Nature WallPapers

Pictures are a part of travelling now a days,Wherever you go you, It is must to take pictures, as many people say “Pictures; Or it didn’t happen”. God has made our planet very beautiful,In every country and every city there are sublime scenes that make you think about greatness of God. The creator of all this world.

So these pictures of different beaches,mountains and scenes will make to mesmerized, I have collected different pictures of amazing places all around the world, You can use them as wallpaper of your smartphone or desktop PC.

Nature Wallpapers:

Following are different places all around the world, presenting the beautiful world that is around us. You can download these pictures and use them in your phone or wherever you want.

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Last Updated: August 7th,2015

Himeji Castle, Japan


Grand Canyon, Arizona



Fortaleza, Brazil

Best places of Fortaleza Brazil

Aurora; Troms, Norway

best places of troms norway

Elephant Rock; Valley of Fire

Nature Wallpapers


Machu Picchu, Peru


Redwood Groves, California

The redwood trees can reach impressive heights of 379 feet (115.5 meters)



Son Doong Cave in the Quang Binh Province of central ‪‎Vietnam‬


Praia de Jericoacoara, Brazil


Glow worm Cave New Zealand



Wild Atlantic Way

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Mountain Gorillas

Best Places in Rwanda

Marble Caves of Chile Chico – Chile


Mount Etna

Best Places in Sicily to Visit

Petra, Jordan

It is recommended to visit at night when the canyon path and the Treasury are lit by hundreds of candles. The scene is amazing, It is one of the best Nature Wallpapers

Kyoungbok Palace – Seoul


The Wave

Below picture id of Arizona USA, Its a natural wonder in a desert and its name is The Wave, these are different layers of element of different colours layered over each other making it patterns of vertical and horizontals layers.

Nature Wallpapers

Chania Greece

Below picture is of a natural beauty present in greece, Its an epic representations of amazing wonders nature can do, In the middle of a mountains a lake in which people are using boats, You cant just go to a better place than this.

Nature wallpapers

“Under the Arch” Canyonland Utah

One of the most alluring nature wallpapers,The Sight is mesmerizing.

Nature Wallapers

Siargao Island – Philippines

Such a beautiful picture of clear water, following picture in of Siargao Island of Philippines, Words cant be used to describe the beauties created by the God, Such a beautiful picture.


Nature wallpapers



Its a picture of Syria after the destruction of war, Although it is showing the buildings but the flying birds also tell a tale that they have lost their homes and things are different after the war.


Al-Anwar Masjid, Ethiopia



Covadonga Lake – USA

The Stars are beautifully shining in middle of night, Such an amazing picture it is to be used as Nature wallpapers. The mountains and water are reflecting the never ending huge universe.

Covadonga Lakes II

Castle Lake and MT Shasta California

Nature wallpapers

Black canyon of Gunnison National park

Nature wallpapers

Love tunnel Ukraine

Tunnel of love is a beautiful natural place present in Klevan, Ukraine , It used to be just another tail track and tunnel which turned into one of most romantic place on earth.

nature wallpapers

Aurora Borealis ; Norway

With no doubt, One of the best picture in our collection of Nature Wallpapers.

Nature wallapers

Matterhorn Zermatt; Switzerland

Beautiful mount peak in the alps of Zermatt.

Nature Wallpapers

Iran Flower Bed

This place is present in Iran such a beautiful pavement of flowers in middle of a city.

Nature wallpapers


Above are all the great wonders of nature that we seldom get chance to experience live, So whenever we see something that beautiful an overwhelming feeling of joy envelopes around, These are just few beautiful places around the world, There are many more that are waiting to be explored and discovered, I hope you guy sliked out gallery of nature wallpapers.

We will keep on updating this page with new and more amazing pictures every day; Book mark this page and keep on visiting to see amazing pictures of nature. Do give us feed back in the comments below. You can Also contact us from the Contact us Page if you want to feature your picture in this gallery.


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