Visiting Constanta Romania: The City Of Night

Romania, the beautiful country is home to a beautiful city known as Constanta. Visiting Constanta Romania is a great experience. Constanta is the biggest seaport in Romania and is the second most important city in the country. It is the capital of the Constanta County.

It is the coastal Black Sea Town exactly situated in the Dobruja region of Romania. Constanta has a population of about more than two-hundred-thousand people, hence is the fifth most populous city and the second largest metropolitan area in Romania.

Constanta is known as Tomis, because of the queen who laid the foundation of this city, named Tomyris.

Constanta’s weather could be unpleasant at times. The summers are nearly extreme, hot, dry and sunny, nights are even warmer than days probably because of the heat absorbed by the water during the day. September can be hotter than June, probably because of the same reason again. While, on the other hand, winters are balmier, but can be unpleasant during some of the months. Constanta appears to have all the four seasons in a year.

Visiting Constanta Romania: Transport

Constanta has a great infrastructure. Back in eighteen ninety-five, Constanta had its first railway station bringing trains from Bucharest that used to transport goods, grains and petroleum between the cities.

A2 motorway is a road link between Bucharest and Constanta, A4 connects the Port of Constanta to Mangalia. The Port of Constanta is the fourth-largest in the whole wide Europe.

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The city has the  Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport.

The public transport system of Constanta is being run by RATC which includes bus lines and one double-decker open-top bus for sightseeing in summer.

Buses are quite easy to catch in Constanta and if you are thinking to get to the resort of Mamaia, you can catch these Volvo double-decker buses.

Visiting Constanta Romania: Main Sights

Constanta is known as the city of night, with long and lively nights, open bars and restaurants, casinos, theatres, archaeological treasures, historical monuments, museums, shops, ancient ruins and many a great places to visit. Visiting Constanta Romania is a very nocturnal experience.

The Casino is the brightest spot to be, while visiting Constanta Romania, which is near the water and is active most of the night. It’s one of the greatest examples of magnificent architecture. The walking board right in front of the Casino is a bright, sunlit spot during the day where couples love to walk.

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While visiting Constanta Romania, for some peeking into history, you can visit the National History and Archaeology Museum, The Navy’s Museum or the Popular Art Museum.

You can visit some religious entities within the city( Beware: Women with short skirts and men with sleeveless and shorts are not allowed inside these two buildings), two of which are The Great Mahmudiye Mosque and St, Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral. The mosque which is a gift from King Carol I to the local Muslim community has a Romanian and Byzantine interior, which is being preserved since 1910.

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Mamaia is the resort in the Black Sea which provides quite luxurious living arrangements. There can be more activities like sunbathing.

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Visiting Constanta Romania: Food

While visiting Constanta Romania, how can we miss on food!

A lot of active fast-food chains are quite the shiz, there. Most of these sell Kebabs and Shawarma.

You can even find the internationally franchised food chains, like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC etc.

There are other spots like, Pizzeria Aldo which offers a great collection of Pizzas and Chinese Garden for Chinese food lovers.

That’s all about visiting Constanta Romania, for more information on Constanta you can visit the official website. Leave your feedback below.


Best places to visit in Montreux, switzerland

One of the cities of Switzerland which is located on the Lake Geneva. The civilization of this city is stretched back to the bronze age. The area is enjoys lush green fields and amazing natural beauties, for which the whole of Switzerland is famous. The city is located in canton of Vaud, and is one of the most tourist attracted places in the country.

We will enlist some of the best places to visit in montreux Switzerland for you, so you don’t miss what you should not miss and you trip serves you the best of this beautiful place.

Best places to visit in Montreux

The city offers much of things, great beauty and amazing infrastructure as well as ancient and old architecture. Although I have tried my best to highlight the best places to visit in Montreux, The opinions might vary people to people, Because its relative you might like other places better than the mentioned below. But I can say one thing for sure that you will love the following palces if you ever visit Montreux Switzerland.

Château de Chillon

An Island castle, build in the old Roman times, it was used to guard the Alpine Pass. The castle has seen many different reigns and ages. Which is visible in the changes made in the castle, and you will easily see the mixed architecture makes it to the top of the best Places to visit in Montreux.



Col de Jaman

A mountain pass, which is chilly and snowy. It connects Montreux to other cities of the canton. Situated in the Western Alps, and goes through beautiful mountains, which makes it naturally amazing to enjoy the drive. These are the mountains that will make you fall in love with them, marking it another best Places to visit in Montreux.



Rochers de Naye

These are the great mountains that stand tall and overlook the great Lake of Geneva. This range of mountains lies in the Swiss Alps. The beautiful green mountains with amazing natural beauty has a breath taking view of the cities beneath. The Rochers de Naye makes it one of the another Best Places to visit in Montreux.



Golden Pass Line

If you are done visiting the beautiful city of Montreux, you should grab a ticket of the Golden Pass Line while you leave and leave the city with another great tourist attraction of the city. This line was specially made for tourists, which connect the city with Lucerne. You should not miss that ride. This marks the ends of our list of best places to visit in Montreux.



There are many other great things to see, and places to visit and things to do in Montreux, but for that you have to grab your ticket and pack your bag. If you do visit there, share your amazing experience of Best places to visit in Montreux with us in the comment section below.

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Places you should Visit in Perth, Scotland

The early capital of the Scotland, as the old Kings of Scots loved the place, it has a rich history, and as the whole Britain is known for its great palaces and castles which is are standing from medieval times. The place is known for it natural beauty, and it has reasons why the old Scottish Royalty loved the place.

The city of Perth has to offer a lot to the tourists, but the main things will be the breath taking castles and abbeys of the old Scottish Kings, which are now open for tourists to see the amazing English Scottish architecture.

Wonderful places you should Visit in Perth

Scone Palace

Believed to be haunted by ghosts of many early people and hence was abandoned, but this has been the main and the one of the most important palace to the Kings of Scots, many Kings have been crowned here, and many has lived here. The castle has many stories, mainly of it being haunted, and also for its great histories. With many other reasons for being one of the places you should visit in Perth




Elcho Castle

Property of the Earl of Wemyss, who doesn’t live in the place, but is kind enough to tale care of it and has been kept open to people. Build in 16th century by the ancestors of Lord Wemyss, and is still standing now, most of it is. Situated on an amazing location, at the ban of River Tay, it gives the notion of aristocratic luxury and is a fine example of unique Scottish architecture, and one of the amazing places to see in Perth.





Kinnoull Hill

It is a hill near the Kinfauns estates, the hill has got a beautiful tower known as the Kinnoull Tower, which was constructed by Lord Grey of Kinfauns. The tower was suppose to be a romantic folly. You can enjoy the view of the great green lands, the Kinfauns Castle and the Rivey Tay. The place is now a public park, and great deal of tourists love it as one of the places you should visit in Pert.



Moncreiffe Island

It is a place which is surrounded by River Tay, an amazing place which is left green. It divides the water of River Tay into two, leaving behind a great beauty to itself. Most of the island is occupied by King James VI Golf Course. So get a skirt and go golfing in this amazing golf course.



huntingtower castle

It is a tower, where King James the sixth was to be kept after he was by the owners of the Ruthven house. The Ruthvens and their allies attempting to kill the King many times, and at the end the name was abolished by the King, and the lands were confiscated by the Crown. Today all this name has, is this old castle. To know the full story, you have to visit the castle, and you will find it out.



The above list is not it, this city has much more to offer, all you need is to get a ticket and go there, and I am sure you wont forget it for the rest of your life. Do share your experience with us in the comment section below.