Places to visit in Amhara , Ethiopia

Amhara is an ethnic division of Ethiopia, it is the northern part of the country. The region has got great natural beauty, with green mountains and the great river Blue Nile runs across the territory. The region is one of the most attracted part of Ethiopia when it comes to tourism. It offers great and amazing places to visit in Amhara. The regional capital is the city of Bahir Dar, which offers amazing and luxurious hotels to stay, and relish cuisine and attractive markets.

It is a great place, stretches about a thousand square kilometers but is connected through roads and is easily accessible. We will enlist, some amazing places to visit in Amhara for you, so you don’t miss a thing when you go there.

Amazing places to visit in Amhara

Although there are a lot of great places in Amhara, But I’ve compiled a list of the most amazing places to visit in Amhara, Which is as follows:

Blue Nile Falls

If you are in Amhara, you can not miss the amazing Blue Nile falls, it is known as the “smoking water” in the local language, and is a breath taking sight to see. Situated about 30 km from Bahir Das, with concrete road, and the area is settled for great tourist attraction. The water falls 45 meters, making it even more thrilling. An amazing place to visit in Amhara.




Lake Tana

The source of the River Blue Nile is Lake Tana. It is elevated more than 17,000 meters. The 84 km long lake is an amazing place to see in Amhara. It is situated in the North East mountains, and is a breath taking experience. The amazing sights of rich green fauna, and the home for beautiful pelicans, it is a not missing place, full adventures and amazing beauty.




Simien Mountains National Park

Situated on the Simien Mountains, the highest peaks of the country. You should visit Ras Dashan, which is the most highest peak of the country, and is part of the National Park. This park is a home to many wonderful endangered species, such as the Ethiopian wolf. It is also home to dozens of beautiful birds. The amazing road connects the park, and is beautifully laid on the mountains. Driving through the mountains is also a plus point of the thrill.





The most holy city of the Ethiopian orthodox christian faiths. The history of Ethiopian Christianity is traced back to the time of the apostles, and is considered to be one of the pioneer nations of Christianity. This place has got churches of ancient times. The place is named after a renowned saint of ancient time of the area. This marks the end of our list of wonderful places to visit in Amhara. But this is not it.

Giyorgis, also called St. George’s Church



Gondar Castles

Gondar is a city where many Kings have resided, the old Ethiopian architecture is still preserved, and amazing to see. These castles attracts many tourists, and being one of the famous city, have got more to offer than old castles.


The above list consists of the most attracted tourist places and  best places to visit in Amhara, the region have got more than this, but for that you need to pack your bag and buy a ticket, and when you do that, share your wonderful experience with us in the comment section below.

Best Places in Rwanda, Africa to Visit

Rwanda is also known as “Land of the Thousand Hills” It borders Uganda and Congo, Nature has blessed Rwanda with extroordinary beauty, You will see some great landscapes if you choose to visit this place.

Main attraction for tourists in Rwanda is its breathtaking landscapes, Rwanda is also famous for its mountain gorillas, Although there specie is close to extinction only 780 mountain gorillas exist in the world and one third of them are in Rwanda

You can take out time to visit Rwanda and live close to the nature and explore the greatness of this small country.

Best Places in Rwanda

There are not many places to visit in Rwanda but some of them which I consider as best places in Rwanda, I have mentioned them below, If you plan to visit you must have to check out these places.

Volcanoes National Park

This park is present in Virunga mountains and it has 8 volcanoes around it thats why it is named as Volcanoes National park, You can explore great deal of Rwanda in this national park, You can also trek the mountains with the gorillas, These mountains are also home of golden monkeys, Many scientists visit Rwanda each year to research on Gorilla mountains and they mostly place their camps in this park.

Best Places in Rwanda

During you trekking you will be accompanies with the park staff who are very helpful and trained,the way up is very exciting and a bit hard, but you will love it once you get on to the top, that is why its one of the best places in rwanda to visit

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

there are many memorial sites for the 250 000 people who were killed in 1994 in just 100 days, Kigali Genocide memorial center was developed in 2004 with collaboration of Aegis trust, An organisation working for prevention of genocide, The memorial center has three sections, First one is dedicated to the Rwanda genocide and the events which lead to it , 2nd section throws light on genocide in other countries, Third section is dedicated to the children who died in this genocide, If you visit Rwanda, This memorial center should be visited to know about the horrific incidents of pasts.

Best Places in Rwanda

Lake Kivu

Now Rwanda is one of the most safe country in Africa it is also the cleanest country, There are a lot of ways to spend time at Lake kivu, You can hike up Congo Nile which is adjacent to lake, You can also do fishing and kayaking in the river, Its a great place to lay down and relax, Close to the nature with very few things to bother you, You will see never ending water and huge mountains, You can also opt for boat cruise and see around the lake, You can also hire a 4WD jeep and cruise along the river

Best Places in Rwanda

Thats all about best places in Rwanda, If you have been there, Let us know about your experience, Your feedback will be appreciated.To know more about best places in Rwanda visit here


Game of Thrones Real Life Locations Worldwide

The Famous TV series of HBO has amazing set and it is shot in different beautiful parts of the world, Game of thrones can be named as the most famous TV series, It is based on series of books named as “A song of Ice and Fire” written by George R. R. Martin. Game of thrones is fantasy drama of medieval age, Currently five seasons have been released and more seasons are yet to come, The main story revolves around noble houses fighting and struggling to get in power of Iron throne of Seven Kingdoms.


