Top Sites of Galway Ireland to Visit

On the west coast of Ireland you will find a city with diverse cultures, You will see people from different ethnicities, Galway Ireland is along the Galway bay, So in medieval ages many conquerors came from this way, In old age Galway was one of most important trade city it has great trade links with Portugal and Spain, The governing power of Galway was in hands of 14 powerful merchant families or you can call 14 tribes, Hence the diversity in the ethnicity in the area, Galway has a great history history mostly because of prominent ports for trades.

Now Galway is one of most important City of Ireland, People from all over the world come to visit Top sites of Galway to visit, City is famous for its festivals, there are a lot of festivals which are organised all over the year, Check out time table of festivals in Galway here.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland to Visit

Although the city is great and it has a lot of tourists attractions, But while considering the historical sites and natural beauty I have compiled list of top sites of galway Ireland to visit, Check out the following places if you are planning to go to Ireland.

Wild Atlantic Way

If you want to get out of city life into some peaceful place then Wild Atlantic way it is, Its a great way with mesmerising surroundings, while driving you can see the amazing views of nature, Stop anywhere interact with the locals get to know about the place, Its a gorgeous country side where you will find numerous species of flora and fauna, You will find a magnificent landscapes there along with that you will drive along the coastline so you can Imagine the glamour of this place.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Eyre Square

Its great place to visit in summers, You can see people sitting on the grass and talking to each other, You can roam around Eyre Square on foot and do shopping and see different people from all around the world get to know of Irish culture, You can also dine in there as many great restaurants can be found there, You will also see historical sights there including John F, Kennedy’s visit to Galway.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Galway City Museum

Galway City museum is now reopened, You can find amazing piece of arts in this museum, Its a great place to know the history or Ireland, You can see Altar piece of 17th Century in museum. On the ground floor you will find historical artifacts of medieval times, Other floors have artifacts of People of galway. Museum also conducts exhibitions of artifacts of great artists.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Galway Cathedral

It is one of the top sites of galway to visit, You will find great historical stuff inside the cathedral, It has been renovated and now it looks better than ever, When you will go to galway it wont be hard to find the Cathedral as its visible from almost everywhere, This place gives you a break from hustle of city.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Glengowla Mines

Its a great place to visit with family, Glengowla Mines lie under the Connemara mountain, This place was abandoned a long time ago, So you will only find tourists there you can get into the mine to discover veins of copper pyrite, Different crystals working condition of miners when the mine was active. You can consider glengowla mines as one of top sites of galway Ireland.

Top Sites of Galway Ireland

Here’s my collection of Top Sites of Galway Ireland to visit, If you have ever been there and you think there should be more in this list, let me know in the comments, Your feedback is highly appreciated. If you intend to visit Galway someday you should check out Official site of galway tourism

Historical Places of Lincoln, England

Lincoln is one of the most ignored city of England, Although it has a lot to offer to the tourists, It has amazing places to visit, People are great and you will find great diversity of historical buildings from the medieval age and roman empire. Lincoln has served to be a colony of many invaders who came from distant land to conquer England, It has served for years under roman rule. That’s why It has number of great ancient medieval buildings. Although there are many places with great historical importance, And from them I’ve compiled a list of best Historical places of Lincoln England that are worth visiting.

Historical Places of Lincoln, England

Lincoln is a beautiful city with great number of tourist attractions,Some of them will leave you awestruck, What makes them beautiful is their architecture and design.

Lincoln Cathedral

It is the third largest cathedral in England, It was constructed in 1072, so it gives look of ancient building, although it is maintained well and it is worth visiting. Lincoln Cathedral is located along with Bishop Old palace, Which is another great historical place to visit.

Historical Places of Lincoln

High Bridge

It is one of the most interesting historical places of Lincoln, A bridge that cover the river witham, And its located at the end of High street, This bridge is said to be the oldest bridge in England which stands same as it was when it was constructed in 11th Century, You will see houses on the west side of bridge, It is also called Glory hole, Small boats can easily pass underneath it, In old times it was called ‘Murder hole‘ as bodies were dumped into the river from this bridge.

Historical Places of Lincoln

Bishop Old Palace

This palace was made by Lincoln’s powerful bishops in 11th century, It stands next to Cathedral, This palace is constructed on a slope, So its architecture is quite impressive, Palace is surrounded by the roman walls and old trees, Beautiful pathways are constructed, which are almost the same as they were in 14th Century.


Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle was build by William the conqueror, When he arrived at Lincoln, he gave order to get this palace constructed, It is one of the oldest castle of England,Although the actual wooden castle was rebuilt in 1136 and its stone tower was named as Lucy tower, It has another great tower worth visiting which is called Observatory tower, It was made in 14th Century, In the castle you will find original copy of Magna carta.

Historical Places of Lincoln

There are some other historical places of lincoln as well but the above mentioned are considered the best.Apart from these great Histoical sites, The culture of Lincoln is also very interesting, you will find a trace of British people of medieval age in these people, To know the best of lincoln, Interact with the locals, They will provide you will lot of interesting historical stories about these places.

If you have any queries regarding your visit, Let us know, We will be happy to help you out. If you have visited these places or intend to visit historical places of lincoln, Share your experience with us in the comments below, If you want to read more about historical places of Lincoln Visit here

Top Places to Visit in Vigo, Spain

Vigo is the most populated city in the autonomy of Galicia Spain. It is the economic hub of Galicia. The city is located in the north-west of Spain, on the coasts of Vigo Bay. It is near to Spanish-Portuguese border. The city being on the coastline, has been the primary target for Spanish intruders in the past, specially the Portuguese and their allies, due to which the city has a great war history, and many war monuments and memorials. Apart from that, its has amazing beaches and a lot of great Romanesque architecture. If you go to Spain, you don’t want to miss Vigo.

Top Places To Visit in Vigo

There are many places to visit in Vigo, and there are many amazing things one can do and enjoy in Vigo, but we will enlist the Top Places to Visit in Vigo, Spain. for you to have a quality time and a memorable trip to the place.

Barco Islas Cies, Rías Baixas

Barco Islas Cies is an Archipelago (Island Chain) consisting of three amazing and gorgeous Island in the territory of Rias Baixas. There are many other small Islands too, but the Islas Cies, or Cies Islands form the largest ones. The Islands were declared as Natural Park in the 1980. It is enriched with flora and fauna, and is a natural habitat for many beautiful creatures of the nature. It is 14KMs away from Vigo, so you can enjoy a great water voyage, and as you are in Spain, why not?


Celtic Castro Ruins

The city doesn’t only have a war or battle history, it has got ancient heritage sites as well. The Celtic Castro Ruins, are the ruins of an old Celtic settlement in the area. Rocky walls and round roofed huts, with monuments of their  gods, it is an amazing sight seeing tourist destination. Marking itself to the list of Top Places to Visit in Vigo.


Museum of Contemporary Art

Another place which had made it to our list of Top Places to Visit in Vigo, is the Museum of Contemporary art. A Museum that does not have a permanent collections of things to display, the collection of contemporary art changes, so no matter what stories people tell you, it wont spoil your visit, and no matter how many time you visit, you will find new stuff. The museum has an amazing historic building, which makes it even more exciting.


Castro fortress

Castro fortress is the a fortress build in the mid 17th century to defend the city against the constant attacks of the Portuguese and the alliance. It has a great historic importance and an amazing architecture. It is always a thrill to find out how the old soldiers used to live, and you can sense the patriotism which dwells in the walls now.


Romanesque architecture

As stated above, the city has got a great history, and how can there be a place in Spain, without the signs of its Romanesque affiliation. The great sights of the amazing Romanesque architecture are as follows.

  • Santa Maria de Castrelos
  • Santiago de Bembrive
  • San Salvador de Coruxo

And there are many more to explore.



Praia de Samil

Last but not the least things that hit our list of Top Places to visit in Vigo, is the beautiful Praia de Samil (Samil Beach). After exploring the beauty of this city, and the visiting amazing historic places, have nice exotic evening at the beach with a relaxing time and enjoying the music of the water.



Enjoy the great visit to the beautiful city of Vigo, and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below. If you have any query regarding your trip, let us know in the comments, We will help you out.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations Worldwide

The Famous TV series of HBO has amazing set and it is shot in different beautiful parts of the world, Game of thrones can be named as the most famous TV series, It is based on series of books named as “A song of Ice and Fire” written by George R. R. Martin. Game of thrones is fantasy drama of medieval age, Currently five seasons have been released and more seasons are yet to come, The main story revolves around noble houses fighting and struggling to get in power of Iron throne of Seven Kingdoms.


