Abu Simbel, World Heritage Site in Egypt

Planning to visit Egypt, the first major tourist attraction that comes in minds is the Pyramids. However, there are many other amazing tourist spots in Egypt and one of them is Abu Simbel. These temples are the biggest projects of the ancient monument restoration. In the restoration process of this monument, many countries held hands. This eventually led towards the formation of the World Heritage List by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Unesco. Continue reading “Abu Simbel, World Heritage Site in Egypt”

Irbid Jordan ; Places to Visit

Jordan is famous for tourism,According to statistics of 2010, around 80 lac people from all around the world visited jordan for spending vacations. Tourism is very important to Jordan’s economy.Irbid Jordan

Apart from famous destinations known by almost everyone, Irbid Jordan is relatively lesser known by the masses, although it is most populous city in Jordan after Amman, Irbid stands as one of the most important route for trade between jordan and Syria.

Irbid Jordan

Civilization in Irbid Jordan dates back to Bronze age, some of the artifacts found by archeologists are said to be produced in BC 3200.

Irbid Jordan is also known as Arabella, Reading history of this city, it is found that Arabella was famous for making world class wine back in the times.

This piece of land is famous for the battle of yarmouk, a heroic battle that started the downfall of huge roman empire and which gave Syria in the hands of muslims.

A small muslims army with brave young men defeated the huge roman army of byzantine empire whose emperor was Heraclius.

Irbid Jordan; Places to Visit

Although there are not must famous destinations in Irbid Jordan for tourists, but following are few places which you might consider visiting if you are going to Irbid Jordan.

Famous tourist destinations which are around the city includes number of archaeological sites, Umm Qais lies few kilometers from the main city, you can also go and visit Ajlun, where you can see castle of Islamic era, and number of other ancient sites. If you are into history, you will love visiting these sites.

Irbid Jordan

Irbid Jordan

Jerash also lies near Irbid, Jerash is hub of tourists from all around the world,Read more tourist destinations of Jerash here.

Irbid Jordan

Irbid Jordan

  • Irbid Downtown
  • Qasmeyeh Restaurant

Irbid Jordan

  • Irbid Archaeological museum

Irbid Jordan

  • Arar Cultural House

Irbid Jordan

  • Museum of Jordanian Heritage

Irbid is home for one of the most famous university in Jordan named as Yarmouk University, This university hosts antique and worth checking out artifacts which were discovered from Irbid and its surroundings, and these artifacts date back to bronze age.Irbid Jordan

  • Arabella Mall
  • Irbid Mall
  • University Street

While exploring the malls, you can find everything, you need to buy, It is like a supermarket, along with that there are number of great restaurant in both Arabella Mall and Irbid Mall.Irbid Jordan

If you are looking for accommodation to stay, there are number of hotels which includes the expensive hotels and the cheap ones, where you can just lay low at night.Irbid Jordan is also known as the city with most internet cafes, You can see numerous number of internet cafes in the university street.Irbid Jordan

Irbid Jordan

Irbid is known for its fertile lane from the ancient age, but it is sad to see that this fertile land now hosts huge buildings and commercial centers, destroying the natural blessing bestowed to the people of Irbid.

Irbid Jordan

That’s all from Irbid Jordan, If you have been to this city, let us know in the comments, you can also ask us if you have any query regarding visiting Irbid Jordan.

If you think there is more about Irbid jordan that is to be updated in this post, let us know.

Doha Qatar Fantastic Places To Visit in 2016

Rise of Qatar as a nation started in 1939, When huge reserves of oil was discovered in its outskirts,From that day qatar economy never looked back,Considering its per capita income, Qatar has been given the title of richest country for three times. Qatar will also be hosting FIFA world cup 2022, It gives this beautiful country another opportunity to score its positive image worldwide. Continue reading “Doha Qatar Fantastic Places To Visit in 2016”

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Kerak is a famous place in Jordan, It also one of most imminent tourist destination,You might have heard of it reading the history books, Kerak is famous for its Crusader castle, It is one of those huge castles you might have seen before in Crusader movies, Kerak castle has a spectacular position considering from war point of view, It lies on the peak of mountain and it is covered by the valley from three sides, It was a focal strategic location in the Crusaders.

