Hasankeyf Turkey Top Sites In Europe

Hasankeyf is a popular tourist destination, Located in the Batman Province of Turkey, along with River Tigris, It is a natural conservation site as declared by the government of Turkey.


The history of this beautiful place is very diverse. It has traces of Armenian, Assyrian and Kurdish tribes, There are number of Historical sites at Hasankeyf Turkey, Age of these sites range from 12 thousand to 2 thousand years old, A vast majority of these ancient sites lie under the river now, and because of a dam being built on the Tigris river, the other archeological sites are expected to be immerse into the water soon, The locals and archaeologists are trying their best to stop the construction of Ilisu Dam, to save these sites, but once complete all these sites will be inundated under the water, Ilisu dam is expected to be completed this year (2015).


Top sites of Hasankeyf Turkey are in great number, Which are loved by the tourists, every year, number of people visit this city to explore the ancient sites, You will see the homes were carved into the mountains, this suggests that Hasankeyf has been prone to floods of tibris river from old times.


Everyone is expecting a flood because of the Dam but no one knows when it will arrive, Most of the people living in localities around Hasankeyf are leaving this area, as Government is paying money to the locals to move out of this area, Some of them are resisting the eviction and some of them are not even raising their voice against it.This site should be a part of UNESCO world heritage site, But request was never made to United nation because of ilisu dam and GAP project.

Top Sites of Hasankeyf Turkey

Top Sites of Hasankeyf Turkey

As this area has served for many generations and many conquerors including Alexander the great and Ottoman empire, So you will find number of historical buildings of each era. There are great number of top sites of Hasankeyf  turkey which will leave you awestruck, because their design and architecture is so perfect although sites are very old.

Top Sites of Hasankeyf Turkey

The top sites of Hasankeyf Turkey are now banned for sightseeing, Although few places which were worth visiting are Old bridge and Citadel. Although the official claim that the sites are dangerous because of landsliding, but the locals mentioned that if they will let the tourists visit the ancient sites of hasankeyf, Implementing the already controversial dam on tibris river will have complications.



Old Bridge, has four arches standing in the middle of river, the central arch is considered one of the largest arch in the world. The sight of Old bridge is astonishing, but it is also expected to be submerged along with the other top sites of Hasankeyf Turkey.

Hasankeyf also had a lot of importance in the past because it lies on the Silk route, Although currently these top sites of hasankeyf turkey are now in state of utter ignorance, because government is not doing anything to preserve these sites, they are just sitting and waiting for the dam to complete, so they can flood this beautiful ancient town, It is said that almost 200 archaeological sites will be destroyed by the dam, The turkish government says that this dam will revolutionize the lives of people living around it, it will provide jobs and electricity to this area, it will also provide water for irrigation, thus it will be helpful for the development of this area.

Top Sites of Hasankeyf Turkey

Before visiting Hasankeyf, You should learn some turkish, In Turkey you won’t find much people who talk in english or even understand it, It is very hard to communicate without knowing their language, So if you are planning to visit, Do take a course or download Duolingo which can be very helpful for you in learning basics of Turkish.

That is all from this historical town, which is in danger of being submerged into the water in near future, Till the sites are above the water, May be you should pay it a visit to explore the great archaeological sites. If you have been to Hasankeyf Turkey, Let us know about your experience in the comments, You can also write to us if you have any query, we would love to help you out.