Game of thrones has very broad and active international following, This series has won numerous prestigious awards. Game of thrones real life locations include number of countries around the world, Location of set is based in Northern Ireland  but for shooting the crew travels to many locations around Europe and other parts of world.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Following are the pictures and details of Game of thrones real life locations, The HQ for production of this series is based in Northern Ireland but the crew travels to many locations of Europe including some locations of Africa for shooting of this TV serial.

King’s Landing Road; Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Pentos ; Ouarzazate, Morocco

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

King’s Landing ; Dubronik, Croatia

Kings Landing where all of this began. A beautiful place in Croatia thats worth visiting.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Braavos ; Sibenik, Croatia

Braavos is one of the most strong free city and its one of the most beautiful game of thrones real life locations.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Winterfell: Doune Castle

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

 Thermal Spring Or “Jon And Ygritte’s Love Nest”: Grjótagjá Cave, Iceland

Grjótagjá is a small cave near Lake Mývatn in Iceland. Outside of cave there is is snow and ice, But the water in the spring can get up to 40 degrees Celsius. Its a great place to go with someone special and re-anact that scene.


Daenery’s And Dragos Wedding: Azure Window, Malta

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

North of Westeros; Thingvellir, Iceland

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Royal Palace of Dome ; Real Alcazar Palace, Seville, Spain

Its the oldest palace which is still use in Spain


Long Bridge Of Volantis: The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain

Volantis is free city present east of Westeros



Wildling Camp: Dimmuborgir, Iceland

Camp of Wildlings where they were staying after capturing Jon Snow.



The Burning Of The Seven: Mussenden, Northern Ireland

In S02E01 at the front of the Beach house. In this scene Melisandre burns the statues of The Seven faced God from as an offering to the Lord of Light



Yunkai And Pentos: Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

Yunkai is also called yellow city; Yunkai is ruled by slave merchants who call themselves “Wise Masters”



No doubt all of these places are great and how the directors have portrayed these places in Game of Thrones series is sublime, If you know about some other game of thrones real life locations let us know via comments we will include them in our collection. You can read more about these places here

Disclaimer: We dont own any of these pictures; They belong to their rightful owner, Purpose of using this picture is to point out the locations of TV serial.




Places To Visit in Shkoder; Albania

Shkoder or shkodra is a city located in the north east of Albania. It is one of the most historic cities of Albania, and also in Europe. It has a great historic importance, and with rich history and heritage it is a great sit for tourists attraction from all over the world. The rich political history has left Albania with great tales to tell and the historic monuments which tells them, and being the gateway to Albania from Europe, Shkoder has got great strategical importance.



Shkoder offers the mix culture heritage of Ottomans and the Europeans, as well as the Italians, as these have been the rulers of Albania in the past, it also offers great deal of modern day architecture and development. Being near to the coast, the weather stays pleasant which makes it great for tourism all year around. It offers both European and Turkish descent cuisine, with many more in her world class standard restaurants, which makes them great places to visit in Shkoder.

Famous Places to Visit in Shkoder


Rozafa Castle

The ruins of the greatest Illyrian architecture which tells the tales of 2nd century BC, is one of the finest places to visit. A greatest heritage site and a place where you can enjoy the view of the city. Located at the top Rozafa mountain, the site is ravishing when you look down the city. Marking it one of the finest Places To Visit in Shkoder.



Shkodra Lake

Its named after the city it self, and lies at the border of Albania and Montenegro. It is know for its natural beauty, and amazing sight seeing. It is filled by oraca river and drains into Adriatic, whic forms the border between two countries. Some of its area lies in Montenegro too. What is better than seeing a natural beauty which connects two nations.


Venice Art Mask Factory

Going to every Masquerade party we wear a mask, where the finest of them comes from? The place is right at the heart of Shkoder. The Venice Art Mask factory is who exports highest standard masks for stage plays and movies. Explore the mystery and the art with agreat place which marks itself a one of the greatest Places To Visit in SHkoder.


Shkoder Historical Museum

You don’t want to leave behind the rich history and the ancient Albanian architecture, the Shkoder Historical Museum is a place where you can experience great historical imprtance of Shkoder and Albania. And it marks itself as one of the best Places To Visit in Shkoder.



This is not it, Shkoder offers much more interesting things. Great places to stay and rich cutural cuisines. A place that you must have on your “to visit” list, and if you don’t, you must go and place it there. Shkoder is only an hour of a drive away from the capital. For more details click here.