Ischia Best Places and Travel Guide

Ischia is an Island around 19 miles from naples, It comes under Italy’s Campania region, On the north side of this Island, there is Bay of Naples. This Island can be reached from the ferries or the boats from he Naples, the journey to the Island itself is mesmerising.

Ischia Italy

Pagoda Beach, Ischia, Italy.

Ischia is famous tourist destination, people from all around the Europe make their way to Ischia to spend their holidays, Ischia is blessed with great number of blessings from the nature, Most famous tourist attractions in Ischia is the blue water and exotic beaches, Ischia also has to offer stunning landscapes, This island is known for its active thermal springs, It is said that this Island lies on a active volcano, so its very adventurous to explore Ischia, In this post I will talk about Ischia Best places and travel guide.

Ischia Italy

Ischia Italy

From the ancient ages, Ischia is known for its beautiful landscapes and its location, which proved to work as a lookout island for the city of naples.

Ischia Best Places

Talking about the climate,It is recommended to visit this beautiful Island in between April and October. The weather is amazing at this Island, you can never guess whats coming next, sunshine or rain.

It’s quite weird that German is spoken widely on this Island, Although most of the people are Italian, Still most of them understand and speak English & German.

Sipario sull'autunno

You cant get to Ischia by airplane, In order to reach Ischia best places, you will have to first land in Naples and from there you can take a ferry or boat ride to this island.

Tip: It is observed that the ferry ride from naples to Ischia Island stops at another Island ‘Procida‘, Some tourists get off the boat on this Island not knowing it isn’t Ischia island, So before leaving the ferry, ask the people on the boat if its Ischia Island.

Ischia Italy

Sant'Angelo (Ischia)

In order to discover the Island there are many tour operating companies, who can guide you, take you to places and sights worth seeing.

Following is the list of Ischia best places to visit:

  • Villa La Colombaia
  • Villa La Mortella
  • Castello Aragonese
  • Guevara Tower
  • Torrione II
  • Pithecusae Museum
  • Giardini Ravino
  • The Soccorso church

Mystical rays

Ischia best places also include the thermal springs which are a site for the scientists as well as tourists, many people from around the world come to study these thermal springs, some come to experience the enthralling experience of thermal springs.

Ischia Italy

The water around this Island is clean as crystal, the blue water all around the island is a mesmerising sight. As you might know that Ischia is a famous tourist destination, so there are number of events arranged on this Island all around the year, these events include religious festivals, sports championships, musical events, concerts and cultural events. These events are great to know more about Ischia and its people, So if you visit this beautiful place try to interact with the locals and attend these shows.

Tip: Food at Ischia is delicious

Ischia Italy

That’s all from Ischia best places and travel guide, if you have any queries, let us know in the comments, we will get back to you, You can also help us to improve this travel guide, If you have been to Ischia island, let us know about your experience.

Ischia Italy

Ischia Italy

Ischia Italy



World’s Most Expensive Countries to Visit

I believe that traveling around the world should not be a hard job, This world is so beautiful and it is meant to be explored. Moving to different places and interacting with individuals of different culture and norms opens your mind to a new pathways.

Travelling has its challenges, but when you overcome those challenges and hit the road, you are in a new dimension, The hardest part is just stepping out of the door,You learn to survive against the odds. The feeling you get after climbing a huge mountains and seeing the world from suchbhigh altitude can not be described in words.

Most Expensive Countries

World Economic Forum’s Biannual Travel and Competitiveness Report has indexed 141 countries of the World considering the travel and accommodation costs, This report has ranked the countries considering the airport charges and air taxes, accommodation price of hotel, the lifestyle, cost of living and fuel prices. According to this report following are the most expensive countries to visit and stay.

10. Austria

International arrivals (2013) – 24.8m
Average spending per tourist – $810


9. Italy

International arrivals (2013) – 47.7m
Average spending per tourist – $920
Top Sites of Bologna Italy


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8. Sweden

International arrivals (2013) – 11.6m
Average spending per tourist – $987

Most Expensive Countries

7. Denmark

International arrivals (2013) – 8.6m
Average spending per tourist – $811

Most Expensive Countries

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6. Occupied Palestine (Israel)

International arrivals (2013) – 3m.
Average spending per tourist – $1,912.

Source:Rex Features

5. Norway

International arrivals (2013) – 4.7m.
Average spending per tourist – $1,199.

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Nature wallapers
Source: Max Rive

Above is picture of Aurora Borealis also called northern lights, Read more

4. Australia

International arrivals (2013) – 6.4m
Average spending per tourist – $4,897


Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph

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3. France

International arrivals (2013) – 84.7m
Average spending per tourist – $669




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International arrivals (2013) – 31.2m
Average spending per tourist – $1,316

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1. Switzerland

International arrivals (2013) – 9m
Average spending per tourist – $1,882


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Yes, Switzerland is considered the most expensive country for the tourists. Still it is one of the most visited country of the world, Above is the list of Most expensive countries to visit,If you are on tight budget, you should reconsider your travel plan,This ranking is according to The World Economic Forum’s biannual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, Which has classified 144 countries according to amount of money spent by average visitor.