From this castle you can have view of the sublime dead sea, which is another famous tourist spot in Jordan, people from all around the word come to see Kerak castle and the dead sea. Kerak is quite an old settlement of humans, The inscriptions found in this city date back to 9th century Before Christ, It is said that this place is inhibited by human population from the Iron age. You will read that this area has been under constant war, Where different empires tried to capture Kerak, Conquerors used to come from the dead sea in order to get hold of this city. Now lets move to Kerak Jordan Travel Guide from history of this sublime place.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Lets move to Kerak Jordan travel guide, If you are travelling to Jordan, You should visit this beautiful place, one of the most noticeable tourist destination is Kerak Castle, This castle was made by the Crusaders, But it was under their control for only 46 years, Kerak castle was under the rule of Reynald di Chatilion, He was a barbaric and psychotic man, Who  always wanted a war between Muslims and Christians, He used to loot the trade caravans and execute the Muslim pilgrims travelling to Makkah, He also raided the red sea ports, breaking the peace treaty.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

When Saladin heard about breaking of all the treaties from the lord of kerak, He attacked the crusader kingdom, defeated the army and seized the town,During war this town was held by the crusaders for 8 months and then they surrendered, Saladin mercifully allowed the crusaders to return to their lands, and executed Reyland himself.

There is an event arranged at kerak Known as Sight and Sound Event, At that event the castle is decorated with the lights and a documentary is shown which gives all the information about Kerak from late 800 BC, Documentary covers all the major events of history and it throws light on different human settlements from the Iron age.

When you go to Kerak castle, you will be amazed to see the never ending passage ways, This castle is great example of crusader architecture, Till now a chapel exists at the upper portion of this beautiful castle from where you can see almost whole town and dead sea.

Kerak Jordan Travel Guide

Other Tourist destination in the town of Kerak are:

  • Burj Al-Banawi
  • Showbak Castle
  • Mazar Islamic Museum
  • Karak Archaeological Museum

The Karak Archaeological Museum is present inside the castle,It has artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine Crusader and Nabataen era,Its a huge museum with great number of amazing artifacts, you will love it if you are into History. Artifacts in this museum date from 6000 BC to 14th century AD.

That’s all from the Kerak Jordan Travel Guide, If you have been to this stunning place, let us know in the comments, You can also ask us if you have any query regarding your travel to Kerak Jordan.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

Jordan is hub of tourists from all around the world,and Jerash Jordan is one of the most prominent tourism destination, Most of the tourists are from Europe and USA, In 2010 around 3.5 billion US dollars were spend by the tourists in Jordan, So Tourism is one of the imminent industry in Jordan. Main reason for all this positive response from the tourists is presence of number of historical ruins, One of the most famous site is Petra which is also considered as one of the wonder of the world.

Moving on to Tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan, This city is also called “A Rome away from Rome”, Jerash holds ruins of roman empire, Most of them are the most ancient ruins still standing, They date back to BC 63. It was one of the 10 most important cities of Roman Empire in the era of Decapolis, Jerash is still preserved because it was covered by the desert sand for thousands of years, All these sites are discovered in round about 50 years back in the history.

Jerash Festival is one of the most famous event around the world for the tourists, If you are planning to visit tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan, Then look out for this festival and plan accordingly,It is usually held in July and it offers number of great shows and activities, Cultural shows are arranged in this festivals portraying the history of this beautiful place on earth. People from number of countries come to perform on this festival, There is also an exhibition of traditional handicrafts and art shows from people of different backgrounds, Its a perfect destination to visit with your family or friends. The theme of this festival is Greco-Roman history.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

Jerash enjoyed its prosperity in 3rd century, When almost 20 thousands people used to live in this city,That age is considered as “Golden Age” in Jerash history. Being the most important city of Rome, This city holds number of sites that were part of this important city, City holds temples, theaters, baths, fountains, forts and huge gates. All ruins are preserved well and worth visiting if you are into history and ancient culture. Following are the Roman ruins sites now considered as tourism destinations at Jerash Jordan:

  • Hadrian’s Arch

When the emperor Hadrian visited Jerash in 129 AD to praise the prosperity of this roman city, This splendid arch was constructed on his welcome.

