How Old is The Great Wall of China, & Why it Was Built?

How Old is The Great Wall of China?

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Construction started within the spring and autumn duration (770 – 476 bc), and lasted until the ming dynasty (1368-1644). As early as the spring and autumn period, the nation of chu (eleventh century bc-223bc) commenced to build the first wall of China. The qi, yan, wei, zhao and qin states later joined the attempt. After emperor qin shihuang unified the six states, he ordered popular meng tian to attach the present partitions and to increase them further as a the front line protection against possible invasion. Therefore the outstanding wall was formed. It prolonged from lintao (presently lintao county in dingxi city of gansu province) within the west and ended at liaodong (presently the eastern and southern parts of liaoning province) inside the east. It became called “wan li chang cheng” (the long wall of 10,000 li).

In the course of subsequent dynasties, the wall turned into prolonged, repaired and changed. The phase constructed within the han dynasty (206bc-220) is the longest. Throughout the ming dynasty, the wall was extensively repaired on greater than twenty occasions. Today, the high-quality known and maximum visited sections are at badaling, mutianyu, simatai and jinshanling and those have been constructed within the ming dynasty. In general, 20 states and dynasties made incredible contribution to the wall’s production during china’s long records.

Why Became the Great Wall of China Constructed?

The motive of constructing it turned into to shield human beings and territory from invasion.
The partitions, collectively with beacon towers, passes, fortification, etc. Created an difficult protective gadget providing chinese language society with a safe and peaceful surroundings. All through the spring and autumn period and warring states length, there were many states, so that they built separate sections to save you invasion by way of different states. Moreover, states inside the northern a part of china built some sections to defend against the northern nomadic tribes.

Inside the qin dynasty, the wall turned into in particular used to guard the united states of america from nomadic tribes. Within the reign of emperor wu of western han, the wall performed a large function in protective the main force in addition to being a military base within the wars. Each time the u . S . Conquered new territory, the wall might be prolonged, so that the nearby navy pressure would be bolstered. With the help of the splendid wall, the han dynasty conquered increasingly more regions in northwestern china. Within the ming dynasty, fashionable qi jiguang bolstered the sections from shanhaiguan skip to juyongguan bypass by way of building many watch towers after which skilled military based on local landform to defeat invasions.

10 Interesting Facts About The Great Wall of China

There are a few people who have not caught wind of the legend of the Great Wall of China. Building structures made by human hands are the longest on the planet has turned into an image of China for a few centuries, yet at the same time there are a few things you may not know. To grow your insight in this one of a kind place, look to 10 interesting facts about the Great Wall of China that you may not know. Continue reading “10 Interesting Facts About The Great Wall of China”

Malaysia Won Award of Leading Travel Destination of Asia at 22nd Annual World Travel Awards

Malaysia has been declared as the leading Travel Destination of Asia at 22nd Annual World Travel Awards ceremony which was conducted in Hong Kong. The competition was among other 9 countries which are Singapore, Korea, Macau, Sri lanka and Thailand.Malaysia

Also, tourism board of Malaysia was awarded with the Leading tourist board award. The board memebers were praised for structuring high standard of tourism around the country.

The winner among Asian countries, that is Malaysia, will compete against the winners of other categories. Grand Final of 22nd World Travel Awards will be held in Morocco in December.Malaysia


World Travel Awards President Graham Cooke said:

“It is an honour to recognise the leaders in Asian and Australasian hospitality here in Hong Kong this evening.

“InterContinental Grand Stanford has been a wonderful host for our Gala Ceremony this year, while it has been a privilege to be welcomed here with such warmth to Hong Kong.

“Congratulations to all our winners tonight and I look forward to greeting many of them in December when we will celebrate our Grand Final 2015 in Morocco.”

World Travel Awards was constituted back in 1993 to acknowledge tourism around the world, the judges who chose the winners consists of a team of top notch tourism consumers and proficient travelers.

Other winners include: AirAsia, which received the glorification of being Asia’s Leading Cabin Crew. One World Hotel, Located at Selangor, Malaysia, won the award of Asia’s Best Leading Meeting and Conference Hotel.



In the category of Leading Wedding Venue, Pangkor Laut Resort was declared winners. Resort World Genting was titled as Asia’s Leading Themed resort.



Full List of World Travel Awards winners for Asia can be seen here.Malaysia



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Places to see in Mongolia

The home of the famous Ghenghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol empire. The country is a landlocked one, which borders Russia and China. It is the home to the famous nomadic people in the history, who went to rule one of the largest empires know by history. Mongolia is mainly a desert country, with large field and open places. The deserts are beautiful, and a visit through them can turn out to be a real adventure. There are some great beautiful mountains, some green, some barren and rocky, but all have their own beauty in them. The country isn’t that backward, there is some real great civilization, and amazing modern infrastructure and state of the art hotels and restaurants. The local cuisine is something not to be missed, the delicious spice of great Mongolian cuisine will never let you forget the taste of Mongolia.

