Historical Places of Lincoln, England

Lincoln is one of the most ignored city of England, Although it has a lot to offer to the tourists, It has amazing places to visit, People are great and you will find great diversity of historical buildings from the medieval age and roman empire. Lincoln has served to be a colony of many invaders who came from distant land to conquer England, It has served for years under roman rule. That’s why It has number of great ancient medieval buildings. Although there are many places with great historical importance, And from them I’ve compiled a list of best Historical places of Lincoln England that are worth visiting.

Historical Places of Lincoln, England

Lincoln is a beautiful city with great number of tourist attractions,Some of them will leave you awestruck, What makes them beautiful is their architecture and design.

Lincoln Cathedral

It is the third largest cathedral in England, It was constructed in 1072, so it gives look of ancient building, although it is maintained well and it is worth visiting. Lincoln Cathedral is located along with Bishop Old palace, Which is another great historical place to visit.

Historical Places of Lincoln

High Bridge

It is one of the most interesting historical places of Lincoln, A bridge that cover the river witham, And its located at the end of High street, This bridge is said to be the oldest bridge in England which stands same as it was when it was constructed in 11th Century, You will see houses on the west side of bridge, It is also called Glory hole, Small boats can easily pass underneath it, In old times it was called ‘Murder hole‘ as bodies were dumped into the river from this bridge.

Historical Places of Lincoln

Bishop Old Palace

This palace was made by Lincoln’s powerful bishops in 11th century, It stands next to Cathedral, This palace is constructed on a slope, So its architecture is quite impressive, Palace is surrounded by the roman walls and old trees, Beautiful pathways are constructed, which are almost the same as they were in 14th Century.


Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle was build by William the conqueror, When he arrived at Lincoln, he gave order to get this palace constructed, It is one of the oldest castle of England,Although the actual wooden castle was rebuilt in 1136 and its stone tower was named as Lucy tower, It has another great tower worth visiting which is called Observatory tower, It was made in 14th Century, In the castle you will find original copy of Magna carta.

Historical Places of Lincoln

There are some other historical places of lincoln as well but the above mentioned are considered the best.Apart from these great Histoical sites, The culture of Lincoln is also very interesting, you will find a trace of British people of medieval age in these people, To know the best of lincoln, Interact with the locals, They will provide you will lot of interesting historical stories about these places.

If you have any queries regarding your visit, Let us know, We will be happy to help you out. If you have visited these places or intend to visit historical places of lincoln, Share your experience with us in the comments below, If you want to read more about historical places of Lincoln Visit here