Source: candicedoestheworld. com

  • Hippodrome

A arena used for the famous fights of gladiators, Chariot races and other spectacular sports, It can hold upto 15000 peopl, Truly a magnificent site and one of the best Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

  • Oval Plaza

As I was talking about the Jerash festival, It is one of the site of that festival, It has great number of columns on the sides and there is a fountains and two altars at the middle of this arena, Its a great site to visit during Jerash festival.

Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan

  • Nymphaeum

It was constructed in 191 AD, It is said to be the fountain dedicated to the Nymphs, Its quite a large place constructed with amazing architectural design, It served to be a recreational site in the ancient city.

  • Temple of Artemis

According to Greek mythology, This temple was dedicated to Artemis, who is said to be sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus, This temple was used to offer sacrifices to her in ancient times, 11 columns outside the temple are still standing, Inside the temple there is a stage made from marble, Which supposedly had Artemis statue.

  • Ajloun Fort

It is a great fort, Located near the Jerash ruins, If you visit the ruins you should visit this castle as well, In the days of Saladin the great, It used to protect and control the trading route between Egypt and Damascus, This Castle is huge, it also has a mosque in it, called as Ajlun Mosque, Which is considered as the most ancient mosque in Jordan, It was first a Christian church in Byzantine era.

Above are the most famous Tourism Destinations at Jerash Jordan, If you have been to this sublime city share your experience with us in the comments, If you have any queries regarding your travel to Jerash Jordan, Visit the official site of Jordan Tourism.

Things to do Manama Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most rich and developed country of middle-east, The oil-rich state spend millions of dollars every year to promote tourism on this beautiful paradise developed in middle of desert, If you have a thing for watching expensive cars and lavish lifestyle, This is the place to visit, You will find the sheikhs and Arab who live in such a posh lifestyle, Its unimaginable for many of us.

People of Bahrain are friendly, they mind their own business they wont interfere in your stuff unless you try to get into their matters, If you are visiting Bahrain for the first time, I can assure you will opt to come again, As there are so many places and things to do that you cant just get enough of it in one tour, Every time you’ll visit, you will discover new things to do Manama Bahrain.

Manama is capital city of Bahrain and it has number of places you can visit, you can also opt for hundreds of things to do in this beautiful city, If you are more of a city life person and you want to explore the posh life style, And you get attracted to the tall fancy buildings, This is the place to be.

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Water is covering Manama from from one side, It has a beautiful coast line with clean beaches, There are number of water activities to do including Jet ski, discing,tubing,hydro foiling and many more.

Things to do Manama Bahrain

Things to do Manama Bahrain

Manama is an important city for not only Bahrain but whole Arabian peninsula, Manama is a developed city with one of the world best infrastructure, The government is rich from the oil money, They spend most of it for the welfare of the state, According to a report, Almost 8 million people visit this beautiful city every year, Lets now move on to things to do Manama Bahrain:

Visit Hawar Islands

Hawar Islands are like 50 KM from the Manama, You can get there by boat, Its a beautiful Island In middle of Arabian sea,You might also see some dolphins on your way to this Island. Once you get to the Hawar Islands there are amazing resorts and different activities to keep you occupied.

Visit Oil Museum

In 1992 a museum was constructed as a memorial of oil discovery in Bahrain on its 60th Anniversary, Its a huge museum, Where you will find number of great artifacts from the old times, You will also learn about Bahrain history before oil was discovered and how all things changed after discovery of this black gold.

Visit Tree of life

There is a tree present around 2 KM from Jebel dukhan, It is 32 ft. tall and it is said to be 400 year old, Its still alive and acheologists have found pottery around it which is said to be of Telmun Civilization, There are around 50 thousand visitors of this tree every year, Who come to see this miracle of God.

