Top Sites To See of Avila Spain

One of the oldest and most visited town in Spain. Avila Spain is also called “Town of Saints and Stones”, It is a famous tourist destination, which is loved by the historians and architecture freaks, this town has great number of gothic and Romanesque churches, There are number of ancient sites in town which are worth seeing. Continue reading “Top Sites To See of Avila Spain”

10 Places of Oviedo Spain Must Visit in 2016

Oviedo is capital city of Asturias Spain, present at the northern side of the country and famous for its beautiful beaches, massive mountains, sublime landscapes and tasty food, it is known as the most clean city of Europe, it has won number of awards for its cleanliness, Another thing that makes it famous is the Romanesque Architecture. Continue reading “10 Places of Oviedo Spain Must Visit in 2016”

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Pitiusas Islands commonly known as pine islands, Pitusas means Pine in Greek so the name. There are number of beautiful Islands  which collectively form Pine islands. Ibiza and Formentera are two of the famous islands of Pitiusas, These islands come under the Balearic Islands of Spain, The laws, Language and government on these islands are governed by independent council of each Island.

Pine Islands are situated around 60 miles from Majorca Island, Which is another great island to spend vacations. Most of the famous celebrities from around the world visit these Balearic Islands to spend their vacations, It is famous holiday destination because of its beautiful location and weather.

There was a time when both of major Pitiusas Islands were administered under same council but now both islands Ibiza and Formentera are independent, Until their separation in 2007, Ibiza and Formentera along with other small Balearic islands were called Advice of Formentera and Ibiza. Ibiza has number of barren islands making it look like a solar system with small islands around it, These Islands give a mesmerizing aerial view.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

I will cover some basic requirements of your travel to these beautiful Islands,You should keep the Following points in your mind while travelling and I suppose these are enough as your Pitiusas Islands travel guide.


Pitiusas Islands has two language, Both are quite inter related, Some people speak Spanish and other speak Catalan, If you will find a local, There are more chances he knows both of these languages, English people wont have any problem in Pitiusas Islands but other people with other languages like German and French might have problem communicating with the locals, But you might find number of tourists from your own country and your language who can help you out.


There are number of Airports on these Islands, so you can get to these Islands by air, You can also take the ferries or cruise ships to get here from big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, Ferries can also be used to take your cars to these Islands.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide


Pitusas Islands are famous for their vast diversity in food, There are number of great restaurants on these Pitusas which offer top quality food, Food includes all the varieties, Seafood dishes are considered specialty of these Islands, You can also get great vegan dishes if you don’t eat meat, There are huge number of Olive trees on these Islands, Dishes in Olive oil are part of Pitusas Island Culture.


As I said these Islands serves as a vacation spot to millions of tourists every year, which also includes the celebrities from all around the world, So you will find number of great five star hotels, You can also get accommodated in less expensive hotels, There are also sites for camping where you would love to spend night under the sky full of stars and music of sea waves. You can also book rooms in motels, Which are relatively cheap.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Thats all about Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide from my side, If you have been to this beautiful place, Let us know in the comments, Or if you plan to visit Pitiusas Islands and you have some queries, Feel free to ask us in the comments.


Best Places of Mallorca to Visit

Mallorca is largest island of Balearic Islands, Spain. In Catalan its called Majorca. Balearic Islands have large area of Spain, It is one of most fancied holiday spot in Spain, People from all over the world visit to see Best places of Mallorca, One of the thing that makes Mallorca so loveable, is its beaches, Along the beach you will find great number of amazing resorts, this island has never failed to impress the tourists. It has diverse culture and it mainly revolves around the coastal life and village festivals.

Apart from the coastal area. second place in queue for attracting tourists is the food of Mallorca, Great variety of food with amazing taste, Many people turn towards this island to spend their vacations, With major attraction being the beaches, there are also many historical sites and natural beauty of mountains and hills worth checking out at this Island.

Muslims ruled Spain with glory and grace for round about eight centuries. Muslims converted Spain into the most civilized and the most charming land in the world. The ancient buildings situated in this beautiful Island Majorca tell the tales of glorious days of Muslims while ruling the Spain.

Best Places of Mallorca

Although there are many places to visit on the Island, but I have made a list which I consider as Best places of Mallorca, If you ever plan to visit Spain do check out these places, The official language of Majorca is Catalan, but most of the people do know Spanish.

