Doha Qatar Fantastic Places To Visit in 2016

Rise of Qatar as a nation started in 1939, When huge reserves of oil was discovered in its outskirts,From that day qatar economy never looked back,Considering its per capita income, Qatar has been given the title of richest country for three times. Qatar will also be hosting FIFA world cup 2022, It gives this beautiful country another opportunity to score its positive image worldwide.

Doha Qatar

Doha Qatar

Doha is becoming much like Vegas rapidly, Huge skyscrapers, Multiple malls like those in vegas,posh lifestyle and man made magnificent Islands. Doha is giving strong competition to Dubai in tourism industry, And it is set to become one of the best tourist destination of Middle East in few years.

Doha Qatar

Doha Qatar

If you are more into glittering cities and huge shopping malls rather than the nature, then doha is best destination for you, Although there is not much from the history in the capital city, but the government is spending millions to promote tourism industry, There are some great museums and architectural miracles in form of buildings in Doha Qatar.

Doha Qatar

Doha Qatar

Best Places of Doha Qatar to Visit

The State is working its best to promote tourism in Doha Qatar, There are number of great museums, International standard facilities are being provided to the tourists, and number of tourists destinations are being constructed, following are the few which I considered as the Best places of Doha Qatar:

The Pearl-Qatar

Doha Qatar
Source: Gorbis

Build on a famous pearl diving site, the Pearl Qatar is an artificial Island which covers over 400 kilometers, It is a great example of what money and technology can create. Around 12,000 residents already living there, and it is first site in Doha Qatar that will be available for the foreigners to buy, An astonishing creation and truly one of the best places of Doha Qatar.

Katara Cultural Village

"Katara" Doha Cultural Village in HDRFor the lovers of art, there is no better place to visit in whole of middle east than the Katara Cultural Village, There are number of exhibitions conducted in this cultural village portraying the culture, There are also great festivals arranged at katara.

Museum of Islamic Art

Museum of Islamic Art at sunrise
Museum of Islamic Art is one of the stunning example of mesmerising architecture, This museum hosts numerous historical artifacts which are around 1500 years old, the artifacts are gathered from whole arabian peninsula, There are also exhibitions arranged at this museum showcasing the traditions and history of Islam.

Souq Waqif

One of the best places in Doha Qatar, An ancient market in the capital, It has all the traditional relics and artifacts, you can also find diverse variety of arabian clothing jewellery and handmade crafts.

Best places of Doha Qatar

When to Visit

There was a time when Qatar was just a desert in middle of nowhere, Now with the development of infrastructure, it can be considered as a wonder in middle of desert, Considering it as a desert, The climate is very hot in the summers, You are advised to visit Doha Qatar in Winters and Spring season. As the climate is moderate, You can enjoy the sun and outdoor activities, In summers you might have no problem in accommodation and travelling, with the use of air conditioned vehicles and buildings, but sightseeing will be limited because of extreme weather.


Once Conservative, Now stands as one of the most posh city in whole middle east, Being an Islamic state, there are some rules which are to be following in Doha Qatar, Modest dressing is essential and as it is an Islamic state, so in order to respect their traditions and culture, it is important that the women should cover their arms and legs in respect of the local culture. Alcohol and narcotics are not allowed to be carried into Qatar, There are number of international standard hospitals. Qatar is a tax free country thriving its way towards prosperity.


Thats all from our side, If you have any queries regarding your travel to Doha Qatar, Let us know in the comments, Or If you have ever been there, Let us know which places you consider as the best places of Doha Qatar to visit.

For more information regarding your travel plan, Consider the Official site of Qatar Tourism

Doha Qatar

Doha Qatar

Doha Qatar

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