Visit Al-dar Island

There are number of parties arranged at Al-dar island on different occasions, Its a beautiful place worth visiting at night, You should check out for the parties at this Island and show up for one, You will get a chance to see how Arabs party. You can spend your day on the Island, Party all night and place a camp at nearby campsite on the beach, under the beautiful sky. Bahrain parties are considered even better than those at Dubai.

Things to do Manama Bahrain

Above are all the things which I found interesting and they are worth a try if you ever visit Manama Bahrain, If you want to include some other things to do Manama Bahrain, Let us know in the comments. Your story about this place, If you have been there, will be highly appreciated. Keep Travelling and Stay Happy.

If you are planning a visit to Manama Bahrain, Please refer to Bahrain Official Tourism Website

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Best Places of Manama Bahrain to Visit

Manama is capital city of Bahrain,Its population is of 1.5 hundred thousand people, Home of posh Arabs, Manama is a city you would love to visit, Its one of the most beautiful man made city, You will see sky scrapers with most expensive cars on the streets of the city, If you are more of a city lover than a nature lover, Dubai and Manama are the places to visit.

Panama is a Peninsula, With an amazing water front, Its a Gulf state and its rich with oil, So the economy of this country is overwhelming, As much they earn, almost same amount of money is spend on the welfare of state, You will see great deal of developed infrastructure in Manama Bahrain.

Manama is a developed city with skyscrapers all around, Its one of most important financial city of middle-east, The name is derived from local language that is  ‘Arabic’ which is spoken all over Bahrain, Manama means “Place for Resting”.

City has history of Crusaders as well as Muslim empires, Bahrain is one of fastest growing country of world, A lot of money is spend on tourist attractions from the government and Every year almost 8 million people visit Bahrain for tourism.

Best Places of Manama Bahrain

  • Al Dar Islands

Amazing place to escape from the strong heat, It is not too crowded and if you are tired of the city life, this is the place to come and relax, You will see beautiful clear water, You will get good food and rest houses,If you prefer natural sites over crowded sites, This is the place to visit. Accommodation is very affordable at Al-Dar Islands.

  • Bahrain National Museum

Best Places of Manama Bahrain

Modern museum with great ambiance, You will feel like you are in a huge palace, there are different sections all dedicated to different collections of history artifacts, This museum mostly consists of Islamic heritage artifacts, Its a great place to discover the history of Muslims and read about how they dominated from Saudi Arabia to Asia in a specific period of time.

Bahrain is a small country but it is rich in historical, cultural norms and traditions. Entry fees is like few dollar, It is totally worth visiting.

  • Qalat al Bahrain

Best Places of Manama Bahrain

It is one of the best historical site to visit,A huge and beautiful fort with great architecture of old age, Although the fort looks mesmerizing at day time, but the optimal time to visit is during the sunset, Make sure you get into the castle before Sunset, After that they close the entrance, But you can roam around the castle.At night this fort is illuminated with numerous lights, Which gives this castle a sublime look.

This fort is along the sea and you can enjoy a beautiful view from the top of Qalat al Bahrain, There are labels  on every thing which holds some historical importance, from where you can read about this place,this site also holds the history of almost five civilizations who came and got buried in Bahrain.

  • Beit Al Quran

Beit al-Quran
Bait al Quran means Home of Quran, It holds diverse collection of Quranic scripts from the time of its origin, The handwritten scripts are work of an art, You will love the place and its ambiance, You will find Holy Quran written in different styles from all around the world, There are also some manuscripts of Quran which are around 1300 years old.

It was built in 1984; Everyone is welcome at Beit al Quran, It is better to dress modestly as this is a religious place and you should visit the place before prayer time so you can witness the offering of Salah and Adhaan which is in Arabic. Its a beautiful place to visit, Thats why I have included it in collection of best places of Manama Bahrain.

Although there are many great tourist destinations you can visit in Manama, But above mentioned places are what I think are best places of Manama Bahrain. Opinions may vary.

If you still have any queries regarding your travel plan, Visit Official Website of Bahrain Tourism.