Beautiful places to visit in Diekirch, Luxembourg

Diekrich is an administrative division of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is the largest by area, and the least populated, but it is far more beautiful than any other division of the country. As we know the historic and strategic importance of Luxembourg, with a rich history, this place bears amazing things that makes it interesting. Many medieval castles, dating back to the Roman empire. The place also has witnessed action in the World War II. Plus, its amazing beauty, the beautiful hills and the breathtaking view of the rivers flowing through it makes it real amazing. We will enlist some beautiful places to visit in Diekrich for you, which you shall not miss in your visit there.

Beautiful Places to visit in Diekirch

There are many naturally beautiful places and a lot of historic places to visit, that will make your trip all the money you spent.

Vianden Castle

For almost five hundred years have this castle been the seat to the Vianden counts. It is dated back to the 11th century. The amazing hill top view, and the greenery around it explains why the noble counts made this their home. The castle was altered throughout the history, and different piece of architecture can be found, which makes it a beautiful place to visit in Diekirch.





It is a city in the northern part of Luxembourg, the city is known for his World War II fighting history, as well as the historic Clervaux castle and saints Cosman and Damian Church. A green city which is less populated but with an amazing view. The Clervaux castle will make your day. But the most beautiful thing to visit is the river Clerve. Great way to spent a picnic and take your family there. A peaceful place with amazing environment.




National Museum of Military History

The museum is mainly the of World War II battles fought in the country. It has many american and german style weapons. The museum will take you back to the days of the bloody war, with spirrit and passion and patriotism of the soldier. It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Diekirch.



A northern village, beautiful to look. The amazing road to it will make you fell in love with driving as you pass by natural beauty and see the amazing hills. The village is also beautiful, lush and green and quite and calm. The most common attraction is the famous Bourcheid Castle, the castles is also dated back to 10th century, with amazing additions that is one if the beautiful places to visit in Diekirch.





Last but not the least, we have the Kneiff hill for you, thye highest peak in the country, the northest part. The hill is one of the mostly attracted places for tourists, and is amazing to drive there. The green mountainous area, with peace and natural beauty, which can make you forget all the worries in your life and relax. This marks the end of our list of most beautiful places to visit in Diekirch district.




This is not it, the place and specially the country has a lot more to offer, all you need is to visit the country with highest GDP, and no country can manage to do it without being simply amazing. Do visit it, and share your experience with us in the comment section below.