Game of thrones has very broad and active international following, This series has won numerous prestigious awards. Game of thrones real life locations include number of countries around the world, Location of set is based in Northern Ireland  but for shooting the crew travels to many locations around Europe and other parts of world.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Following are the pictures and details of Game of thrones real life locations, The HQ for production of this series is based in Northern Ireland but the crew travels to many locations of Europe including some locations of Africa for shooting of this TV serial.

King’s Landing Road; Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Pentos ; Ouarzazate, Morocco

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

King’s Landing ; Dubronik, Croatia

Kings Landing where all of this began. A beautiful place in Croatia thats worth visiting.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Braavos ; Sibenik, Croatia

Braavos is one of the most strong free city and its one of the most beautiful game of thrones real life locations.

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Winterfell: Doune Castle

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

 Thermal Spring Or “Jon And Ygritte’s Love Nest”: Grjótagjá Cave, Iceland

Grjótagjá is a small cave near Lake Mývatn in Iceland. Outside of cave there is is snow and ice, But the water in the spring can get up to 40 degrees Celsius. Its a great place to go with someone special and re-anact that scene.


Daenery’s And Dragos Wedding: Azure Window, Malta

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

North of Westeros; Thingvellir, Iceland

Game of Thrones Real Life Locations

Royal Palace of Dome ; Real Alcazar Palace, Seville, Spain

Its the oldest palace which is still use in Spain


Long Bridge Of Volantis: The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain

Volantis is free city present east of Westeros



Wildling Camp: Dimmuborgir, Iceland

Camp of Wildlings where they were staying after capturing Jon Snow.



The Burning Of The Seven: Mussenden, Northern Ireland

In S02E01 at the front of the Beach house. In this scene Melisandre burns the statues of The Seven faced God from as an offering to the Lord of Light



Yunkai And Pentos: Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

Yunkai is also called yellow city; Yunkai is ruled by slave merchants who call themselves “Wise Masters”



No doubt all of these places are great and how the directors have portrayed these places in Game of Thrones series is sublime, If you know about some other game of thrones real life locations let us know via comments we will include them in our collection. You can read more about these places here

Disclaimer: We dont own any of these pictures; They belong to their rightful owner, Purpose of using this picture is to point out the locations of TV serial.




Amazing places to see in Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is one of the major cities of Morocco, it is the seat to the mid-southwestern region. It is the the most important of the imperial cities of Morocco. It has served as the capital to many Moroccan dynasties. It is left with both historical and strategical beauty. Lying in the desert land, with a great zeal of tourist attraction, it offers plenty of Amazing places to see in Marrakesh. The city doesn’t only offers great historical heritages, but quite a beautiful culture, cuisine and music that will take your breath away.

Most Amazing Places to see in Marrakesh

The city is a place which will attract everyone. For shoppers, it has great markets with beautiful ornaments, for historians it has great museums and amazing historic tales, and above all for adventurers, it is an adventure full packet.

Medina Markets (Skouks in native tongue)


No matter if you are a shopper or not, you will love the great things that the local skouks at the old city Medina markets offer. They offer woodwork, shoes, leather and the world famous Moroccan scents. You will also find old fashioned tanneries. So if you are packing your bag for Morocco, you should note down Old Medina Skouks of your list of Amazing Places to see in Marrakesh.

Bahian Palace

If you are in Marrakesh, and you don’t enjoy the great taste of old Islamic Royal architecture, then you are missing a lot. The Bahian Palace has been home to many Kings of many dynasties. As Marrakesh has served as a capital of many Kings, this was their home. See how the old Moroccan kings lived, and see their luxury. With this one of Amazing places to visit in Marrakish.


Medersa Ben Yousaf

The Saadi dynasty was known for their education reforms, much earlier when the Europeans were in the medieval times, the children of the Moroccans were studying in these fine buildings. Go out and enjoy the finest places where a person can study in. The Medresa Ben Yousaf.


Saadian Tombs

The tombs of 66 members of 16th century Saadian royals is also one of the amazing places to see in Marrakesh. It is also a heart breaking Muslim Moroccan architecture and also tells the greatness of the old Saadian dynasties, who ruled the place.Amazing-Places-To-Visit-In-Marrakesh

Menara Gardens

If you go to Marrakesh, and you don’t visit the Menara Gardens, you have the missed one of the finest Places to see in Marrakesh. Located of the gateway to Atlas Mountains. You will also enjoy the view of great irrigation system there.


Imlil, Atlas Mountains

Imlil Village in the Atlas mountains marks our last but not the least of the Amazing places to see in Marrakesh. Situated in the beautiful Atlas mountains, you can enjoy a hike and enjoy the views of old beautiful historic village of Morocco. It is amazing place to see, with small bunch of mountain people, and great views.


These are some of the most attractive places of Marrakesh, but with its great historic background and beautiful location, Marrakish has got a lot to offer. So if you are planning in a visit to Morocco, don’t forget to visit the Amazing places to see in Marrakish.