Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Kerak is a famous place in Jordan, It also one of most imminent tourist destination,You might have heard of it reading the history books, Kerak is famous for its Crusader castle, It is one of those huge castles you might have seen before in Crusader movies, Kerak castle has a spectacular position considering from war point of view, It lies on the peak of mountain and it is covered by the valley from three sides, It was a focal strategic location in the Crusaders.

From this castle you can have view of the sublime dead sea, which is another famous tourist spot in Jordan, people from all around the word come to see Kerak castle and the dead sea. Kerak is quite an old settlement of humans, The inscriptions found in this city date back to 9th century Before Christ, It is said that this place is inhibited by human population from the Iron age. You will read that this area has been under constant war, Where different empires tried to capture Kerak, Conquerors used to come from the dead sea in order to get hold of this city. Now lets move to Kerak Jordan Travel Guide from history of this sublime place.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Lets move to Kerak Jordan travel guide, If you are travelling to Jordan, You should visit this beautiful place, one of the most noticeable tourist destination is Kerak Castle, This castle was made by the Crusaders, But it was under their control for only 46 years, Kerak castle was under the rule of Reynald di Chatilion, He was a barbaric and psychotic man, Who  always wanted a war between Muslims and Christians, He used to loot the trade caravans and execute the Muslim pilgrims travelling to Makkah, He also raided the red sea ports, breaking the peace treaty.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

When Saladin heard about breaking of all the treaties from the lord of kerak, He attacked the crusader kingdom, defeated the army and seized the town,During war this town was held by the crusaders for 8 months and then they surrendered, Saladin mercifully allowed the crusaders to return to their lands, and executed Reyland himself.

There is an event arranged at kerak Known as Sight and Sound Event, At that event the castle is decorated with the lights and a documentary is shown which gives all the information about Kerak from late 800 BC, Documentary covers all the major events of history and it throws light on different human settlements from the Iron age.

When you go to Kerak castle, you will be amazed to see the never ending passage ways, This castle is great example of crusader architecture, Till now a chapel exists at the upper portion of this beautiful castle from where you can see almost whole town and dead sea.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Other Tourist destination in the town of Kerak are:

  • Burj Al-Banawi
  • Showbak Castle
  • Mazar Islamic Museum
  • Karak Archaeological Museum

The Karak Archaeological Museum is present inside the castle,It has artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine Crusader and Nabataen era,Its a huge museum with great number of amazing artifacts, you will love it if you are into History. Artifacts in this museum date from 6000 BC to 14th century AD.

That’s all from the Kerak Jordan Travel Guide, If you have been to this stunning place, let us know in the comments, You can also ask us if you have any query regarding your travel to Kerak Jordan.