Best Places To Visit In Oslo Norway

Oslo is the next destination you definitely want to get to. It is the capital and the most populous city of Norway. Oslo is majorly known for three things, its architecture, museums and the greenery. Oslo originally means “Meadows consecrated to the Gods” and what’s better than a city so divine.



Oslo has a very rich history and heritage with it’s timeline starting from 1000 A.D from a few buildings straight to infinite buildings till 21st century with the most recent one as Oslo Opera House. The land area occupied by Oslo has about two-thirds secured by forests, lakes and hills, hence the green appearance.


Best Places To Visit In Oslo Norway

Oslo is a milestone of the contemporary architecture. This city has attracted a bunch of famous architects. Projects, to innovate the old cities, are on the go. There’s been an emergence of a grand skyline.

Although there are many places to visit in Oslo Norway, But following are the best places to visit In Oslo Norway:

1. The Oslo Opera House:


This white exterior literally appears to be emerging out of the water and looks super fascinating.

2.Holmenkollen National Ski Arena:

This includes Ski Museum and Jump Tower and is the ultimate attraction for the tourists.


3. The Barcode:

Barcode consists of a row  of multiple skyscraping multi-purpose buildings, basically giving the appearance of a barcode because of the arrangement of long and sleek buildings with spaces in between them.

The famous Munch Museum/Museet is the attractrive spot for art fanatics. It displays works of famous artists like Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh. Scream, the famous work of Munch, has found its home in the museum. The building of the museum is much of an art itself with its top spilling out giving the idea that the top would fall off any moment. The fascination speaks for itself.


Oslo is the ultimate spot for music fanatics because of its yearly music festivities being conducted inside the city.Oslo’s festivals include rock, world music, opera, literature, medieval music and films. So Oslo should be next to Tomorrow land when you think of music festivals next time. Some of the famous festivals are,

  • Oslo Chamber Music Festival
  • Stand Up Deluxe Festival
  • Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

The transport system of Oslo is quite elaborated and it has Norway’s most extensive transport system scattered across its land area, including, the six-line Oslo Metro network, a six-line Oslo Tramway and an eight-line Commuter Rail. Its transport network is rather one of those things you will definitely miss about Oslo.

Food In Oslo Norway

The food is defined as uber classic and the experience as, chic and fine.


Some of the best restaurants in oslo are,

  1. Bolgen and Moi Restaurant and Cafe: Famous due to its fabulous international cuisine and ultra-chic industrial setting.
  2. Grand Cafe; is a legendary cafe with a wall depicting legends like, Edvard Munch, henrik Ibsen and many others.
  3. Bristol Grill; located in one of Oslo’s most prestigious hotels, features international and Norwegian grills.

And if you’re looking for Halal food, there are restaurants in Oslo, like,

  • Tika Tika, which is an Indian fast food house.
  • Charlie’s, a burger and kebab house.
  • Fredrikke Kafe.


Above are the best places to visit In Oslo Norway according to my opinion, If you have been to this beautiful place let us know about your experience , If you have any query, Write to us or leave us a comment, we will get back to you.

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World’s Most Expensive Countries to Visit

I believe that traveling around the world should not be a hard job, This world is so beautiful and it is meant to be explored. Moving to different places and interacting with individuals of different culture and norms opens your mind to a new pathways.

Travelling has its challenges, but when you overcome those challenges and hit the road, you are in a new dimension, The hardest part is just stepping out of the door,You learn to survive against the odds. The feeling you get after climbing a huge mountains and seeing the world from suchbhigh altitude can not be described in words.

Most Expensive Countries

World Economic Forum’s Biannual Travel and Competitiveness Report has indexed 141 countries of the World considering the travel and accommodation costs, This report has ranked the countries considering the airport charges and air taxes, accommodation price of hotel, the lifestyle, cost of living and fuel prices. According to this report following are the most expensive countries to visit and stay.

10. Austria

International arrivals (2013) – 24.8m
Average spending per tourist – $810


9. Italy

International arrivals (2013) – 47.7m
Average spending per tourist – $920
Top Sites of Bologna Italy


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8. Sweden

International arrivals (2013) – 11.6m
Average spending per tourist – $987

Most Expensive Countries

7. Denmark

International arrivals (2013) – 8.6m
Average spending per tourist – $811

Most Expensive Countries

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6. Occupied Palestine (Israel)

International arrivals (2013) – 3m.
Average spending per tourist – $1,912.

Source:Rex Features

5. Norway

International arrivals (2013) – 4.7m.
Average spending per tourist – $1,199.

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Nature wallapers
Source: Max Rive

Above is picture of Aurora Borealis also called northern lights, Read more

4. Australia

International arrivals (2013) – 6.4m
Average spending per tourist – $4,897


Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph

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3. France

International arrivals (2013) – 84.7m
Average spending per tourist – $669




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International arrivals (2013) – 31.2m
Average spending per tourist – $1,316

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1. Switzerland

International arrivals (2013) – 9m
Average spending per tourist – $1,882


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Yes, Switzerland is considered the most expensive country for the tourists. Still it is one of the most visited country of the world, Above is the list of Most expensive countries to visit,If you are on tight budget, you should reconsider your travel plan,This ranking is according to The World Economic Forum’s biannual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, Which has classified 144 countries according to amount of money spent by average visitor.