The following list has got some great places to see in Mongolia, to explore the beauty and rich nomadic culture and history of the country.

Places to see in Mongolia

Gorkhi-Tereji National Park

A great tourist park where you can go camping, and have a real adventure. It is not very far from the capital city. The park is in the area where most of the places are hard to visit, which makes it even more adventurous. Covering a large area, there are spots with shops at different areas, which provide restaurants, and other camping and touring gear. You can enjoy some great time riding horses, and even camels on your own.


Erdene Zuu Monastery

About 2 KMs from the city of Kharkhorin, adjacent to the ancient city of Karakorum. It is a Buddhist monastery, was constructed by the Abt Sain Khan, the then ruler of Mongolia in 1585. It was destroyed by wars, and revolutions in the later years, but was reconstructed in the eighteenth century. The monastery is a unique place to see, and is one of the buildings left from the ancient Mongol capital of Karakorum, one of the greatest places to see in Mongolia.


Gondantegchinlen Monastery

It is another of great Tibetan style of Buddhist Monastery. The name can be translated as Great Place of complete joy.


Chaojin Lama Temple

Another of an old Buddhist temple in the Capital city. The main temple of the Monastery consists and 18 century statue of Buddha. The complex was build in early twentieth century, and has now been converted to a museum.


Gobi Curvansaikhan National Park

The longest park in the country, and is located on Gobi desert. The name is translated as Three Beauties’ park. It stretches some 380 KMs from east to west. The park is made for the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains, which are the three beauties of the era. A tour in the park is truly a sensational and adventure packed thing. Another beautiful place of the places to see in Mongolia.


Flaming Cliffs

A place from where most of the important fossil treasures were found. You can see the great place where the rich history regarding the fossils lie. And even explore and try to understand what the fossils might try to tell us.


Bogd Khan Mountain Sky Resort

If you have visited all the deserts, its time for you to snow up, get your skying gear and roll down the great Bogd Khan Mountain. The resort is 1570 meters high, and you will have plenty of the mountain to sky down on. A great adventure, and a place in places to see in Mongolia, which you just can’t miss.



This is not all of Mongolia, you can discover different cities, and other beautiful places, and then share your wonderful experience with us in the comment section below.


Top Sights of Antalya Turkey To Visit

Turkey has been one of those powerful countries that have fought through wars and came clean like a toothpick from a baked cake. Historians, when wrote about Turkey, they wrote tales of their valour. Turkey consists of beautiful cities and towns, one of which is Antalya, the capital of Turkish tourism. On the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, Antalya is the largest city and is a hub of the Turkish Riviera. This city is being credited to Attalus II, the king of Pergamon, and was named as Attaleia, basically Greek, then the name took a Turkish turn into Antalya.

Antalya has about 300 days of summer, 3000 hours of sunlight with hot and dry summers and rainy and mild winters.  Antalya is close to water and can be mildly humid.

Transport In Antalya Turkey

The south of the Konyaalti is the main port. Turkey has an extended network of buses and trams throughout the city.

The public bus system is provided through Dolmuses that are privately owned minibuses resembling one another.

For taking buses and trams, you’ll need a card to identify yourself.

A tram system basically run through most of the historical and tourists attraction spots, so you do wanna catch this tram or else you’ll have to pay from your pocket for a taxi.

Top Sights Of Antalya Turkey

For dosing up on sightseeing, you need to check out these Top sights of Antalya Turkey.

Yivli Minare means the fluted minaret, it was designed and built by one of the greatest architects of Turkey, Seljuk Sultan. This is one of the unique landmarks of Antalya with a square base sat upon by an octagonal drum.

Top Sights of Antalya, Turkey
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Aspendos, located 45 km east of Antalya, is a real dream of a history geek and they come running for it. This 15000 seated theatre is annexed to the ancient Roman ruins. Aspendos is one of the top sites of Antalya Turkey. This was built back in 2nd and 3rd century. That is oh-so-historical.

Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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Strolling through Old Town(Kaleici) is a maze-like experience, of course not as dangerous as the one in The Maze Runner(pun-intended). This street adventure is of cobblestones, lined with Ottoman mansions that are whitewashed and flaming red. Whether you’re visiting for catching some breeze and old vibes or shopping or eating, this is the place to be, it has a line of boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.


Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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If you’re trying to dip yourself into some Turkish history, no better place to be than the Antalya Museum, for it would dig up gold( not actual gold, of course) for the eyes and history for the mind. There are long and assembled rows of the artifacts that were uncovered during an excavation along the Turkish Coast, depicting Turkey’s rich history and heritage.

Top sights of Antalya Turkey
turkeysforlife .com

Other majorly historic sights are the Hadrian’s Gate, The Perge Ruins, Roman Fortress(Hidirlik Kalesi), Termessos and for some peaceful, heart-stopping and serene sight, there’s the Old Harbour and Konyaalti.

Lara Beach is the ultimate tourist attraction site. This happening, thrilling, splashing water heaven is towards the east of town. You can play all day in the water and then jump back to one of the hotels in this vicinity at evenings for some good sleep. In summers, this place has a nightlife of unlimited water splashing, music and much more fun. Yes, if you’re looking to see, feel and embrace luxury, this is where you have to get.


Top sights of Antalya Turkey
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I saved this one up for last. The Donerciler Bazaar of Antalya which is decorated with an array of umbrella and it is also called as The Umbrella Street. This extravaganza has so many restaurants and tea shops in it. Food is just spectacular here.

Top Sights of Antalya Turkey
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Food In Antalya Turkey

Food is extremely cheap, you can get a full meal for about 5 to 10 USD, you can feel the friendly environment adopted by most of the food spots, service is dead-on.

Some of the signature dishes of Antalya are Sis Kofte, Spiced up meatballs cooked around with a stick.

Piyaz, made of Garlic, Walnuts and Tahini.

Other options are KebabsCold Mediterranean dishes and brilliant seafood. 

Top sights of Antalya Turkey
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These are the Top sights of Antalya Turkey in my opinion. If you have anything to add up to the list, please leave a feedback below. For more information on Antalya, check out the official website.

Beautiful places to visit in Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra, the only Island of Sunda Islands that completely falls inside Indonesian territory. The amazingly rich with culture, natural beauty and historic architecture, makes the island a must visit. The island’s culture is so rich, that it has more than 52 languages, which means more than 52 types of people, and the same number of different traditions. The island has got amazing flora and fauna. From wild tigers, to unique Rafflesias. It has more than 10 national parks, with amazing collections and zoos. Three of them are listed in UNESCO world heritage sites.


The island is populated too, the world’s most populated one. But people of the island are amazing, with many cultures, and a lot many languages, makes them very fascinating to meet and study. We will enlist some great and beautiful places to visit in Sumatra, which will make your time worth everything there.


Beautiful Places to visit in Sumatra

Maimun Palace


The Royal palace of the Sultanate of Deli. The Palace is known for its unique interior designing, amazingly designed with the touch of Malay cultural, as well as with the rich traditions of Islam, Spanish, Indian and as well as Italian. The unique style of the palace is the one of the most attracted and beautiful places to visit in Sumatra Island.


Lake Singkarak

A great beauty of the nature, a lake of fresh water near the cities of Padang and Panjang, and also Slok. The lake due to its amazing beauty is one of the most famous recreational and tourist site. The beautiful cool breeze, and amazing natural beauty makes it to our list of beautiful places to visit in Sumatra.


Aceh Tsunami Museum

This is an amazing building, and one of the best of beautiful places to visit in Sumatra. The Museum was created in the memory of the 2004 Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami, the museum consists of photographs of victims, and stories of the survivors, as well as it is designed to serve as a shelter for future, if the area is ever hit by another tsunami.



Rahmat International Wildlife Museum

The only Museum in the Asia that has more than a thousand species. he Museum is also a gallery, and has unique pictures and other materials. The museum also has a library. The foundation was laid by a sports and professional hunting fan, who has done a great deal to bring all these species for us to see. Another beautiful place to visit in Sumatra.


Ujong Blang Beach

The beach of the amazing river Estuary Cunda, stretches to four villages. People come to enjoy the evening time, and the amazing view of the sun set. The beach is decorated with a rural style resting resorts a great place to enjoy time with family.



Mount Merapi

Also known as the Fire Mountain is one of the most active volcano. It erupts regularly since the sixteenth century, and its top is covered with smoke more than 300 days a year. The amazing thing to see, are the villages and its dwellers, who live there despite the fact of regular eruption, a must visit and one of the best places to visit in Sumatra.




A waterful as beautiful as the uniqueness of its name. If you are in Sumatra, you can not miss Sipisopiso, as it is one of the most attracted tourist sight. The nearby place has a vintage point, with amazing vistas of the waterfall and the lake it generates from.