Let us know about your travel plans, and how much do you agree with this report, considering if you have ever been to these places.The expenditure should not stop you from traveling, World is meant to be explored as Ibn Battuta said:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Best Of Tropea Italy

Tropea is one of the smallest cities of Italy, yet it is one of the most beautiful City of the world, Greek myth says that Zeus ordered to create a trophy city of the other gods and tropea was created, Who ever created this city, He had beautiful and diverse Imagination, Tropea is no doubt a wonder on earth, People who live in Italy consider it best destination for spending summers, People from all around the world visit this city for vacations.

Its a city alinf with coast line it depicts amazing scenery, Its coast line is also called Coast of the Gods, On the sides of Coastline you will see amazing and huge cliffs and line of resorts, Tropea can be your destination for a long vacation as well, I guarantee you that you wont be bored of this place, No matter how many days you stay.

Tropea is enjoying great number of tourist from years, Although there are not much tourist attractions in the city, But the city as a whole is a treat to eyes, You will find locals arranging different festivals most of the time of the year, along with it there are some statues that depict the history of the City, Let us now move toward the best of Tropea Italy.

Best Of Tropea Italy

Although Its a small city and there are not much places to visit, But there are some sites that can be called as best of Tropea Italy, All the places of this city were considered and the few were selected as best of tropea Italy.

Santa Maria dell’Isola

i need your light tonight

One of the best of tropea Italy to visit, Its along the beautiful Southern coast, This church stands right above the sea, It gives you great view at sunset and sunrise,Coastline is visible from the top of this church and it is must to get to the top of chruch and watch the blue water and coastline, recently Dell’Isola was renovated and it good sublime now.

Piazza Ercole


Center of the the city, If you sit for some time in Piazza ercole you will witness great diverse culture of the city along with the tourists who are present in huge number in summers, At ercole there are number of restaurants and bars, they offer great food, You should take a walk in nearby areas of ercole, the walls of the city date back to medieval age, You will also see 18th Century tocco Mansion there.

Progetto ARtigianando

Tropea, Italy

In Summer the locals promoting the tourism hold these sessions and walks around the city, You got to get one when you visit, They will tell you about the history of the city, Artifacts around the city, You can explore the red route and blue road which are old time routes through the city.

All in all you will love to explore the best of tropea Italy, Its one of best destinations of Italy. If you have already been there, Let us know about your best of tropea Italy in the comments.

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Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Bologna is an important City of Italy, Each years thousands of tourists from all parts of world visit this beautiful city, Bologna has many tourist attractions but it is famous for its Ancient historic sites, History of this city lies thousands of years before the birth of Christ, This city is along two rivers and numerous canals flow through the city, So you can imagine the scenes of its beauty. Bologna is also very famous for its diverse Italian food dishes.

While wandering around the city you will find tall towers of medieval age and beautiful ancient pathways along them, Best thing about Bologna is that it still has all its ancient sites and you will find medieval culture and norms even in this century.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Bologna is full of amazing places, you will find five star great hotels to old age medieval streets all in one city, Explore this city with us and check out out top sites of bologna Italy.

Walking Tour of Bolgna

At Piazza maggiore you will find private guides, Who will offer you walking tour of the city, Its a must of you visit Bologna because the actual beauty of this city is on the streets, Along the way the guide will tell you all about the city in english and it takes about 3 hours to complete the tour and its totally worth your time, While walking you will see Palazzo Protesta, Palazzo Accursio, Sala Borsa, Palazzo Enzo, Fountain of Neptune of 16th century. Along with that  you’ll see Loggia Dei Mercanti, the Anatomy Theater, Basilica of San Petronio, Archiginnasio, Complex of Santo Stefana

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All these sites are worth visiting and considered to be the top sites of Bologna Italy.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Vita

Sanctuary of Santa Maria is home of hundreds of sculptures depicting the history of this city, You will love the pieces of art that are present in side, Its surely one of the top sites of Bologna Italy, Not just the architecture of building is mesmerising the artifacts present inside the building will catch your attention, You will be lost in the beauty of sculptures.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Piazza Maggiore

Piazza maggiore is quite famous in other parts of Europe as well people from different countries visit this center of attention in Bologna, there is also a wide screen on rich cultural shows are shown for free to the tourists, You will find people from different ethnicities and nationalities there and the atmosphere is very friendly, You will also find Statue of Neptune there.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Archiginnasio di Bologna

One of the most interesting and catchy place to visit, You will see the medicine innovators of Italy and their charts, All other details of Italian culture, You can also visit the theater and watch different presentations of plays representing culture of Romans, Museum is filled with great historical artifacts and its worth visiting thats why its one of top sites of bologna Italy.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Thats all from my Side, Although there are many other places to visit but above mentioned are the top sites of Bologna Italy, If you ever visit, You should visit these places, If you have been there, Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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