of fine class hotels and resorts, which will make you stay at Norfolk Island; Earthly Heaven a time well spent. The class of living standards include hotels, resorts and cottages, which will make you wish to stay in the place forever. Maintaining a standard, the hotels and resort of the area has much more to offer.