Cap de Formentor

You will find Cap de formentor on the north side of Mallorca, At the end of this great landscape you will find a lighthouse,There are tracks which leads to light house, you ought to get there to see the mesmerising view, although it is few miles walking distance, It takes some energy to get there but you will enjoy the view while walking, But if you choose to stay, you can also have great sight from Mirador de Colomers.

best places of mallorca

Le Seu Cathedral

I would call it one of the best places of Mallorca because of architecture of this Cathedral, Sunday is for praying, so avoid visiting on Sundays, Other than that you can visit on any weekday, The True beauty of this Building was when it was a mosque, Christians captured it and turned it into a Cathedral to ruin its beauty, Muslims had great civilization in Spain and ruled it for hundreds of years, Most of the great historic buildings are constructed by Muslims.

best places of mallorca

Cuevas de Drach

Cuevas de drach is considered one of the most visited tourist attraction of Mallorca and one of the best places of Mallorca to visit, It is a tunnel like cave with length of about 1.2KM and height of 25 meters, It has amazing water filled caverns, You can watch in the small boats and enjoy the cultural concerts and shows, It is quite crowded so you better should make reservation before visiting for any show, Otherwise you might have to stand in queue for ages.

best places of mallorca

Castillo de Bellver

One of the most beautiful historic building is Castillo de Bellver, It is huge and if you visit it, You wont have much problem finding your way through and get to know of things. As every historical detail about this place is mentioned on the boards present there. You will find great sculptures and maps of old city, from the top of castle you can see the coastal line which looks astonishing. The building is still in great condition and there is no entrance ticket if you visit on Sunday.

best places of mallorca

Although Mallorca is quite big Island and I couldn’t mention all great places, If you want to read more check out here. Above are the amazing and best places of Mallorca, If you want to share your experience regarding your visit to this beautiful Island, do write to us in the comments. If you have some issue regarding your travel to Mallorca, Feel free to contact us, We would love to help you out.

Top Places to Visit in Vigo, Spain

Vigo is the most populated city in the autonomy of Galicia Spain. It is the economic hub of Galicia. The city is located in the north-west of Spain, on the coasts of Vigo Bay. It is near to Spanish-Portuguese border. The city being on the coastline, has been the primary target for Spanish intruders in the past, specially the Portuguese and their allies, due to which the city has a great war history, and many war monuments and memorials. Apart from that, its has amazing beaches and a lot of great Romanesque architecture. If you go to Spain, you don’t want to miss Vigo.

Top Places To Visit in Vigo

There are many places to visit in Vigo, and there are many amazing things one can do and enjoy in Vigo, but we will enlist the Top Places to Visit in Vigo, Spain. for you to have a quality time and a memorable trip to the place.

Barco Islas Cies, Rías Baixas

Barco Islas Cies is an Archipelago (Island Chain) consisting of three amazing and gorgeous Island in the territory of Rias Baixas. There are many other small Islands too, but the Islas Cies, or Cies Islands form the largest ones. The Islands were declared as Natural Park in the 1980. It is enriched with flora and fauna, and is a natural habitat for many beautiful creatures of the nature. It is 14KMs away from Vigo, so you can enjoy a great water voyage, and as you are in Spain, why not?


Celtic Castro Ruins

The city doesn’t only have a war or battle history, it has got ancient heritage sites as well. The Celtic Castro Ruins, are the ruins of an old Celtic settlement in the area. Rocky walls and round roofed huts, with monuments of their  gods, it is an amazing sight seeing tourist destination. Marking itself to the list of Top Places to Visit in Vigo.


Museum of Contemporary Art

Another place which had made it to our list of Top Places to Visit in Vigo, is the Museum of Contemporary art. A Museum that does not have a permanent collections of things to display, the collection of contemporary art changes, so no matter what stories people tell you, it wont spoil your visit, and no matter how many time you visit, you will find new stuff. The museum has an amazing historic building, which makes it even more exciting.


Castro fortress

Castro fortress is the a fortress build in the mid 17th century to defend the city against the constant attacks of the Portuguese and the alliance. It has a great historic importance and an amazing architecture. It is always a thrill to find out how the old soldiers used to live, and you can sense the patriotism which dwells in the walls now.


Romanesque architecture

As stated above, the city has got a great history, and how can there be a place in Spain, without the signs of its Romanesque affiliation. The great sights of the amazing Romanesque architecture are as follows.

  • Santa Maria de Castrelos
  • Santiago de Bembrive
  • San Salvador de Coruxo

And there are many more to explore.



Praia de Samil

Last but not the least things that hit our list of Top Places to visit in Vigo, is the beautiful Praia de Samil (Samil Beach). After exploring the beauty of this city, and the visiting amazing historic places, have nice exotic evening at the beach with a relaxing time and enjoying the music of the water.



Enjoy the great visit to the beautiful city of Vigo, and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below. If you have any query regarding your trip, let us know in the comments, We will help you out.