Let us know about your travel plans, and how much do you agree with this report, considering if you have ever been to these places.The expenditure should not stop you from traveling, World is meant to be explored as Ibn Battuta said:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Everything About Reine Norway

Reine Norway is a small village of Nordland county, It is famous all around Norway for Fishing and vacations. It is located around 150 miles south-west of Troms, Which is a famous county of Norway for tourism.

Reine is a very beautiful village, It is connected to the rest of the country from European route 10, While traveling you can just stop here and stay for a while, You can also stay for nights, There are rooms you can avail, Its along the sea, you can also post your camp here.
Reine has also been called as the most beautiful village of Norway, It has these amazing natural sights and a very peaceful environment, In Reine Norway you are very close to the nature and you can actually enjoy the nature and its beauty.

Everything About Reine Norway

Reine although has very scarce population,But it is visited by thousands of tourists every year, It is one of hidden wonders of Earth. When if you visit you should interact with the locals there, their history and their culture is very interesting, You will see the different norms of those people which will attract you and you will for sure feel like staying more days at this heaven on Earth.

Reine Norway

As Reine Norway lies above the Arctic circle, that’s why the climate is cold, Best time to visit this place is summers, In winters there are days on which the sun doesnot even rises.

The true Beauty of Reine Norway is its natural landscapes, If you ever visit this place, you will be aw-stuck by the sublime beauty of this village,You wont find much of development here, Only things you will see is the fishermen huts and some private tourist firms who provide different activities to the tourists.

Considering the number of people visiting each year, people have now turned their fishing camps into small rooms that are great for staying at nights.

At day time there are many thing to do, You can just sit and watch the natural view around you, I bet you will never get enough of the surrounding beauty, you can also kayak in the water, rent a boat and go for fishing, there are some amazing cliffs around which can be used for cliff diving, along with them there are huge mountains. You can trek them and hike on it to get to the top.

At nights in the months from October to April, You can experience the great sight of Aurora Borealis, It totally worth staying at reine Norway for, This amazing sights are not so easy to find, But If you are staying at 100 km from Arctic circle you should stay for the night to experience these amazing sights.

Reine Norway

In the above picture you can see the huts, which are reserved for tourist accommodation, Imagine waking up in that hut and when you get out, your view is the same as in the picture.

Note: If you are visiting Reine Norway, You should also visit Nordland county,
Check out the amazing sites and tourists attractions of nordland here.


Best Places of Troms Norway to Visit

Troms is one of the three counties of Northern Norway,It is located in the arctic circle, Troms borders with Sweden from the south, Finnmark county is located at the northeast and Nordland county in the southeast, Now you might have an idea about the location of this paradise on Earth.

Now moving on to why I called it paradise, Far away from huge cities this county exists in middle of fjords, snow capped mountains along with dozens of fresh water lakes, Where you will find fresh water streams as well as deep sea water. A place where you can seek for number of pleasures and you will get them, You can ask for fresh water fish like salmon  or trout you will get it, You can get your boat and go to deep water and catch some big fishes,Although its in Arctic circle but this county is quite developed you will find good hotels for staying and good restaurants for food.

Culture and History of Troms has significance, You will find a culture you have never seen before in your life, Feel free to ask people about the buildings sites, festivals and rituals, as this place has served to be home of Sami, Swedish and Finnish people, So you will see much diversity in their norms.

Before moving on to the Best places of troms norway to visit, Let me give you a list about things to do in troms Norway.

Things to do in Troms Norway

There are number of great things you can do on this beautiful piece of land, Best advice is that don’t be hesitant of the climate,pack your stuff and get out, Explore this beautiful place. Check out the things to do in troms norway:

  • Fishing/Farming/Hunting
  • Sea Kayaking
  • River boar tours
  • Diving and cliff jumping
  • Hiking on the Glaciers
  • River Paddling
  • Riding
  • Exploring Caves
  • Helicopter sightseeing

Above are few, There are a lot of more to do there,Troms seems like a sacred place untouched by the crowds of tourists, You will only find the people who love nature at its best and at its worst. people who are here for an adventure. The locals are used to hard life and cold temperature. But for the tourists, Its one hell of a adventure

Best Places of Troms Norway

Troms is a beautiful part of Norway, Most of the tourist avoid this beautiful place because of climate, But this place has the best sights in the whole Europe, check out my compilation of best places of troms norway.

  • Northern Lights Sight Seeing Tours


Aurora or Northern lights, Spectacular Miracle of nature, Amazing formation of vivid colors on the sky, A view that is worth all your travel for, Most of the people declare Northern lights as the best view of their life time. Hence it can be called as best place of troms Norway.