Amazing buildings

There are amazing historic buildings in Sumatra, we will enlist them below, so you don’t miss the amazing Malay architecture, mixed with the local traditions, and other influences. Some of the most amazing buildings are

  • Jam Gadang
  • Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni
  • Bait-Ur-Rahman Grand Mosque
  • Tjong A Fie Mansion
  • Vihara Gunung Timur


The above are some places, and amazingly beautiful buildings to see and enjoy on your visit to Sumatra. The Island is a must see place, and the beautiful places to see in Sumatra, are pieces of heavens on earth. Do share your experience of Sumatra with us, in the comment section below.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran to Visit

Mashhad Iran is one of the most famous city in the country, Every year around 345 thousand people visit this city,According to an estimate every visitor spends around $1500 in this city and it makes approximately $517 million from all the tourists, Tourism in Mashhad Iran is basically shrine based, there are 9 holy shrines of Shia-Muslims in this holy city of Iran, Mashhad is located around 900 KM from the capital Tehran.

Most of the people visiting Mashhad are from the neighboring countries,Great number of people came to Mashhad after the end of Saddam regime,After the war started in Iraq, Huge number of shia-Muslims have migrated from Iraq to Mashhad to seek refuge.

Mashhad is Iran’s second largest city, There are good facilities for the tourists visiting, There are number of five star hotels around the famous shrine of Imam Raza, Considering the huge number of tourists travelling to this city from different parts of the world, Mashhad is now a developed city, Its one of the most important city of Iran after Tehran. Lets move on to Best Places of Mashhad Iran to visit.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran to Visit

Although Mashhad Iran doesnot have many places to visit, there are only small number of places that can be visited, and I have compiled the list of Best Places of Mashhad Iran which you will read below, Mostly people travel to this city to offer their visit to the shrines,There are number of shrines in Mashhad Iran, But the most prominent shrines is of Imam Raza, who is Shia-Muslims 8th Imam and he is buried in this very city, every year hundreds of thousand people visit his shrine. Photography from digital camera is not allowed in the shrine, although you can take pictures from your cell phones, If you’re foreigner and you don’t speak the native language you should go to the catering office and they will give you all the necessary information and a guide will take you around the shrine for free.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

Water Waves Park:

There are number of great water parks in Mashhad Iran,The ticket seller at the gate reported almost 20% of the people who visit this part are from neighboring countries. Its a huge water park, But its mostly crowded, Many people have reported that you can spend your whole day in this water park still you wont get tired of it.


There are number of restaurants around 20 km from the main city, Famous among them are Torqabeh and Shandiz, These restaurants attract huge number of tourists, Everyone in the neighboring countries knows about the great food served here, The most famous  dishes of Mashhad Iran served in these restaurants are Kebabs, Shishlik and Barg Kebabs.

Bazehoor Fire Temple

Very few people know about this 2500 years old temple, It was a fire temple, now it stands as ruins of a temple, Name of this place is in native language in which Baz means gate and hoor means sun . If you are interested into visiting ancient sites and ruins, You will love this place.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

There are other number of places to visit in Mashhad Iran, Including the Gohar Shad Mosque and Carpet museum, At the carpet museum you will see great number of great hand made carpets with amazing designs and calligraphy, You can visit this museum any day in a week but Friday.

Best Places of Mashhad Iran

Remember that its a national law of Iran that women have to dress modestly, A headscarf is considered necessary for the ladies, Where as men are not allowed to wear shorts in any part of the country, So you should follow the rules to avoid getting into any trouble, Stay away from the protests and demonstrations, If you are US National, You can contact Swiss embassy in case of any problem, Because US embassy doesn’t works in Iran. Best thing to do is to get blended into the masses, ladies should wear chaddar and men should not wear shorts.

Above are the Best Places of Mashhad Iran, If you have been to this city, let us know in the comments, If you are planning to visit Mashhad Iran, and you have any query regarding travel, let us know in the comments we will try to help you out.


Top Sites of Kyoto Japan to Visit

Kyoto is former capital of Japan,Its a huge city with diverse history and culture, Because of many historical buildings in the city, It is also called City of Ten thousand Shrines, It is said that human civilization started at Kyoto around 6th century, This area has suffered many wars and it is considered a very important city from strategic point of view.

It is said that Kyoto japan has over thousand Temples of Buddhist, Most of these temples have to offer amazing architecture and design, Kyoto is also famous for its beautiful gardens, It has most gorgeous gardens all around the world, If you have a thing for flowers this is the place to visit.

Kyoto has a lot of sites to be explored, you will never get enough of this place, No matter how many times you visit. There are huge mountains covering three sides of this city, If you ever visit Kyoto Japan, Interact with the shopkeepers and fishmongers, they know the best about the city and its culture. Throughout the year you will find different festivals and cultural shows where you can learn more about the culture and traditions of Kyoto.