There are different firms which offer you tour in the search of northern lights, they provide you with the kits and you are along the professional guides, Who lead your way on to discovering this one of the most beautiful sights of nature.

  • Malselvfossen Waterfall

best places of troms norway

From the start of 19th century, This water fall has served to be the longest salmon ladder, It is opened for the tourists in summers, and then you can enjoy the close look at salmons as they fall along the waterfall in to the river. Its a great view,indeed one of the best places in troms norway.

  • Sommaroy

An island located at some distance from troms, All you have to do is to pack your bags get a ferry or boat and get to this island, In middle of no where you will find hotels, where you can stay, Basically those rooms were for fishermen, But now even tourists avail those rooms, You can go for fishing of trekking the mountains, The hotels offer very spectacular tasty food with the local ingredients.

  • Arctic Cathedral

best places of troms norway

It is a magnificent structure of architecture and design, A beautiful building parted from the city through the bridge,You can just walk across the bridge or take the bikes, Walking is recommended because the surrounding are beautiful, Crossing the bridge is difficult but this place is worth that difficulty.

  • Museum of Troms

best places of troms norway

As I stated the history of Troms is very diverse from the Finnish to Swedish,and the most ancient race of this area the Sami people, Each of this race has many ancient artifacts that are saved in this museum, The museum displays the religious art along with war-craft and artifacts of medieval age. You will also see the traces of Viking age in this museum, There are cultural shows arranged in this museum that are worth attending.

  • Adolf Guns

This is the front of all time largest land based guns, It was built on the order of Adolf Hitler by the German army during world war II,The Norwegians have protected the remains. All the bunkers and forts are reincarnated to depict the actual view of world war, Now historical tours are arranged at this piece of land which are worth attending.

Above is what I think about this sublime piece of land, If you have been there and you want to throw light on what you think are best places of troms norway. Let us know in the comments. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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Best Places of Nordland Norway to Visit

Nordland is a county and a part of Northern Norway, It has the same height as of Alaska and Greenland, But the climate is way better than those Alaska, Although you might need some warm clothes for Nordland.

Bordering stats of Nordland Include Troms and Finnmark, All three of these counties make Northern Norway, Which is one spectacular place to visit, For summers as well as winters.

In Summers the temperature can get up to 30 Celsius, Autumn is beautiful in Nordland, with all the trees shedding leaves, It a glorious sight with red and orange colours all around the fields, In winters, From November to January, Sun doesn’t shows up.

Whereas the areas around the sea are a lot better in winters as well, Best time to checkout best places of Nordland Norway is from February and March, You can also visit in October, Climate is quite nice in those days.

Note: It is always recommended to take along warm clothes, As the Temperature can change unexpectedly.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

Best Places of Nordland Norway

You might read about dozens of beautiful places to visit in this part of Norway, But according to be the Best palces of Nordland Norway are as follows:

  • Nordland Train

If you want to see the almost half of the country in just 10 hours, This is the best advice you are about to read, A train leaves from Trondheim and cover almost 450 miles till it reaches Bodo, And you can witness the great lush green mountains and landscapes on your way to bodo, The train moves through the most amazing part of Norway, The landscapes are spectacular, You will also witness the trondheim Fjords, It is Norway’s third largest Fjord.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

This Train trip is best way to see the best places of Nordland Norway, On you way you will cross the Arctic circle, Namsen river and farmlands of Trondelag. You might think you will be tired travelling for 10 hours in a train, But mark my words, If you love nature you are gonna love this Nordland railway.

  • Norwegian Aviation Museum

You will find many outdated Planes of the World War. It take around 2.5 hours to go through everything present in this museum, The Ambiance is very good along with the staff that is very helping.

The Museum is a best place to see how we emerged from those old planes to this new world of aviation.

  • Haukland Beach

If you are tired of the cold weather and snow you can always head to Haukland Beach. Rated as the top beach of Norway, It is clean and crowd free, you can listen to the music of waves, camp on its side and stay for a while under the sun. There are cliffs next to the beach, You can also hike the cliffs or trek the mountains.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

  • Lofoten Island

Best way to get to the Lofoten Island is through the cruise ship, Through the ice cold ship, with the cold breeze blowing to your face, That chilling feeling is worth it, You will love to spend time with your loved ones on a cruise ship in such chilly weather.

Best Places of Nordland Norway

When you will get to Lofoten Island, You will see mesmerising sights of nature, It feels like you are in a whole new lush green country, One of the most beautiful place with huge green mountains and ocean around,Once you get there, You can camp for days. There are also opportunities to explore the Island through Hiking the beautiful mountains.

One of the best sight of Lofoten Island is watching ice capped mountains emerging from the sea.

That’s all from my side, I hope you will take out time to visit this gorgeous place, If you have been there, Tell us in the comments what do you think are the best places of Nordland Norway to visit?

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