If you are traveling to kyoto japan, We will recommend you to get its official app, It will help you navigate through the city and it has all the necessary details regarding accomodation, Download for Android or iOS to get more details about how to navigate through the city and explore Top Sites of Kyoto Japan.

Top sites of Kyoto Japan to Visit

It is a huge city with hundreds of places optimal for the tourists to visit,The modern Japan has a lot to offer to its guests, Even the city and its people have dreadful history full of wars but still you’ll find them very soft hearted and kind.It is indeed one of the best city to discover the traditions and culture of Japanese people.

There are a lot of places which I considered to be the Top sites of Kyoto Japan, But following are the ones which I considered best among them.

Nijo Castle

This castle has served to be home of first Shogun of Edo era. After their regime fall, this castle was used as the high castle also called Imperial Castle, Then after few years, it was made public place and preserved as historic site, Its a huge castle and there are many sections of it. Outside the castle there is Ninomaru Garden which is famous all around the world for its sublime beauty. Castle is maintained very well and photography is not allowed inside the castle.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Although there are like thousands of Shrines in Kyoto Japan, But Fushimi Inari is one those you shouldn’t miss. Its located on top of a mountain and you have to hike all the way up to see this beautiful place, but all that hike is fruitful when you see this amazing site.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

All together there are five shrines at Fushimi Inari, The greatness of this place makes it stand in our list top sites of Kyoto Japan.It will be your memorable experience.

Kinkaku-ji Temple

It is one of the most splendid creation of design and architecture, some people claim that it is the most beautiful temple of japan, From the location, to the surrounding and its artifacts, everything about this temple is amazing.

Top Sites of Kyoto Japan

There are also number of firms which offer sightseeing tours as well as city tours, they take you around the city to the beautiful places and brief about the history and importance of that site, It is quality thing to do and you won’t regret spending your time on these tours.

If you are visiting this beautiful Place, I wish you a great trip. Do give us your feedback when you come back. Also if you have ever been to this beautiful city, share your experience with us. Tell us which places do you consider as the top sites of Kyoto Japan.

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Longmen Grottoes; Buddist Caves and Art

Longmen Grottoes have served to be home of number of Chinese dynasties over the past centuries, it’s a sublime example of Buddhist caves and art. These caves of Buddhist are located along the “Yi River“, it’s about 10 KM away from another tourist attraction Luoyang, which is another ancient city

The number of these caves are around 2100 along with it there are numerous Buddha sculptures and statues. There are around 3600 stone tablets which are inscribed with different scripts and art work, most of the statutes have name of artists who made them inscribed upon it.

Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes are considered one of the most important Buddhist ruins, great number of tourists visit these sites to see the amazing work of Buddhist monks. The inscriptions on the stones have diverse field knowledge, even cures from different diseases is mentioned on those stones, there are some remedies that are still in use even after thousands of year. Chinese government is doing their best to preserve the artwork of Buddhists and they have arranged everything to make it comfortable for the visiting tourists.

UNESCO has also listed Longmen Grottoes in World Cultural Heritage Site. In 2003 Chinese government made large scale renovation to preserve these sites.

Read More: Top Historical Sites in Milan Italy

Longmen Grottoes

Following are the sites which are a must see if you ever plan to visit this beautiful creation of Buddhists, I would totally recommend you to visit the following amazing sites.

  • Qianxi Temple
  • Three Bonyangdong Caves
  • Middle Cave
  • Wanfo Cave
  • Lotus Cave
  • Temple of Fengxian
  • Temple of Xiangshan
  • Tomb of Baijuyi
  • District Qinggu
  • Hall of Letian

Over around 2 centuries ago, this mountain carving was started by the Wei Dynasty, and then they started expanding it sideways and now it stands as one of the largest ruin site of Buddhists.

The carvings were ordered by the emperors of the dynasties, great number of dynasties took part in carving these caves over the time span of 500 years. The site was damaged a lot in 9th century, number of statues were destroyed when the Anti-Buddhist campaign was started.


In 19th century travelers from different continents discovered this site and starting looting the treasures present inside these caves. In the search of treasures, many status were destroyed and this sacred place was maltreated.

These sites of Longmen Grottoes are now labeled in English for better understanding of tourists, you’ll be astonished to see how ancient people carved the mountains for accommodation, this site is stretched over 1000 meters.

If you have been to Longmen Grottoes and you have witnessed Buddhist caves and art, feel free to share your experience with us in the comments, and if you are planning to visit these caves and you have some question you can ask us in the comments.